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Don't confuse this with a ride on a Bermuda railways train which doesn't even exist. This is a trolley car ride, that looks like a train having wheels and runs on road. It gives an opportunity to experience the era of British empire in an old fashioned way. If you want to know why there is no Railways in Bermuda today and what happened to it, check out Bermuda's Railway and its track route which is now a nature trail
Train Trolley on Front Street, Hamilton 
Train Trolley, Hamilton Bermuda 
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Separate train tours operate in different parts of Bermuda. The St George's train tour is operated by the company Olde Towne Railway, a business established by the Minors family (Eugene and Sharon Minors) of Bermuda. It started operating from 2005. In 2022, it has been taken over by Mr Minors’ brother Ralph Smith and his wife, Allana Iris-Smith. The train can accommodate up to 36 passengers. 
The Train trolley rides in Dockyard, Hamilton and several other parts of Bermuda are operated by the Bermuda Train Company. The tours provide narratives of historical facts of various places that you pass by. 
You can go through the following link and see several great island tours that you can choose from. These tours explore the island's history, culture, heritage and the major landmarks & highlights. 
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Train Trolley Tour in St George Bermuda

This train trolley tour leaves from Ordance Island (located across Kings Square). The ride takes you through the narrow streets of the historic town of St George, then takes the uphill road past the famous Fort St Catherine, goes past the beautiful Tobacco Bay Beach, and then comes downhill passing the Unfinished Church
Photo: Olde Towne Railway 
Some of the other attractions covered in the tour include (subject to change though): 
1) St Peter's Church, the oldest Anglican church in the western hemisphere. 
2) Town Hall: Built in 1782, this is where the mayor and the town council meet to discuss and take administrative decisions. 
3) Old State House: This is the oldest stone building in the island built in 1620. This is where the cabinet sessions were held until 1815 after which the capital of Bermuda was shifted to Hamilton. 
4) Somer's Garden: This garden with flowers and trees is named after Admiral Sir George Somers who initiated the first settlement in Bermuda. 
You can board the train at the space earmarked for the trolley at Ordnance Island. The ride is for about 45 minutes. There is audio narration all through and you will learn about Bermuda's history, fortifications in St George and the British settlement in the island. At the end of the tour, you will get to understand why St George has been accorded the status of 'World Heritage Site' by UNESCO. 
Tickets (indicative): $25 per adult and $15 for children 
Hours: The train trolley tour in St George operates on certain days of the week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, April through October). 
Train tour start & end location: Ordnance Island, St George. 
You can also book the trolley for private parties and occasions. 
Contact info 
Olde Towne Railway 
Phone: Call +1 441-535-2812 

Train Trolley tour in Dockyard, Bermuda

A red and green train is used for excursions in and around the Dockyard. The train goes out of dockyard complex and returns. The tour usually starts from the Heritage Wharf cruise pier area. 
Bermuda Train Trolley Tour 
Photo: Bermuda Train Company 
Sites covered in this tour usually include: 
1) Pass by the National Museum of Bermuda
2) Lagoon Park in Sandys: A home to yellow-crowned night herons that roost in the mangroves. 
3) The Royal Naval Cemetery and Yellow Fever Burial Ground. 
4) The Clock Tower Building: Located prominently in dockyard, this building was built in 1875 and initially contained the naval store offices. Today it's a shopping mall having a wide range of boutique stores. 
As you sit back and relax, there is a running audio commentary that tells you about the old Royal Naval Hospital and how it dealt with the yellow fever epidemic, how the Royal Navy purchased the dockyard in 1809, and about the island's largest fort The Keep which is located in the dockyard complex. 
Tour Duration: 60 minutes  (Approx.) 
NOTE: Presently, this tour can only be booked through the cruise lines and onboard the cruise ships. 
Contacts info 
Phone: (441) 236-3130; Email: [email protected]; Website: 
There is also a 20-minute free loop offered in electric trams within the dockyard that start from the Kings wharf cruise terminal (near the piers) and return. The trams operate throughout the day time. You can hop-on and hop-off at several points within the dockyard complex. This tram is operated by the Dockyard management and not this company. It is free. 

Train Trolley tour of Hamilton, Bermuda

This tour on this Blue train usually starts from the Flagpole at Front Street. From Front street it enters Queens street and then Church street. It then heads to East Broadway via King Street passing by Fort Hamilton. From here it goes to Botanical Gardens in Paget. Then it returns to Hamilton at Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute where passengers are dropped for 30 minute self guided tour of the institute before returning to the starting point at Front street. 
Sites covered include: 
This is where the first Post Master General of Bermuda worked who often hand delivered the mails himself. 
The library has collection of rare books among many others as well as rich collection of audio and video. 
3) City Hall & Art Center: It houses City Hall Theatre, Corporation of Bermuda, National Gallery, and also Society of Arts. 
4) Cathedral of the most Holy Trinity: The Church that has been built on Gothic architecture. 
5) Supreme Court: Highest court of law in the island. 
6) Botanical Gardens: Look out for the beautiful flowers, banana patches, the rubber tree and Bermuda’s own cedars and palmetto. The train briefly stops at the Camden House (Premier's official residence). 
There is a running audio commentary given during the tour. As you pass by various landmarks and attractions, you will learn about many things including the Fort Hamilton and its panoramic views, the way Bermudians build their house-roofs in order to catch and preserve water and why they paint them white. 
NOTE: This tour is presently offered only as a private group tour @$475 per hour for the full train. 
Bermuda Train Company also offers this mini train for special events like weddings, anniversary, parties and other occasions. So you can make a private booking and transport all your guests in a novel and enjoyable way through the scenic routes of Bermuda. 
Contacts info 
Phone: (441) 236-3130; Email: [email protected]; Website: 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Rasbary (August 2019) 
Thanks for this information. Just to clarify, can people pick up tickets at the Dockyard Train Office for this company? The reason I ask is that I have excursions planned and if I have time, some of my group might want to get on the train.  We just need to know if their is an office at the dock and whether they will allow walk-ins if the train has availability. Thanks in advance. 
Raj ( August 2019 
You can book the train tour through Island Tour Center (a tour booking agency) located at dockyard (next to the cruise pier). 
Rasbary (August 2019) 
Can people pick up this train without a cruise excursion?  I may want to do this train if I have time.  I just need to know if I can buy a ticket when I get to Bermuda.  If so, how much.  The train most likely leave from Royal Navy Dockyard. Your help is most appreciated. 
Raj ( August 2019 
Hi, the operator (Bermuda Train Company) runs two trains... one starts at dockyard and the other at Hamilton. They usually take their bookings through the cruise lines, but you can also make a booking request through their website or by emailing them. There is another train trolley shuttle which goes around the dockyard and stopping at important landmarks within the dockyard... it's free, no booking is required and anybody can avail that. This shuttle is run by a unit of Bermuda's government. 
Dyishcha Hale (July 2019) 
Hello, I wanted to know if you have to make reservations for the train?? And does the train leave from the dockyard or in Hamilton? 
Raj ( July 2019 
Hi, there is a shuttle train trolley in dockyard which is free and makes a loop around the dockyard stopping at several points. You don't need to do any booking for this. However there are separate tours by train trolley in both dockyard and Hamilton which are run privately by Bermuda Train Company ( and you need to book a ride through their website. 
Roy and Mary Lydon (August 2017) 
We took this tour on Monday, July 31 and we found the tour driver Charlie and the spokesman Marian to be very cross and irritable to all the riders... they obviously have been at this too long... their narration was stale and Marian's voice was very whiney and annoying... they fussed so much about a handicapped customer and could not or would not accommodate the wheelchair for them, so they got off. They also told people that they would be back at the BUIE in an hour for the 2nd part of the tour... they came back at 45 minutes and rushed everyone out... this is definitely not for kids... BORING and not entertaining for them..Get rid of these elderly folks and freshen up what could be a great time. 
Cal Perkins (September 2013) 
This September I arrived at the Royal Dockyard while on a NCL cruise on the "DAWN". A new trolley tour took us on an hour tour of Ireland Island and Somerset Village. This $15 tour was most enjoyable and was not as expensive as the tours offered by NCL. The train driver "Bud" was also the owner and went out of his way to see that all our questions were answered. I would rate this as a 5 star trip. 
Erika Reed (August 2013) 
Dear Raj, Our question is, Do you still know if the Hamilton Trolley Tour still operates in Hamilton ?? I did go to their site and it looks like you can book , but there are no prices listed but yet a form to input my info and credit card ???? Thanks E :) 
Raj ( August 2013 
Hi Erika, The train trolley tour still operates in Dockyard and St George. I need to check for Hamilton though. The St. George's tour is by far the best of the three. No need to buy tickets in advance. There is a ticket counter close to the Ferry Dock at St George. The one hour ride showing the historic town, fort and beaches costs $25 per person. I have seen Bermuda Train Company's website and the booking form. It does look a bit suspicious. As I said, no need to book in advance. 
Update from Bermuda Train Company - August 2013 
The train is running in both Hamilton and Dockyard. This season the Dockyard train is now booked through the ship. We can offer tours separately however the timing and availability varies. We don’t know how many tours are booked until the night before the ship arrives in port. The rate $55 and $26.50 for children 12 and under. The Hamilton Train is available for booking as we have not contracted with a ship this season. The 1 ½ tour rate is $35 per person, $15 per child 12 and under. This Tour includes entrance into the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute(BUEI). 
Erika Reed (August 2013) 
Good morning from Canada, Thank you for your reply and I think you will find this very interesting. I just received an email back from the site "Oleander Cycles", and I was told they do not do private tours anymore and that you have to book directly from the cruise ship. They told me they do have a trolley in the Naval Dockyard but do not know price as the cruise ship dictates prices ??? 
Wow good thing I did not just book from their site and give out my credit card for nothing, (I would'nt have anyway :) I think they need to update their site for us cruise passengers lol!! I did look at the excursions on the Breakaway and there is not one for Hamilton Train Trolley :(  
This year our day in St. George we are planning on visiting the fort and having a swim. Last year we walked around and did a self guided tour of the historical buildings , thanks to your site :) We have also planned our last day in the Naval Dockyard. It was just our day in Hamilton we were unsure of. We are not sure we would be able to get to all the historical buildings of interests by walking ? We are not shoppers and only went to Hamilton last year via the ferry and then walked to the buses to go on our self guided tour of the caves, The Swizzle Inn and then Horseshoe Bay !! We had a beautiful time :) 
Although we are disappointed about the Hamilton Trolley , we cannot wait to return to Bermuda in September , 43 days ..... but who's counting :) 
Betsy Colby 
Can the trolley tour of Hamilton be booked on line? I have tried to go into the Bermuda Trolley Train website but I cannot find anyway of doing it. I love that tour and will be coming down again on July 29th. Thanks for your help 
Raj ( 
Hi, Go to the website of Bermuda Train Company and you will find a big button saying "Book Your Train Online". That will lead you to a form which you can fill up and submit. If you have any problems, call them at 441/236-3130 or email [email protected]