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Most of these tours are designed with the idea of giving you an intimate experience with the nature in Bermuda and giving you an experience with some of the best kept secrets of the island. The popular commercial tours do not cover these attractions and as a result most tourists do not get to experience or visit places which are covered by these tours. 
Some operators have carved out a niche in this space and offer such tours that are usually run in small groups so that you get maximum attention and guidance. 
Blue Hole at Tome Moore's Jungle 
Photo: Hidden Jems Bermuda 
These tours are mostly conducted in an Eco-friendly manner, i.e. by using natural non-motorized means like hiking or walking, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, bicycling etc which cause least disturbance to the nature around. The walking and hiking trips take you to explore jungles and caves, kayaking and paddle boarding tours let you explore the beautiful shoreline of the western end, cycling tours take you along the historical and beautiful Railway Trail and so on. 
Here are some of the best Eco and Adventure tours offered in the island: 

Tour by Hidden Gems

As the tour name suggests, it aims towards exploring some of the hidden gems of Bermuda. Conducted and guide personally by a 4th generation Bermudian Ashley Harris, the company offers two separate excursions, one for the summer season and the other for winter season. 
The summer excursion focuses around jungle trek, exploring several unmarked caves and limestone formations, flora and fauna etc. The tour further includes great scenic views from a fort and park at the eastern end followed by swimming by an island beach and snorkeling at one of the pristine reefs. 
Cave Swimming at Tom Moore's Jungle 
Photo: Hidden Jems Bermuda 
The winter excursion also starts with the jungle trek and exploration of the caves, and ends with visit to a historical fort on a hill top, enjoying the panoramic views of Hamilton City and visiting a beautiful secluded estate on the south shore. Both excursions are all inclusive including lunch and snacks, transfers, flashlight, water bottle, snorkel gears etc. 
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Bike and Beach Tour

This is a combination tour that operates from Royal Naval Dockyard. After a brief sightseeing from a boat shuttle to a beachside venue, you will cycle through the scenic Railway Trail of Bermuda and then finally come back to a beach for a swim and refreshment. The tour duration is about 3.5 hours and includes water, safety gear, soft drink etc. The tour guide explains the landmarks and their backgrounds at various points. 
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Guided Nature Hike

This is a hiking tour at the western end of the island. The guide takes you along a section of the Bermuda Railway Trail and gives a commentary of the various landmarks that you pass by including a fort. You will not only know about various historical facts of Bermuda, its flora and fauna, but this hiking tour also offers excellent scenic views. The entire tour including the transfers lasts for about 3.5 hours and covers a walking distance of about 1.5 - 2 miles on a relatively flat terrain. 
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Kayak Adventure Tour

This is a 3.5 hours tour which starts with a short boat transfer from the dockyard to a beachside venue at the western end. From here the guided Kayak tour starts along the western coastline. Along the coast you will come to see and know of many different birds, coves, uninhabited islands etc. 
Guided Kayak Eco Tour 
Guided Kayak Eco Tour 
Photo: Mangrove Mike, flickr 
The kayak has a glass bottom view and you will also see many colorful corals, marine life and even turtles below the water. On your return, you can enjoy a cool off swim from the beach. The tour includes guide and commentary other than the gears. 
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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tour

This is another 3.5 hours tour similar to the kayak adventure. You will be first taken to a beachside venue at the western part of the island by a short boat ride. Here in a calm shallow water the instructor will give you initial lessons on paddle boarding. After that you will be taken along the western coastline on paddle board to explore the water area. On your return, you can have a cool off swim before your transfer back to the dockyard. 
Photo: Dimitris Vetsikas, Pixabay 
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Electric Boat Tours

This is a guided group tour on electrically (battery) operated sun lounger boats. The 1-hour tour operates out of the western coast and is ideal to relax and enjoy the self driven ride while you explore the western water areas, do coastal sightseeing and spot beautiful marine life. 
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Wild Herbs and Plants Tour

You will be taken to an area in the island full of edible wild herbs and plants. You will also hear about the folk tales and stories about natives who used such wild herbs and plants in their diet as a method of healing. You are then taken to one of the oldest kitchens (at Mitchell House) in St. George Bermuda built in 18th Century. Here you will join the experts and participate in a cooking demo that includes wild herbs and plants of the island, and finally have a delicious lunch out of such preparations. 
The tour includes transportation, cooking demo, lunch, bottle of water, a complimentary pack with indigenous tea, soap cookies etc. The entire tour takes about 7 hours and is held on certain days of the week. Email: [email protected] or call (441) 335-1958 for further info. 

Geocaching Tour

X Currently not offered 
Bermuda Department of Conservation in collaboration with Bermuda Island Geocachers have hidden 20 caches across the island. You can go for outdoor treasure hunt known as GeoTour to find these caches with the help of GPS device, record your findings and then collect a beautiful geo coin after having collected all 20. You will see some unique places and hidden gems of Bermuda that are rarely seen by visitors or even the residents of the island. 
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X Currently not offered 
This is one of the latest offerings in Bermuda. Hydrobikes are bicycle frames fixed on 10ft catamaran floats. So you can paddle and move on water silently and effortlessly, and it's stable. They are essentially another form of paddle boats. You can easily cruise at an average speed of 5mph. A plastic basket fitted in front serves as extra storage where you can keep water bottles, towels etc. 
There are two side decks which can be used for sunbathing, swimming etc. You can rent one for $25 first hour ($20 additional hour) at Daniel's Head Beach in Somerset, Sandys. Paddle down to the partially submerged shipwreck HM Vixen and feed the school of fish there... great experience. The operator is open all seven days (9am to 7pm). They are also available at Clearwater Beach (10am to 6pm on most days of the week). 
Email: [email protected] or call (441) 504-7000 for further info on Hydrobike rentals. 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Diane Glatts (June 2015) 
We are taking a cruise to Bermuda in July. My husband and son want to go zip lining. Can you tell me if there is somewhere to go by taxi or bus? Thanks. 
Raj ( June 2015 
Hi, Bermuda never had a zip line. Only recently the company Twilight Entertainment has brought in a mobile zipline of 100 to 300 ft length. It operates from a makeshift tower of height 34ft which has a spiral stairs to reach to the top platform. It does not yet have a fixed location. You may find it at the dockyard itself. 
Linda Rabeiro (October 2014) 
I am going on a cruise to Bermuda 7/11-7/16 and we will be in Bermuda for 2 days and I am looking to see if they offer ziplining for my family. There will be about 12 of us. 
Raj ( October 2014 
Hi, there are no zipline operators in Bermuda.... not enough demand I guess. 
Deb Beeny (September 2013) 
Hi Raj, Love your web site - very informative. Does Bermuda have a geocaching tour? We see there are 20 caches hidden on the Bermuda Island and wonder if we could participate in this specialized tour. Thank you, 
Raj ( September 2013 
Hi, Although it's known as Bermuda Geo Tour, it's essentially a self guided tour to find the geocaches. There are 20 of them that have been placed by Bermuda Department of Conservation all across the island. If you can find all 20, then you get a geo coin. However, you need to first collect or download the Geo Tour passport where you will need to write down the code of each cache (printed inside of the lid) or punch it with a hole puncher placed inside the cache box. If you like to accompany other geocachers, you can write to the following organizers: 
Bermuda Island Geocachers (BIG) 
Note: There are actually lot more geo caches in Bermuda (over 250) which have been hidden by the Bermuda Island Geocachers. So your adventure can continue well beyond what Bermuda Conservation offers.