Level Nightclub Bermuda

Update: Level Nightclub has closed down.
Level is a relatively newer nightclub located off Hamilton's Front Street in an alley. This is not a new location and there had been other nightclubs here like the Blue Juice and Square One that had closed down. The co-owners Barnaby West and Jerome Overbey took over the earlier Square One and completely changed the look. The earlier red inside decor has been now replaced with deep blue, the furniture have been removed and 90% of the seating area has been cleared out to create floor space. 
Level Nightclub is essentially an European style musical dance club and has both inside and outside space. There is an open courtyard and large video screens. The DJs play Top 40, hip hop, reggae and almost everything that guests ask for. And the music videos keep the party going until 3am. If it rains, a canvas cover is pulled over the open terrace. 
The intent of the owners have been to keep people on the motion while the music plays on. The club is geared towards people of all age from 18 upwards. But typically you will find crowd between 20 to 30. If you had been to Square One before, you will immediately notice the difference from the earlier mainstay of house and techno music to a more user-friendly popular sound. The bar is well stocked. The place is frequented by both locals and tourists. 
The two new owners were earlier in other occupations. Barnaby ran a pool maintenance business and Jerome was a bartender at other nightclubs. So between them they have sound knowledge of running such an establishment. Both had left their earlier jobs and are full time into the operations of Level Nightclub now. 
Level Nightclub also has a private room that has comfy sofas, coffee tables, several large screen TVs, and a fireplace. It offers private service. There is also a large window that overlooks the rest of the club. 
The club runs all seven days during the high season from 9pm to 3pm. 

Location and Contact

Bermuda House Lane, off Front Street, Hamilton City, Bermuda. 
Phone: 441/292-4507, 292-1959; Email: [email protected] 

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