Heritage Nights in Bermuda

UPDATE April 2012: Heritage Nights has been discontinued.
Heritage Night is a newly introduced weekly evening program at the dockyard. Targeted mainly for the cruise ship passengers, the event takes place on every Thursday in the evening starting in late May and continuing through the high season. So what do you get to experience at the Heritage Nights? The event is themed primarily to display and showcase Bermuda's rich and traditional heritage and culture. Although there are variations that take place in this weekly program, you can generally expect much of the following during the event: 
  • Gombey Dancers performing the traditional rhythmic dance on their colorful dresses while the drums play and raise the beats. There will be other dance troupes as well. 
  • You can see the game of Cricket being played and demonstrated. Bermuda's sports have been greatly influenced by British sports. Cricket is a very popular game in the island that originated in England. In July end, The Cricket Cup Match is held between two clubs in the island, and it virtually makes the island paralyzed as almost everyone gets engrossed with the match that takes place over two days. 
  • While gambling and casinos are not legalized in Bermuda, there are few days when locally popular gambling games like Crown and Anchor get a relaxed treatment. Heritage Nights is one such day when you can play this table game at The Bermuda Garden next to the famous dockyard pub Frog & Onion.  
  • There is a shack for tasting locally brewed beer and Bermuda's famous Gosling Rum (very strong though ... I bought a bottle several years back, which is still half finished). 
  • There will be local musicians playing traditional island music and songs like the Calypso which was popularized in Bermuda by the famous Talbot Brothers. 
  • At the Market Place, you will see many vendors on their colorful costumes selling all kinds of local items like art and craft including watercolors, sea glass jewelry, Bermuda straw hats, banana dolls, cedar frames etc. There are other vendors who sell many local food products like jams and jelly, Bermuda honey, and lot more. 
  • At the Victualling Yard, there are displays of Bermuda's traditional architecture including chimneys and walls. 
  • Various games are organized for both children and adults like Ring Toss, Tic Tac Toe and Knock-Down for kids, and chess, checkers and dominoes for the adults. 
  • There is a mini train tour that takes place through the National Museum of Bermuda located within the dockyard complex (formerly Bermuda Maritime Museum
    The event takes place between 6:30pm - 9pm on Thursday evenings starting in May end. It runs for several weeks through the high season. Admission is free. 

    Location and Contacts

    The main events take place at the Victualling Yard in the Royal Naval Dockyard (Kings Wharf) complex. The dockyard is located at the western end of Bermuda at Ireland Island in Sandys Parish. 
    Email to the event marketing group at [email protected] for any specific information about the new event. Phone: 441/234-1709; Phone (Visitors Service Bureau): 441/234-3824. 
    Visit Dockyard Map to know how the Dockyard is laid out. 
    There is a ferry terminal right at the dockyard. They operate almost every hour between the dockyard and Hamilton City on the week days. A direct ferry between the dockyard and Hamilton takes a little over 20 minutes. Ferry service is reduced on week ends and public holidays. 
    Buses (# 7 and 8) also operate regularly between dockyard and Hamilton City. The bus takes about an hour from Hamilton to Dockyard and runs almost every 15 minutes Monday through Saturday. 

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