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Bermuda Nights

Bermuda Nights is a new dance and musical program introduced by Bermuda Department of Tourism. The idea is to provide a complete evening entertainment package to the residents and visitors where one can experience performances from the best of locals talents. The program is also complemented with great food offerings. 
Bermuda Nights is held between June and October, twice a month on Saturdays. Admission is free for all. The event is held at the Barr's Bay Park in Hamilton City. You can sit under the stars, have a wonderful view of the illuminated Hamilton Harbor, and experience the performances from the local artists. The event adds another great option to Bermuda's offerings of Nightlife and provides a great platform for family and friends entertainment. All types of musical genres are featured including new and old school of reggae to soca, and from rock to R&B. 
Line up of talents and local bands include HindSight, Spirit, Working Title, Joy T. Barnum &The Chanel and Homegrown, and many others. 
Update: Bermuda Nights have been discontinued 

2013 Schedule for Bermuda Nights

Saturdays: June 8, July 27, August 24, September 28, October 26, November 23 
Venue: Barr's Bay Park, Hamilton City. Admission is Free. 
Featuring Bermuda All Star Steel Pan, Troika Working Title, Yellow Brick Road. 

Location &Contacts

The event is held at Barr's Bay Park which is located on Front Street at Hamilton City. For further information on the event schedule and performances - Phone: 441/292 0023 Ext. 1983 or e-mail [email protected] 
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