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Which is the best way to get around Bermuda - by ferries bus or taxi? How much time does it take to Crystal Caves from the Dockyard? We will go on a cruise that stops in Royal Dockyard in May. 
Dina, Puerto Rico (May 2010) 
Hi, If you are docking at the Kings Wharf (Royal Naval) Dockyard, it's best to take a ferry to Hamilton City. It will take about 20 minutes to reach Hamilton by a direct ferry compared to a bus ride that takes about an hour.  
From Hamilton City you can take bus # 1, 3, 10 or 11 for Crystal Caves which is located at a parish called Hamilton Parish (not same as Hamilton City). There is also a ferry service from Dockyard ferry stop to St. George (orange route). It takes about 35 minutes between Dockyard and St. George by ferry. This route usually operates from April to November. 
Note that during weekends and non-summer time, ferry service is quite infrequent and some routes do not operate. If you visit St. George (the historic and heritage town of Bermuda), try out the horse drawn carriage ride along the roads of St. George and enjoy the historic town - it's special. 
For nearby parishes like Sandy's, Southampton or Warwick, you can take bus #7 or #8 from the dockyard. The bus route #7 goes by the South Shore Beaches. Buses are good and very convenient for short distances. The bus service is quite frequent during the day time - you will get buses every 15 minutes or so, and sometimes even more frequently. 
Buy a Transport Pass and it works for both buses and ferries. You can hop on and off any number of times during its validity. This gives you a lot of flexibility and turns out to be the cheapest way of travelling around the island. You will get them at the Visitors Information Centers including at the dockyard. 
Taxis are quite expensive but available all the time. We generally use them for late night drops at the hotels or at the cruise ship terminal when ferries or bus services become infrequent. There are taxi stands at the dockyard and you will get plenty of them there. 
Refer to my following links for further information about Bermuda Transportation: 
Raj ( May 2010 
I am cruising to your beautiful island with friends, one of whom, is in a wheelchair. I am looking for information on the best way to get around Bermuda. We have used the transportation pass with great success ourselves previously, and wonder, for this trip if the busses/ferries are accessible. Any information you could give us would be appreciated. We are not travelling until October. 
Sue Bowen (April 2012) 
Hi, Unfortunately buses are not wheelchair accessible. some of the ferries are and can be accessed from Hamilton Ferry terminal only. Unfortunately you can't get off at any other ferry point since others are not properly accessible and can be a bit risky. So a person on wheel chair can take a round trip on a ferry and get back to Hamilton. Take a look at my following article to know about the options for a person in Bermuda who is handicapped: Bermuda for Handicapped or Disabled 
Hope this helps! 
Raj ( April 2012 
On June 2nd June our entire family (total 14) will be arriving at Kings Wharf on Explorer of the Seas to celebrate my 80th birthday. We all love the beach and would like to rent a van as soon as we get off the ship to take us to Horseshoe Bay (or if too crowded, another nearby beach) and arrange to meet us at a specific time to return to the ship. 
What we are really looking for is transportation based on our needs rather that trying to catch a regularly scheduled bus. Since we will have only two full days in Bermuda (one including a round of golf) we prefer not to wait in lines for a crowded bus. Is this possible? 
William Van Wyck (April 2012) 
There are minibus tours available in Bermuda that are privately run and can accommodate 12 to 15 persons. They can also customize the tours to fit your requirements. Some will even pick you up and drop you at the dockyard. 
Please check out this link for the operators and their contacts: 
Wishing you a great 80th birthday in Bermuda!!! 
Raj ( April 2012 
Hello we are thinking about coming in Oct for 3 days via cruise ship docked at Kings Wharf. Is it easy to get buses or other public transportation to get to most of the nice beaches like Horseshoe, Tobacco and Elbow beach? Can you ride the bus into most of the towns and parishes from the cruise dock? Thanks 
Barry Tutt (April 2012) 
Hi Barry, 
Yes, bus service in Bermuda is excellent. From the dockyard you will get bus #7 and 8. Bus #7 goes along the south shore passing all the beautiful beaches like Horseshoe, Warwick Long Bay, Elbow beach etc. However Tobacco Bay is in St. George's which at the eastern end of the island. You will need to change and transfer to another bus at Hamilton City where the central bus terminus is located. All buses start from and return to Hamilton. The entire island is accessible by bus. 
I would recommend using both buses and public ferries to get around the island. There is a ferry terminal at the dockyard itself. A direct ferry from the dockyard to Hamilton takes only 20 minutes compared to about an hour by bus. 
Also buy a transportation pass for 3 days. It gives you unlimited access to both buses and ferries, and is the cheapest option. So you can hop on and off. You will get the passes at the visitors center at the dockyard. 
Check out this link: Bermuda Bus Schedule &Info 
Raj ( April 2012 
Hi Raj, Love your site, it has helped me plan our 3 day stop over. A few questions before we arrive. We arrive at Kings Wharf on Wed. We want to tour the island on Wed. my husband thinks Scooters are the way to get around. After reading all the reviews I am very nervous about the traffic and hilly roads. Here is our itinerary - tell me the best mode of transportation: 
Wed - tour the island and beaches with hikes to get a feel for the island- from your suggestion: Astwood Cove Beach, Daniels Head, Stonehole, Hog Bay. Towns to see: St. George, Devonshire, Warwick. Late day evening go to Harbour Nights in Hamilton - WHERE to have drinks not dinner?? What time do the stores close? What time do you suggest we get their to enjoy the shops, vendors and entertainment? 
Can you Recommend the best mode of transportation for: 
Snorkel in the morning - Tobacco Bay and Achilles Bay. Return to cruise boat (Celebrity, Kings Wharf) to get golf clubs. Go to Port Royal for a 4:00 Golf tee time Spend the evening at the Bonefish bar and grill listening to the Lennon Dockyard 
Friday - Explore the Dockyard and all the shops around that area. 
Best way to get around with this itinerary? 
Shelley Sroka (July 2014) 
On Wednesday, scooter will be convenient during the day time for beach visits and exploring the places. It can save a lot of your time, however you should be careful while driving (note the left hand drive, traffic and narrow winding roads). 
In the evening, I would strongly suggest not to drive a scooter after you drink and that too in the evening. Take the Blue route ferry from the dockyard to Hamilton and back. This year on Harbor Nights, last ferry from Hamilton to dockyard is at 10:30pm. 
You can take your drinks at 'Bermuda Bistro at the Beach' ... 103 Front Street. Go early to take a ground floor veranda seat. The festival on the street starts at 7pm, so you should try to reach earlier. If you reach before 7pm, you can also catch the happy hour and get discounts on drinks. Most shops remain open until 9:30pm on Harbor Nights and some up to 10pm. 
Next day being a National Holiday, most ferry routes won't operate and buses will run at reduced frequency. Almost all stores, restaurants and activities will be closed, and Streets will be empty. So scooter is a good option. It may not be viable to carry golf clubs in scooters. Buses won't let you board with them and getting taxis would be difficult on a Public Holiday. So your other option is to rent it at Port Royal Golf Club. Check to find out is the golf course and Bonefish Bar &Grill would be open on that day. 
On Friday, you won't need any transport. Just walk around and explore the dockyard. 
Raj ( July 2014 
Hello Raj, I am thoroughly enjoying your extremely helpful site! I am coming to Bermuda for the first time in Oct. We arrive on the Dawn at 1:00pm on Sunday the 29th. 
My sister and her husband, who went there last October want to go to Horseshoe Bay as soon as the boat docks. She remembers that the buses and shops at Dockyard all closed early on Sundays. Is this true? Would we be able to take a minibus at 6pm still? (even on a Sunday?) 
Thank you very much for your time and your help! 
Nikki (April 2017) 
Hi Nikki, 
Public bus service reduces on Sundays and public holidays, and there won't be public buses from dockyard to visit or return from Horseshoe beach in the afternoon. Minibus shuttles operate from the dockyard during summers days when cruise ships are in port including on Sundays.  
However being privately operated, some such operators may not choose to operate on Sundays. The usual last return time from the beach to dockyard is 6pm. However I would suggest that you ask the shuttle staff/drivers about the timings before boarding because on Sundays such service can be unpredictable (Bermudians take it easy on all holidays). 
While most shops in Bermuda are closed on Saturdays/Sundays and other public holidays, Clocktower Mall in Dockyard would remain open daily until 6pm. 
Taxis also become limited on Sundays and an additional surcharge fare of 25% gets added. Best is to rent a scooter to get around on holidays. 
Raj ( April 2017 
Hi Raj, 
thank you for all the informations from your website, it is very useful. We have 1.5 days in Bermuda from the cruise in april this year. I am thinking of visiting the crystal cave and then go to the horseshoe bay afterward and go back to the royal dock. I will take the ferry and then bus# 1 or # 3 to the Cave, yet i have no idea how to get from the cave to horseshoe bay and back to the cruise? how much for the transportation? and how long it will take us as we need to be back to the cruise at 3:30pm. 
Ann (April 2017) 
On your way back from the caves, take bus #1, or 3 (better to take a short walk to Blue Hole Hill bus stop nearby and take bus #10 or 11 for Hamilton. This will be faster). Will take about 25 minutes. Then transfer to bus #7 for Horseshoe (this will take another 25 minutes or so). 
From Horseshoe either take a dockyard shuttle (costs $7 one way) or continue on bus #7 for Dockyard (about 30 - 35 minutes). Bus fare will be $5.0 by cash (in change only) for each journey. Note: Bus transfer at Hamilton while returning would be free. Ferry fare would also be $5.0 by cash (in change). 
Raj ( April 2017 
I will be a cruise passenger arriving to Bermuda in two weeks and am planning an itinerary for one of our days on land. We (there are five of us) would like to go to Horseshoe Bay Beach and Crystal and Fantasy Caves on the same day. Can you please suggest the best way to do this transportation and cost wise. Your help and advise would be greatly appreciated and many thanks to you. 
Corinne Messana (May 2017) 
Take bus #7 from dockyard for Horseshoe bay beach in Southampton. From there continue on #7 to Hamilton (main bus terminal) and transfer to bus #1 or #3 to Crystal Caves. Return to Hamilton (ferry dock) by bus. Take the ferry (blue route) back to dockyard. Use a day transportation pass ($19 per person) which you can purchase from a Visitors Information Center located next to the cruise berth. You can alternatively buy 4 all-zone tokens for each person @$4.50 per token (note bus transfers at Hamilton are free provided you take next connecting bus). Tokens can save $1 per person compared to passes, but you lose flexibility of any extra travel during the day which pass allows. 
Raj ( May 2017 
Hi Raj, 
I've been enjoying all of the information on the site. Next week I'll be arriving on a cruise ship that will be docked in the Royal Navy dock yard. I'd like to visit Blue hole park and crystal caves in one day. What's the best way to get there? And is it reasonable to visit both places in one day? Thanks, 
Gina (August 2017) 
Hi, yes it's quite doable to visit both Crystal Caves and Blue Hole Park on the same day. From dockyard take the ferry to Hamilton and then bus #1 or 3 to the caves. Continue on same bus #1 or 3 to Blue Hole park (a short distance from the caves bus stop). 
Raj ( August 2017 
Hello, love this info! Wondering what is the best/safest/quickest way to get to Hamilton Beach and also Shelly Bay Beach (seem to be the two most kid friendly?)? Do you have Taxi rates for 4 adults and two small children? Thanks in advance! August 20-27 travel (will be there from 22-25th. 
Josephine (August 2017) 
Hi, get to Hamilton bus terminal and take bus #4 for Hamilton Beach (i.e. Clarence Cove at Admiralty Park) and bus #10 or 11 for Shelly Bay Beach. You can take a ferry from dockyard to reach Hamilton and then walk down to the central bus terminal. 
Raj ( August 2017 
We will arrive with a Cruise Ship on 29.Oktober in Dockyard. What do you think, when the schedule for winter season this year is available?  
What about the bus schedule? It is valid whole the year?  
BR Silke (September 2017) 
Hi, bus schedule remains valid for whole year. Ferry winter schedule gets published few days before the schedule takes effect. 
Raj ( September 2017 
Raj, I don't know how anyone can visit Bermuda without your wonderful help! Our latest plan is to take the ferry from Heritage Wharf to St. George. At that point, we will take a taxi or walk to Building Bay Beach. We realize we will need to walk back from the beach. So, we would need detailed walking directions back to the ferry. Can you provide them. Last time we tried this, we got very lost and would like to avoid that happening again! If we just walk to Gates Fort, would we be able to get a taxi there or is waking the entire way back to the ferry dock the best option? Thanks so much for your help. 
Carol Szymendera (July 2018) 
Hi, it's very unlikely that you will get a taxi at Gates Fort. Walking back to the ferry dock is actually easy... take the Cut Road, then York Street and then Mullet Bay Road. Finally take a left onto Penno's Wharf where the ferry terminal is located. The walk should take about 30 minutes. If you however take Water Street before getting into York Street / Mullet Bay Road the walk is little shorter, but the other route is easier. 
Raj (, July 2018) 
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