Haunted History Tour
St. George's Bermuda

As the name suggests, this is like a ghost walking tour which takes place after dark and in the town of St. George's. An experienced story teller leads the tour and up to 15 persons can join the tour at a time. The whole idea is to take you through the narrow and winding alleyways and lanes of St. George's and explore the history of the town. 
St. George is the town where the first settlement of Bermuda began in 1609 when Sir George Somers and his crew arrived after being shipwrecked at a nearby reef. And they began the settlement in the island. It became the capital of Bermuda and remained so until 1815. However by then St. George had become a site rich with history and heritage of British colonization which is now over 400 years old. It has been accorded the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 
The story teller starts narrating the history of the olde towne while relating them to the places you pass by. For example you will likely pass through a narrow lane called Barber's Alley and hear about its background. And you will come to know about many famous characters who were once residents of the town. The tour impact is further augmented by ghost like characters who appear from no where. They are the character roles of some of such famous persons and performed by professional actors wearing costumes of such early days. You may imagine going back to 17th century. There are also child ghost characters. Attention to details is awesome. 
Overall it's a great tour to know about the history of Bermuda and about some of its famous residents. 
Tour Duration and Suitability 
it takes about 60 minutes to complete the tour. You will need to walk for about half a mile. So it's suitable for most, but some young kids may get frightened in some situations where the ghost like characters appear. So make your own assessment when you book the tour with young children. 
Where and when the tour starts 
This tour was first introduced in May 2015. Presently the tour takes place on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays (in summer) starting at 8:30pm. It commences at Kings Square (which is the town center of St. George) and in front of the Town Hall. All tour participants should gather there before the tour starts. 
They usually take up to 15 persons in the tour (however exceptions have been made earlier where larger groups have been taken due to late bookings). The tour usually does not get cancelled and takes place even if it rains. However in case of unavoidable situations like storms or heavy pours, they will notify you at least 1.5 hours in advance and reschedule the tour. 
Cost of Tickets 
$35 for adults, $30 for children under 16. Although there are chances you may be able to buy and join the group on spot, it is better to ensure the tour in advance. Gratuity or tips is not required, but appreciated (if you like the tour, you can consider tipping $5 per person). 
How to book the tickets 
You can buy the tickets from the Visitors Information Center located at Kings Square (in St. George), or at the World Heritage Center located at Penno's Wharf in St. George, or buy online through ptix.bm. 
Contacts for Further Info 
Email: [email protected], Phone: (441) 705.1838 
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