Walking tour of St George Bermuda
With a certified guide

If you do not have the time to take the Self Guided tour of St George, and instead like to take a shorter tour with a professional guide who can explain the background and history of all landmarks you visit then the tours described below can be good options. You can take a tour of the historic town accompanied by a certified guide. The advantage here is that you won't need to look around and find the attractions, the guide will systematically take you to all the main places of interest and thereby completing such walking tour in a shorter duration. 
However the town corporation of St George requires that only certified tour guides can conduct such walking tours of the historic town. After all St George has been accorded the World Heritage Site status by UNESCO. You can either join a group walking tour that operates on per person rate or organize one for your private group (minimum heads required). 
You can find several great guided walking tours (both group as well as private tours), check rates and book online through this viator site
Here are some select guided walking tours to explore St George. 

UNESCO World Heritage Walking Tours

These short walking tours are organized by St. George's Foundation (which administers World Heritage Center located at Penno's Wharf at the western end of Water Street). Certified tour guides will take you through important landmarks and historical sites in St. George's following a set route and explain the historical significance of each. 
Sites covered in such tours include 
  • Replica of the ship Deliverance which was used by Sir George Somers (founder of Bermuda) to continue his sail to James Town, 
  • Ducking Stool which is a historical reenactment of how talkative wenches were punished in earlier days, 
  • Town Hall of St. George and the display of Stocks and Pillory placed in front of the building, 
  • Thomas Moore garden named after the Irish poet who visited the island in early 1800s, 
  • A historical building Buckingham created in Georgian style in mid 1700s, 
  • The State House, 
  • Historical Society Museum (also known as Mitchell's House), 
    Tour fee 
    Tickets $12 for adults, $6 for children under 12. Tickets available at the St. George’s VIC. 
    Tour Timings 
    The guided tour is usually held between April 1 and October 31: The tour departs from the St. George’s Visitor Service Center at Kings Square, 10.30 am, Monday through Thursday and Saturday. You should contact the Visitors Service Center at Kings Square for current tour schedule. 
    Contact Info 
    Visitors Service Center at Kings Square, St. George. 
    Phone: (441) 297-0556; Email: [email protected] 

    Haunted History Walking Tour

    This is a guided group tour which takes place after dark. The guide acts as a story teller narrating interesting stories about St. George since its early settlement in 17th century and there are character roles played by several actors who would appear as you walk through the alleyways giving life to the story. This is a novel concept of knowing and visualizing different aspect of Bermuda's history. 
    Go through Haunted History Tour for details. 

    Cedar Tours

    The young lady Penelope Greene conducts this walking tour. Although it's a relatively new operation, she is a tour guide certified by St George's town and also has received Bermuda's Blue Flag Certification as a guide. But what I like the most is she is a St Georgian herself having been born and brought up in this historic town. So it is like walking with a native who knows all about her place and its history. 
    Other than visiting some important historical sites and gardens, the tour also includes observing old and unique architecture, walking along alleyways and narrow streets that had been named since the early British settlement in 1600s, visiting some local stores to look at local merchandize etc so that you get a good feel of the town and its vibe. 
    The tour starts at Kings Square (near the Town Hall). You will cross the small bridge to Ordnance Island and see the replica of 17th century ship Deliverance which was built by George Somers and his men to sail to James Town. They were the survivors of the wrecked ship Sea Venture. 
    The tour will take you through various other great sites including 
    1) St Peter's Church which is the oldest Anglican church in the western hemisphere, 
    2) Somer's Garden with beautiful settings of plants and flowers and great for photo shots, 
    5) Old State House where cabinet sessions were held once,  
    6) Walking through Shinbone Alley and other streets of St George, 
    7) Watching historical reenactment of ducking stool at 12:00 noon, etc. 
    Tour operates on: Monday through Friday, starts at 11am. 
    Starting and ending locations: Kings Square 
    Tour Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes (approximately) 
    Tour cost: $30 per person. Lunch and additional sites optional. 
    Update May 2018: Penelope Greene is no longer conducting this tour. She has moved to Hamilton. 
    Location and Contact 
    #4 Shinbone Alley, St George's Parish, Bermuda. Email: [email protected] 

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    Visitors' Reviews and Comments

    Bonnie Betz (May 2018) 
    Hello, On your website you have information about a walking tour of St George with  Penelope Greene. I sent an email to the email address you have listed and it was returned as undeliverable.  I am very interested in contacting her for a walking tour for 6 people.  Do you have any updated contact info for her?  THANK YOU! 
    Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) May 2018 
    Hi, she seems to have moved out of St. George to Hamilton, and no longer conducting the tour. 
    Janice J (August 2015) 
    Penelope Greene's tour of St. George's was informative and fun. She has a great personality and we learned a lot during her walking tour. We are so glad that we decided to take this tour during our cruise stop in Bermuda.