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Hello, I am wondering where we can purchase the bus pass for my one-week vacation in mid-March. (Not sure if we want a one week, or 4 day.) We arrive on a Sunday. I have read they may be available for purchase at the airport. Many Thanks.  
Karen (May 2011) 
Ps - I love your website. It is chock full of very useful information!  
Hi, Check out the following link from my website and you should get the information you are looking for: Bermuda Bus/Ferry Passes  
Raj ( May 2011 
My wife and I are coming to Bermuda for a week in mid-July and will probably rent a double moped but also expect to take public transportation (both busses and ferries). The site says ferries are free for senior citizens. We're 66 and 67. I assume this makes us seniors? Are buses free as well? We're staying at #8 Scarrington Hill in Paget. I can't find Scarrington Hill on any map. Do you think it's near a bus stop? 
Steve Oswalt (May 2011) 
Hi, I'm sure you'll love to go around Bermuda. Unfortunately free rides in buses and ferries are applicable for senior citizens of Bermuda and not for tourists. All visitors need to pay full fares in public transports. If you plan to avail buses and/or ferries often on a day and like to hop on and off, then best is to buy a transportation pass which gives you unlimited access to buses and ferries. 
You can get the pass for one day or more number of days, and it effectively turns out to be far cheaper than buying point to point tickets. You will get the passes at the bus and ferry terminals as well as in Visitors Information Centers. On your other question, the nearest bus stop from Scarrington Hill is about 200 yards. 
Hope this helps. 
Raj ( May 2011 
Does the 4 day bus pass begin on the date purchased or on the date first used or punched? We will be arriving in Bermuda at night, too late to buy the pass. Our taxi driver has offered to buy the passes for us so we can begin to use it the first thing the next morning. If it is bought the night before it is used, have we wasted a day on the pass? 
William Wilburn (June 2011) 
Hi, The pass will remain valid for its scheduled number of days starting from the day it is first used, and not from the day it is purchased. Which means in your case, you will be able to utilize the pass for all the 4 days even though your taxi driver would have bought it on the previous day ... unless he used it himself :-) 
The pass by the way is also valid for government ferries, which are sometimes far more convenient and faster than the bus. This is particularly so if you are looking to travel between the dockyard and Hamilton, or St. George. 
Raj ( June 2011 
What is the bus fare from the airport to Elbow Beach Hotel? Thanks, 
Russ Smith (June 2011) 
From Airport to Elbow Beach (at Paget parish) will require two bus trips with a transfer/connection at Hamilton City Central Bus Terminal. However transfers are free as long as you take the next bus in the connecting route. Since the entire route goes through more than 3 zones, the maximum fare of $4.5 per adult would apply. If you plan to take a bus or a ferry again on the same day, then I would recommend a Transportation Pass that gives you unlimited access to both buses and ferries for the number of days you buy it for. You can hop on and off any number of times. 
Also remember that if you have suitcases or heavy luggage, the bus drivers usually do not allow you to board the bus. 
Raj ( June 2011 
My wife Mary Ann and I bought a 3 day pass last week while in Bermuda. We traveled on the Norweigen Gem. We purchased the pass and got to use it only once as the Bus Drivers went on strike the next 2 days at least. We only able to use the pass once to go to Hamilton and return to the Dockyard. We paid $28.00 for the pass and could have traveled both ways on the Ferry for $9.00 each. How can I get a refund for the unused portion of the pass? 
Michael Milligan (August 2011) 
Hi Michael, 
I am aware of the fact that the bus drivers in Bermuda went on strike last week for few days causing a lot of difficulties to the tourists and forcing them to avail only the ferry services. While I fully understand and support your concern, I personally think it would be very difficult if not impossible to get the refunds. The tourism department may argue that first of all you could have availed ferry services in the remaining two days and you had the choice of using it any number of times on all the three days. Secondly, you could have made the claims while in the island and before the pass expired. 
Well, I hope I am wrong as I fully support your point of view. Your only chance is to write to the Bermuda Tourism Department and see how they respond. They claim that they do respond within 48 hours. I have given their email address and toll free number below. Best of luck! I would be curious to know what happens to it finally. 
Email of Bermuda Tourism Department: [email protected] 
From the U.S, you can also call them toll free: 1-800-237-6832. 
Raj ( August 2011 
2 questions: Under Ferry passes it states that seniors travel free - does this also include travelling on the buses or only the ferries?  Also - is this just for seniors living in Bermuda or for visitors from other countries as well? Thanks,  
Mary Lynn (October 2011) 
Hi Mary, 
Answer-1: It's applicable for both buses and ferries 
Answer-2: Unfortunately it's applicable only for seniors in Bermuda. Not for visitors like ourselves. 
Raj ( October 2011 
Hi, Thanks for your speedy reply. Sorry - I have two more questions  
-- is there a lesser rate for the bus/ferry passes for senior visitors or does everyone pay the same? 
-- do the local buses run from the airport to various parts of the city or 
does one have to rely on taking a taxi? 
Mary Lynn (October 2011) 
Hi Mary, 
All visitors pay the same rates for the passes and tickets irrespective of age (except for children). So there are no lesser rates for the visiting seniors. 
Bus routes #1, 3, 10 and 11 are available at the airport. They will all return to Hamilton City, and from there you can get connections to other places. So you can get to any place in the island from Airport by bus. However, if you are carrying heavy luggage or bags, the bus drivers generally won't let you board. So if you are travelling light like with 
one small bag per person, then buses may be a good solution from the airport. Otherwise, taxi is the only way. 
Hope this helps! 
Raj ( October 2011 
Wanted information on ferry to St. George, found that there is no service during your winter period, can you explain why? Thanks...oh and your lady at the ticket booth should try to be a lot more pleasant, especially dealing with tourist like myself. 
Dundee Gibbons (December 2011) 
Hi, I've tried to email you, but it's bouncing back. Just to let you know that this is my personal website and any official information can be received and complaints lodged only with Bermuda's Department of Tourism. Here is my personal response to your question: 
The Orange Route Ferry Service which caters to St. George does not usually operate in the winter (mid November to mid April), and this is how it has been for the past several years. This is likely because of low demand during this period. 
About your bad experience with a lady at the counter, can you please elaborate, which ticket booth, what happened etc. I can then try to put it up on my website so that others can see it and a strong message is passed on. 
Thanks and Regards, 
Raj ( December 2011 
I am going to visit Bermuda in early April, this year.  I have only been there on a cruise ship for a nite and therefore this holiday I am spending one week.  A solo female traveler who likes to see everything... I am searching for a web-site that might allow me to purchase a bus/ferry pass in advance of my trip. Any suggestions?  
I am looking forward to just roaming around, eating, drinking, shopping  and enjoying the ambiance and culture of the Bermudian people. I am an artist who designs baskets and my trip may well encourage me to try my hand while I am relaxing "somewhere" in Bermuda. I'm staying at Oxford House, which looks to be a center Hamilton City location. Trying to get the feel of the other areas .. any suggestions for day jaunts... shop.. lunch.. and return? Thanks in advance. 
Nancy Baldwin (February 2012) 
Hi Nancy, 
Bermuda bus/ferry passes are available only in the island. You can't purchase them online through a web site. Unless you know someone in the island, it's not possible to buy one before you arrive. Check out the following link for all the places where you can get the passes/tickets: Bermuda Transport Pa 
Oxford House is indeed centrally located and minutes away from the harbor front. For short boat tours, you can just walk down to the ferry terminal and talk to one of the many private boat operators who launch their water tours from there. If you want to plan your tours in advance, I suggest you take a look at the following link: 
I have no idea what you like to shop and eat. Options are actually overwhelmingly large. So I'll again point you to couple of other links that'll take you to my personal favorites: 
For great restaurants: Bermuda Restaurants 
For shopping: Bermuda Shopping 
Have a great time in Bermuda!! 
Raj ( February 2012 
Hello, great site! 
We will be Staying at the Clairfont Apts in Warwick at 6, Warwickshire Road near South Shore Road in June (6/9 - 6/16). I know the weekly bus/ferry pass is available for $45pp ($90/couple). I'm wondering if we would get enough use for that price as compared to paying cash for each trip? I'll list examples of trips we expect to take and can you tell me if these $$$ amounts are accurate? 
Examples (cash, roundtrip for 2 ppl): 
Clairfont, St George = $18 
Clairfont, Dockyard = $18 
Clairfont, Hamilton = $14 
Clairfont, Swizzle Inn (south, 2 bus stops away from Clairmont) = $14 
We may take a couple more bus trips but these are probably the main bus trips we would take and these estimated costs are $64, much lower than the weekly rate. Or would we be better to purchase 2 weekly passes at $90? I also understand the passes are no longer available at the airport and so we'd have to bus to the Hamilton terminal to buy one, correct? 
A separate question, since we will have luggage (1 lg bag and 2 small) we expected to taxi between the airport and Clairfont. But I see a shared shuttle option for $30/cpl each way. Is that a viable option? Is the taxi closer to $60 each way? Thank you very much for taking the time to respond! 
Ron Moore (May 2012) 
Hi Ron, 
Clairfont is a great choice. Bermuda passes are economical when you use them several times a day, and both in buses and ferries. If you have pre-planned limited trips like yours, other options can work out far cheaper. In your case, a weekly pass would be an overkill and so will be the cash fares. I suggest you buy a book of 15 tickets ($30 for rides more than 3-zones). That should take care of all your 4 round trips (for two of you) except for the last one-way trip for one person. For that you can pay an additional $3 in cash (assuming your last trip will be a shorter one of up to 3 zones). So you spend a total of $33.... Happy?? 
There is usually no problems with shared shuttles and the rate seems to be okay. A private taxi fare to Clairfont should be within $60 with tips and luggage charges (assuming you will use it in normal hours. There is an additional surcharge of 25% between 12midnight and 6am, and also on public holidays). 
Raj ( May 2012 
Thank you Raj for your quick reply! The book of 15 tickets sounds like an excellent idea. So we would use 4 tickets per couple roundtrip from Clairfont to St George or Hamilton or the Dockyard, is that right? Would it be the same from St George all the way to the Dockyard, for example? 
Anyway thanks again, we will use your site as we plan our sightseeing excursions, I know that Crystal Caves and Tobacco Bay are on the list, not sure if they would be 2 separate trips or not, will need to review the bus routes. Thanks! 
Ron Moore (May 2012) 
Yes, that's how you will need to use the tickets. Although possible, but I won't use the bus to travel from St. George (at the east end) all the way to the dockyard at the west end. It will take well over 2 hours including the transfer at Hamilton City. However the transfer is free as long as you take the next connecting bus. I would rather come from St. George to Hamilton City by bus (1 hour) and then take a direct ferry to the dockyard 
(20 mins). Regards, 
Raj ( May 2012 
Can you tell me if I can purchase bus/ferry passes using my credit card or is it cash only. Thank you  
Joe (May 2012) 
Hi, Only cash accepted in Bermuda for bus/ferry passes.  
Raj ( May 2012 
I would like to pre-arrange a taxi to pick up our party of six at the dockyards when our ship arrives at 11:30 July 28 and take us to St. George.  Can you advise on companies and how to contact them.  Also, since we will be there on a weekend (sat and sun) should we get the transportation pass that includes the pink line?  My understanding is that the cheaper ($20) pass does not include the pink line.  Can you purchase the passes in advance so we can avoid lines at dockyards? 
Amy Fischer (May 2012) 
Hi Amy, 
The Pink ferry route connects small docks in Paget and Warwick parishes with Hamilton City. This route is mostly used by the residents of those areas and the office goers. As a tourist you are not likely to use that route. So the $20 pass for 2-days should be good for you. 
You can not buy the passes in advance. You will need to pay cash and buy them across the counter. If you are reserving a taxi, you can request the taxi driver to pick up the passes for you to avoid the queues. He may not agree though. 
There are several good taxi operators in Bermuda. One of them is Lewis Foggo. He is the owner and operator of Reliable Taxi Services. He is also a Bermuda Government certified Blue Flag Tour Guide. If you book his taxi, take my name (Raj) and my website, he is likely to offer you special attention and care :) 
His email: [email protected],  Phone: 441/704-2109. 
You will get several other taxi contacts: Bermuda Taxi Services 
Raj ( May 2012 
Dear Raj, Myself and granddaughters ages 15 and 19 will be docked in Hamilton on Veendam Aug 14th through 17th. I have read the local transport and am confused as to tickets, tokens, passes, etc. Want to take ferry to Tobacco Bay on Tuesday or Wednesday and Snorkel Beach on Thursday. What should I buy and where? And do you know the earliest time ferries leave for these places? Thank you for any advice you can provide. 
Annette ODonnell (July 2012) 
Hello Annette, 
Passes are good if you plan to visit several places on a day and want a hop on and off access to the buses and ferries. Passes give you such unlimited access to both buses and ferries for as long as they are valid, and you can buy 1-day, 2-day, 3-day etc passes depending on your requirement. However, if you just want to go to a beach on a day and come back, then go for tokens. That will be cheaper. 
From Hamilton, there is no direct ferry to St. George where Tobacco bay is located. Take Bus #10 or 11 from the Hamilton Bus Terminal. It will take about an hour to reach Kings Square (the town center of St. George). The beach is 15 minutes walk from here (a little uphill). Otherwise take a minibus from Kings square for Tobacco bay (separate fare, passes and tokens don't work in minibuses). 
For Snorkel Park Beach located at the Dockyard, take a ferry (Blue Route) from Hamilton ferry terminal (on Front Street) to the dockyard. The beach is at an easy walking distance from the dockyard ferry terminal. The first ferry from Hamilton is at 7:30am and then there is one every 20 minutes or so in the morning half. 
Hope this helps!! 
Raj ( July 2012 
Dear Raj, 
Can't thank you enough for your prompt and most succinct reply. It's exactly the information I needed. What a wonderful service you provide! 
Annette (July 2012) 
What a great site you have! I sure do appreciate all of the info you have provided. I have a group of 10 that want to do a horse tour and we have to split that group up due to the large number. I am scheduling 2 groups with 2 different companies at the same time with a near end time both in the Warwick area. Can we all get in the Warwick area, near Belmont I believe, via bus by 8 am on a Friday in Sept? One schedule it looked like there were some early bus options, others not until after 8. Also, if we get done by 930ish, do we have enough time to go to BAMZ and get back to the ship at the Dockyard by 3? I am guessing bus from Warwick to Flatts, then ferry to Dockyard? I appreciate any insight you can provide. 
Brandy Miller (July 2012) 
Hi Brandy, 
As per the published bus schedule, the first bus (number 8) leaves dockyard at 6:35am (Monday - Friday), then at 7:05am, 7:35am etc and it takes the middle road. So you can easily reach the riding centers in Warwick by 8am. 
For BAMZ, you will need to change to bus #10 or 11 at Hamilton City. Assuming you will spend some 2 hours there, you should have time to visit BAMZ. On your return, get back to Hamilton by bus and then take a direct ferry to the dockyard. Check out the ferry and bus timings to ensure that you manage your time correctly. 
Raj ( July 2012 
Do the buses run to the same schedule all year round or are there summer/ winter variations? 
Geoff Lee (July 2012) 
Buses have the same schedule year round. 
Raj ( July 2012 
We have an upcoming trip to Bermuda via Norwegian Breakaway. We will be docked in King's wharf for 3 days. We are planning a day trip to St. George and Crystal Caves from King's Wharf. We plan on taking the ferry (orange route) from the Dockyard to St. George. We will take a tour with the Olde Towne Railway while in St. George. From there we will take the bus (#1 or #3) to Crystal Caves. What is the shortest route using bus or ferry from the caves back to the Dockyard and which buses do we use? How long is the trip back? Also, we plan on buying a ticket booklet (15 tickets) to use for transportation. Will I have to buy the 14 zone booklet in order to complete all of my transfers? Our second day we will spend the day at Elbow beach, we plan on taking the #7 bus there and back. The 3rd day we have booked a jet ski adventure with Somerset Bridge water sports. They are paying for a taxi one way and we will make our own way back. We plan on taking the #7 bus back.  
Please advise. Thank you!! 
Tracy (June 2014) 
From the caves, take the same bus (#1 or 3) for Hamilton (about 25 minutes) and then the direct ferry to dockyard (20 minutes). You should buy pack of 14-zone tickets. Rest of your plans are okay. 
Raj ( June 2014 
What is the best way to get to coco reef resort by bus or van and how much 
and how long also do buses run after 5pm we going june 12th thxs 
Sandy (June 2014) 
Bus #7 (operating between Hamilton and Dockyard). Except Sunday, there are buses till 9:15pm (from Hamilton, but infrequent). Check the bus schedule  
Raj ( June 2014 
Riding the bus throughout Bermuda is the best way to see the island. While riding a bus the other day a visitor asked me a question I could not answer.  She opens a bus map of all the routes and points to the black periods that illustrates bus stops.  Then she says, how do I know where I am on this map when I get off or on at a bus stop.  Also,  if I want to go somewhere on the island how do I know this is the stop to get off at. Suggestions any one. 
Thomas (January 2015) 
Bus stops have no display of routes and timings. So unless you know the stop you are standing at, there is no way of knowing which stop it is. However the buses have the route no. and final destination displayed in front so you will at least know that you boarding the right bus. If you don't know where to get off, ask the driver to call out when your stop comes. Most drivers will do that. 
Raj ( January 2015 
Hi, taking my two adult boys to bermuda.We are going to the ferry from King Wharf to Hamilton, take a bus to crystal cave then i would like to know the fastest route to St. George go back to Kings Wharf .What is the best and fastest way from St . George back to the cruise boat at Kings Wharf? We will be there on a Monday , June2nd. Thank you for your time  
Gail van Blarcom (April 2015) 
From Crystal Caves take Bus #1 or 3 for St Georges. From there take Orange ferry to Dockyard (35 minutes), but check the timings (only few runs). 
Raj ( April 2015 
Hi, have a 16 year old daughter cruising to Bermuda with friends in October 2015. She will need to leave the cruise on Friday the 16th to fly home to PHL in order to attend a family wedding the next day. Cruise port is the Wharf. Any ideas on best ideas safe transportation for her direct to the airport from the port. Trying to make this as stress free as possible for her. Thanks for any suggestions you may have. Sincerely 
Debbie (April 2015) 
Hi, pre-arranged shuttle or a taxi would be the best way for her (assuming she will have luggage, and buses won't allow that). You can get airport shuttle and taxi information here
Raj ( April 2015 
We will be in Bermuda for the day only (Royal Caribbean) on Saturday 6/6. In the past we have taken a ferry from Dock Yd. I understand no ferries operate on Saturday. Since our cruise ship docks at 8AM and leaves again at 4PM is it feasible to go there by bus, and what bus or buses would you recommend and about how long is the trip? 
Frank Stonitsch (April 2015) 
Hi, bus #7 or 8 from dockyard up to Hamilton and then take a transfer to bus #10 or 11 to St George (total about 2 hours one way). Not a good idea on week ends when the ferry doesn't run. Instead try to form a group, take a taxi and share the fare. You can reach in about 1 hour. One way fare in a 4-passenger taxi would be about $89 + tips. Taxi fares are metered and they won't offer shared fare. It's up to you if you can form a group of your own (by combining with other cruise passengers) and share the fare. 
Raj ( April 2015 
Hi Raj, 
I'm headed to Bermuda in 2 weeks and would like a little help with transportation. I will take the ferry from Kings Wharf to Hamilton, walk to the Bus Terminal and take the #10 or #11 bus to BAMZ. After that I'm not sure what bus to take to get to Crystal Caves. Do I stay with the #10 or #11 bus or do I find the #1 or #3 bus? When I leave the Caves, I will go to Swizzle Inn for lunch. From Swizzle Inn what would be the best way to get to Tobacco Bay Beach? Thanks for any help you can give me. 
Donna (May 2015) 
Hi, from BAMZ contnue on bus #10 or #11 for Crystal caves. When you get off, it will require 200-meter walk from the bus stop (along the main road) to reach the short lane going to the caves. From Swizzle inn you will get bus #1, 3, 10 or 11 for Kings Square (St. George). From the Square, Tobacco Bay is about 20 minutes walk along Government Hill Road. Alternatively you can take a minibus from Kings Square (day ticket $6 per adult). You can hop on and off any number of times. Get the ticket from the Visitors Information Center at Kings Square. 
Raj ( May 2015 
Dear Raj, 
I saw your website and read a lot other people's QA, but still have mine and wonder if you have any suggestion. I will visit Bermuda for 5 days from NYC between June 4- June 9. The main purpose of my trip is to take 4 half-day diving classes near Somerset Bridge (or at least 2 classes there). I reserved a place on Scaur Lane, Somerset. It's further north than I thought, so I don't think I can walk to Somerset Bridge every morning. I heard the bus service is also not that reliable, especially on weekends. What would be the best way for me to get to apartment from the airport on June 4, and from apartment to school every morning about 8am and get me home around 1pm after diving class. I think in the afternoon, I may also do some sightseeing if I'm not too tired :) First time visiting and it's just me... any suggestion will be greatly appreciated! Best regards, 
Jing C (June 2015) 
Hi, take a shuttle from the airport. They operate on a per person rate and are quite cheaper than reserved taxis. Buses won't let you board with luggage. 
For commuting to your dive school, best is to rent a scooter, otherwise by bus. The buses operate as per published schedule and are quite reliable. There are morning buses (#8, not on Sundays though) that operate between Dockyard and Hamilton going by Somerset Bridge. You can walk down to the Somerset Road bus stop from your apartment and take the bus. There is a bus terminal there and bus #7 also has some services in the morning. 
Raj ( June 2015 
Will be visiting Bermuda in September 2015. Would like to visit St.George on one of the Days there, in the morning, and them go to Horseshoe bay beach that after noon. Can I take the Blue Route Ferry to Hamilton City from St. George and then catch the #7 in Hamilton City to Horseshoe bay beach? Thanks 
Tina Wurtz (June 2015) 
Hi, there is no ferry between St. George and Hamilton. 
You need to take a bus (#10, or 11 are the fastest) and then transfer to #7. 
Raj ( June 2015 
This has been covered in your forum but reading on line it says u can use tickets for ferries and I am reading answers in the blog and it says no u can't , which is it. It also says the closest place to buy tickets is mangrove bay post office but I show on the map there is a post office near the clock tower shopping mall,can I buy them there. Also wanted your opinion is a snorkelling trip not to be missed. I am only here for 3 days. Would like yo hit some beaches but is Hamilton and St George not to be missed. To enjoy the day more is it better to take the ferry to Hamilton and then bus to horseshoe bay? I want to bring a souvenir home what is Bermuda known most for and where will I get the best bargain. Thanks for your time 
Dawn (August 2015) 
Hi, tickets were not allowed in ferries once, they are now allowed. Therefore you see both answers, but the timeline when these answers were given are different. Not sure which map you are looking at. There is no post office near clock tower mall, it might be a letter box to drop letters. Snorkel Bermuda and Jessie James are both good snorkel boat tours. 
Yes, Hamilton by ferry, then bus #7 to south shore beaches and back to dockyard is a good way to see a part of Bermuda. You can also do the reverse if you want to hit the beaches in the morning (which is often a good idea as they get crowded during the day). 
Dockyard, Hamilton and St. George's are the three main areas in Bermuda. St. George's is quite different from rest of the island.... narrow lanes bearing centuries old names and with traditional homes. This is where the first settlement took place in the island, a place steeped in history and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So try not to miss it. 
I have discussed a list of what to buy under 'Shopping' menu option. Cheapest are the Thrift Stores (covered at length in my site). They are stores run by charity trusts but often sell used items (mostly in good condition though). Small shops at the alleyways of Hamilton City (mostly off Front Street and Church Street) are also the places to look at for good bargains. But nothing in Bermuda is actually cheap. 
Raj ( August 2015 
I will be in St. George's in August and would like to visit Hamilton. Am I correct that we would have to take the ferry from St. George's to Dockyard and from Dockyard to Hamilton?  Is the bus easier or faster? 
Joan R (July 2016) 
Bus would be easier. Considering transfer time to the second ferry, bus would be faster as well. 
Raj ( July 2016 
I am going to Bermuda by cruise ship in August with my two grand daughters...age 11 and 9. Could you please tell me about public transportation to/from the cruise dock to the Zoo and to Beaches? Thank you very much, 
Robert Doran (April 2017) 
Hi, south shore beaches including Horseshoe beach can be reached by bus #7 from dockyard. There are also minibus shuttles from dockyard to horseshoe beach. For BAMZ (Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo), take the ferry to Hamilton and then bus #10 or 11. 
Raj ( April 2017 
My Dad has a duel walker/rollator wheelchair.  It folds like a rolling walker.  Can it be used on ferries and buses? 
Janet (April 2018) 
Hello, in ferries - yes. In buses and minibuses - no unless the bus has a special provision which is uncommon. 
Raj ( April 2018 

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