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Bermuda in Winter

What To Expect 
Winter in Bermuda is typically the period between November to February, but the air and water remains quite cold until April. November to April is the time when there are no cruise ships on port, hardly any tourists around and Bermuda looks so much of its own. Those who are in search of real Bermuda can take this opportunity for a visit and get the island in its purest form, and the island too puts its best foot forward to offer all its charm and elegance. 
It's true that several tourist attractions remain closed during this period, and most water activities either close down or operate at much reduced frequency due to want of customers, but there are still enough attractions and activities that remain open. In fact, Bermuda's Department of Community & Cultural Affairs and Bermuda Tourism Authority organize programs to showcase Bermuda's rich art, culture and many other family friendly entertainment. 
Note that while public transport including buses and ferry continue to operate during winter, the ferry switches to its winter schedule during this period with reduced services. The winter ferry schedule usually remains in effect from early November until late April. Buses however run as usual like in summer. 
What usually remains open in winter? 
All public beaches in Bermuda remain open during the winter, although it may be difficult to swim with temperature hovering around 60-65°F around that time (it's possible with wet suits though). But the beaches are free of tourists, you do not have to walk on the beach trying hard to avoid bumping against sunbathers. 
Note that other than Horseshoe Bay Beach and Tobacco Bay Beach, no other beach would have any on-beach concession stalls for renting chairs, umbrellas etc or buying snacks during this period. That's obvious, after all who do they sell them to? 
Some other key tourist attractions & places which remain open during winter include: 
1) National Museum of Bermuda located at the dockyard 
5) Tom Moore's Jungle - Great natural pooll, caves, grottos, mangroves and forest walk. 
7) Art Galleries including National Gallery at City Hall & Arts Center, Masterworks Museum in Botanical Gardens etc. Masterworks houses a collection of some 1400 fabulous art work that are mostly inspired on Bermuda. A guided tour takes place from 10am to 4pm. 
8) Historical forts like Fort Hamilton in Hamilton City, Fort St Catherine & Museum at St. George etc. 
9) Historical buildings & museums like Bermuda National Trust Museum, Verdmont, Carter House, and Tucker House 
10) All Golf Courses 
11) Hamilton City Market on Saturdays 
12) Blue Sky Flights - Take an aerial tour of Bermuda 
13) All Restaurants as well as Bars& Pubs 
14) Spas at the hotels like of Grotto Bay Beach Hotel in Hamilton Parish. 
15) You can take fishing charters and go for reef or shore fishing. 
16) Swimming, Snorkeling & Diving require wet suite. 
17) For water sports activities like snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, jet ski safari, motor boat rentals etc, you can contact H2O Sports located in Sandys. They are usually open by reservations only. Tobacco Bay Beach House in St. George is open daily for rentals, snacks and drinks. 
18) Whale watching can be done in March and April. 
19) Kitesurfing can be done between December and May. 
20) Many Events& Festivals also take place during this time including Bermuda International Film Fest, Remembrance Day Celebration, Beach Art Festival, Bermuda Festival of Performing Arts and more. 
21) Christmas time (late November to end December) is a great time to visit Bermuda. Several Christmas events are held in different parts of the island including Lighting the tree ceremony, Christmas walkabout, boat parade and more. Visit Christmas in Bermuda to know them all. 
Bermuda Art & Culture Activities Program (November 2016 - April 2017) 
Bermuda Tourism Authority in collaboration with Department of Community & Cultural Affairs, organizes many ongoing activities during the winter featuring local art, culture and entertainment. 
Many tours are offered, several of them are free. However most such activities do not take place on Public Holidays though. Here is a synopsis of events and programs offered as part of winter activities (Bermuda Art & Culture Program). 
Bermuda Society of Arts Gallery 
Enjoy a cocktail during happy hour, meet with local artists and scan through numerous amazing artwork. Enjoy art demonstration, projects and art exhibitions. The art gallery is located at City Hall & Arts Center, Hamilton. Gallery opening dates: November 18, December 9, January 6, February 3, March 3, 24, April 21. Visit Society of Arts Gallery for more info. 
Bermuda Festival of Performing Arts 
Featuring many international acts. Jan 13 - Mar 4. More info... 
Bermuda Marathon Weekend 
Watch great runners at Bermuda Triangle Challenge, the 10k and the Half Marathon events. To be held between January 13 - 15. More info... 
Restaurant Weeks (January 12 - February 3) 
Great opportunity to savor Bermudian food at many participating restaurants in the island, Special two course meals at special price. 
Food Tour - Take a bite out of Bermuda 
Conducted at the west end (dockyard). This is a new tour which gives insights into food culture of Bermuda. You will eat Bermudian way as you visit several attractions and sites at the west end. Tour takes place 11am to 2pm (Monday to Friday, except public holidays). Cost $85 per person. Contact (441) 705.6606 or email for booking or further info. 
Memorable evening in Bermuda 
Experience fine dining at Fourways Inn as you listen to a master story teller. On Mondays. Price: $140 per person which includes 3 course meal, 2 drinks, show and gratuity. 
Helmet Diving 
Undersea walk amidst stunning marine life & corals. More info... 
Yoga Retreat 
3day/4night yoga retreats. Package includes trail runs, breakfast, spa treatments etc. Dates: November 24 – 28 | January 5 – 9 | February 9 – 13 | March 9 – 13 | April 13 – 17 | May 4 – 8. Call 441-704-0701 for further info. 
Dolphin Demo 
Wednesday - Sunday (1:30pm) at Dockyard: Watch spectacular dolphin show and demonstrations. Visit Dolphin Quest for more info. 
Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo 
Watch some of the all time favorite marine life like the sea turtles & seals at the Bermuda Aquarium. Also see wildlife from places as far away as Australia and Madagascar. Another amazing exhibit here is the 145,000-gallon North Rock coral reef. More info... 
Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute 
Explore the mysteries of the ocean through various exhibits and interactive systems. Know more... 
Fun Golf 
This mini golf course located at Royal Naval Dockyard in the west end features 18 challenging holes designed after famous holes in USA, Scotland and Bermuda. It covers an area of 1 acre and has stunning ocean view. More info... 
All Inclusive Adventures  
Eco Tours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Explore caves, nature reserves, jungles, forts. 
Forts Adventure: Tuesday, Thursday 
Photography Adventure: Saturday. 
$100 per person with packed lunch, gears, transport and experienced guide. 
Visit Hidden Gems for details of tour, contact info etc. 
Cooper's Island Guided Tour 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (10am to 1pm) 
Take a personalized tour of Cooper's Island in St. David's which includes a visit to Cooper's Island Nature Reserve. This is a great bird watching tour and it will show you nesting sites of longtails, Bermuda's national bird Cahow etc. $25 per person per hour. Email to book. 
Blue Sky Flights 
Take an aerial tour of Bermuda and see the island from the sky.  Visit Blue Sky Flights 
Explore Spittal Pond Nature Reserve 
Take a guided tour and know about Bermuda's first national park, its unique geological formations, wildlife, birds, many endemic plants etc and also get awesome views. Check Spittal Pond for details. $25 per person per hour (includes transport). Timings: 9am to 12noon (Tuesdays). 
Email for info and booking. 
Eco Tour of Tom Moore's Jungle 
One-hour guided tour of the Tom Moore's Jungle. This is a great hiking adventure and you will get to experience amazing natural pools, grottos, caves, forest & wildlife. The tour starts at the Blue Hole Hill Entrance. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (weekends on request). 2pm – 5pm. $25 per person per hour. Email to book. 
Visitors Golf Day 
Golf tournament is organized on Mondays for the visitors during the winter. It is held at the famous Port Royal Golf Course in Southampton with sweeping views of the ocean. This 18 hole par 71 course is a venue of PGA Grand Slam of Golf. There is an entry fee ($110 for 18 holes) which includes carts. You can also rent golf clubs ($30). Prizes are given away to first, second and third places, and certificate to the winner. Call up 441/234-0974 for further information including schedule and tee time booking. 
Free Guided tour of Hamilton City 
This is a free 2-hour tour of Hamilton conducted by an experienced guide. It takes place on Mondays at 10am and starts from the National Library at the Queen's Street, and covers attractions such as City Hall & Arts Center, House of Assembly, the Anglican Cathedral and finally ending at the Fort Hamilton for joining the Skirling Ceremony (Bagpipe music & dance). 
Visit of Wadson's Farm (Tuesday, Friday) 
Join a guided tour of Bermuda's largest farm with the owner himself who has been farming in the island for decades. Many hotels and restaurants source organic and fresh vegetables from this farm. $20 per person. Contact 441-238-1862, email 
Free Guided walk through Herbal Garden (Sunday) 
An experienced Bermudian offers a free guided walking tour at Botanical Gardens (Paget). She also explains the herbs and other plantations that you come across along the way and let you know how the Bermudians used them for healing in the earlier days. She offers you complimentary tea and light refreshments when the tour ends. Tour time: 2-4pm. 
Skirling Ceremony - Free (Monday) 
You can visit the Fort Hamilton to experience this bagpipe music with dance performed by kilted pipers, drummers and dancers. It's performed in an open terrace area in the fort with great views of Hamilton Harbor. The event takes place between 12noon to 12:30pm. There is no admission fee (either to enter the fort or attend the skirling ceremony). Complimentary refreshments are served. 
Bermuda Gombey Revue (Tuesday) 
This is a great opportunity to watch Gombey dancers perform live in full costume. It's a free show held at 4:15pm at Pier 6, Passenger Terminal, Front Street Hamilton. Ends on March 31. 
Cookery Demonstration - Free (Monday) 
This is held at Fort Hamilton on Mondays at 12:30pm to 2pm. It is free. So after watching the skirling ceremony, you can join this free cooking demo offered by an experienced chef of Bermuda demonstrating how to make some authentic Bermudian dishes. You can sample them too. Ends on March 31. 
Hamilton History & Tales (Wednesdays) 
The tour departs from the Visitors Information Center next to the Ferry Terminal at Hamilton. As you walk through the various streets, the guide will narrate stories about many interesting characters of Hamilton, the city's heritage & history etc. 10:30am to 12noon. 
Free Tour of Bermuda National Gallery (Thursday) 
The guided tour of Bermuda National Gallery takes place on Thursdays at 10am. The gallery is located at City Hall & Arts Center in Hamilton. You will see many local and international arts and exhibits and know about the development of the gallery. The Ondaatje Wing of the gallery is dedicated to historical story telling. Price: $5 per person. 
Fort St Catherine & Museum 
This is the largest fort in Bermuda originally built in 1614. The fort went through several upgrades subsequently. Inside there are numerous exhibits and artifacts showcasing the history of Bermuda in 17th century. Get more info... 
World Heritage Center Tour 
Monday & Thursday | 10:30 am – 11:15 am. Take this guided tour to know the development of St. George where the first settlement of Bermuda took place. Price: $5. More info... 
Guided tour of St. George's historical forts (Monday, Thursday) 
Guided tour of Gates Fort and Alexandra Battery at St. Georges followed by a visit to St. Catherine's Fort & Museum. Tour timing is 1pm to 3pm. Book tour at Visitors Information Center at Kings Square, St. George. $25 per person. 
East End Museum Tour (Tuesdays, 10:30am to 2pm) 
Take a guided tour at St. George with a resident to know Bermuda's role and connections with hostoric events such as American Civil war, Revolutionary war, emancipation etc. Price: $25 adults. Tickets are available at Visitors Information Center, Kings Square, St. George. 
Deliverance Tour (Monday & Thursday, 1pm to 2pm) 
Board the replica of this historic sailing boat which was built by Sir George Somers men to continue their journey to Jamestown after their ship got wrecked. Hear the story from the guide. More info... 
Photography Walk About (Tuesday, 11am to 12:30pm) 
Take a photography tour in St. Georges with local photographers. Price: $65 per person. 
Historical Re-Enactment and St George's Walking Tour (Wednesday, Saturday) 
A guided FREE tour of the historic town of St George is offered which also includes the historical re-enactment of a punishment known as ducking wenches. The activities include: 1) A walking tour of Unesco World Heritage Town of St George that starts at 10:30am. You will walk through the narrow lanes that still bear the 17th century names when the town was first established. Complimentary light refreshment is served at the end of the walking tour. 2) At 11:45am the Mayor of the town meets and greets the visitors. 3) At 12:30pm the ducking stool historical re-enactment takes place where a wench on a stool is ducked into the water as a form of punishment that was practiced in the earlier days. 
Mitchell House Printery (Wednesdays, 10am to 2pm) 
This was the home of the forst printing business in Bermuda. The house is now known as St George's Historical Society Museum. Price $5. Call: 441-297-0423. Know more... 
St. Peter's Church (Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm) 
Visit and learn about the oldest Anglican church in Western Hemisphere, and get to know why it was conferred the Royal tittle "Their Majesties Chappel'. Free entry. Visit St. Peter's Church to know more. 
Haunted History Tour (Saturday) 
Experience the guided haunted history tour of St. George where characters come alive and you explore the many narrow alleyways of the olde town and its centuries old history. Tour time: 7pm-8pm. Price: $35 per adult ($30 per child). 
Afternoon Tea (Wednesday, Saturday) 
Experience the traditional afternoon tea which is part of Bermudian tradition that originated from the British. Visit the eatery 'Sweet P' located at Stewart Hall in St. Georges (the home of Bermuda Perfumery), taste fine tea, relish finger sandwiches, goodies, special sweets etc. 1pm-4pm. $30 per person plus 15%gratuity. Email: 
Horse trail ride (Monday to Saturday) 
Explore the country lanes, lush trails and pristine beaches along the north eastern coastline of St. Georges as you take a personalized and guided horse trail ride. The rides take place on advance bookings only. Call 441-537-0400 
Create Scents at Bermuda Perfumery 
Tuesday and Thursday | 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Try your hands to create your own fragrance with the master perfumer at Bermuda Perfumery, St. George. Know more... 
Train Trolley Tour of Hamilton (Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm) 
Take a 35-minute train trolley ride (with audio commentary) through Hamilton and see the historical sites of the capital including City Hall & Arts Center, Cabinet Building etc. $35 per person (cash only). Train starts and terminates at the Hamilton Ferry Terminal, Front Street. 
Somerset Boat Tour & Slide Show (Thursday) 
A boat tour (with maximum of 20 persons) leaves from Somerset at 10am and takes you through the narrow inlets and into the ocean as you watch beautiful colonial homes along the coastline, architecture and listen to the history of the island. The boat will take you to the partially submerged shipwreck 'Vixen' in western waters and you can feed fish along the way. On return a 20-minute slideshow takes place where you are served complimentary coffee and danish. The tour leaves from the Somerset Country Squire which is easily accessible from the cruise ship dockyard by bus #7 and 8, and ends at 11:35am. This tour ends on March 31. 
Free tour of Royal Naval Dockyard (Sunday) 
A one-hour guided tour of the dockyard takes place at 11.30am exploring the Casemate Barracks and other areas that played significant roles during the days of Royal Navy. Meeting Location: Next to Anchor Fountain, Clocktower building. Concludes on March 31. 
Discover Royal Naval Dockyard Tour (Thursday, 2:00pm to 3:15pm) 
Another free guided tour taking you to several historical landmarks and buildings within the dockyard starting from the Cooperage building. Meeting Location: Across from the entrance to the National Museum of Bermuda. Concludes on March 31. 
Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art (Open all 7 days). 
Great art gallery and amazing art collections. Entry: $5.  More info... 
Tours & Activities no longer continued this year 
Walking tour of South Shore Park & Beaches (Tuesday) 
From 10:30am to 12noon, a guided walking tour takes place for groups of up to 25 covering the lovely South Shore Beaches, dunes, coves, coastal flora and fauna. As you start from the top parking lot at Warwick Long Bay, you will see some amazing coves & beaches as you walk along the trail, see boiler reefs, coastal birds, plants & animals and learn about the history. If you are lucky, you can even see migrating humpback whales. Cost: $10 per person. Meet at the parking lot of Jobson's Cove (you can pay your tour fee on site). 
Bermuda Baked (Tuesday) 
Learn how to make traditional bake items of Bermuda with a friendly experienced baker. You will be offered rum swizzle and snacks as you take part in the fun of baking. $45 per baker. time: 5.30pm to 7.30pm. Contact the bakery Sweet Saak at St. George, York Street  (Email: for booking a session. 
Free tour of Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (First Wednesdays of each month) 
Starting at 10am a guided free tour is offered at the BIOS Institute which is known for its pioneering work in the area of Ocean research. You can also meet up with scientists who work here and chat with them on their day to day work. 
Guided tour of St. David's (Wednesday) 
Explore St. David's and visit some of the great attractions like St. David’s Lighthouse, St. David’s Battery, Clearwater Beach, Cooper’s Island and Carter House. 1-4pm. $25 per person. Book at St. George Visitors Information Center. 
Hands-on Craft: Free (Thursday, Sunday) 
If you are interested in craft work, this is a great opportunity to see demonstration, learn and even try your own hands on creating craft work using paper or natural forested medium like wood, leaves etc. A local artist will guide you through all this at Craft Market located at the dockyard. You can also see demos of cedar turning on lathe, embroidery & needle work and more. The guided crafting and demo takes place on Thursdays & Saturdays (1:30-4pm). 
Bermuda Matinee Film Show (Friday, Saturday) 
Enjoy a matinee show in World Heritage Center at Penno's Wharf, St. George featuring Bermuda's history, heritage and culture. Starts at 2pm. $5 per person. 
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Visitors' Reviews & Comments 
Krista Larouche (February 2014) 
Hi Raj! AMAZING website!! So much helpful information!! We will be visiting Bermuda later this month (February) with 2 small children (6 and 1 yrs old). I am compiling a list of activities and sites for us to see (with many recommendations coming from your website!) and I was wondering if snorkelling, swimming or beach activities are still recommended in the off season?? Is the water temperature still ok for that? I know the average temperature during the day is about 20 - 23 C (70-75 F). Does it cool off dramatically in the evenings? Thanks for your time and information!! 
Raj ( February 2014 
Hi, Average water temp in February is about 64 deg F. So it won't be suitable for swimming and snorkeling unless you are carrying wet suits. Air temperature varies from min 60 to max 68 deg F.