Food Truck Festival

Food Truck Festival has been discontinued
Food trucks in Bermuda are in existence for a long time offering mobile food from four wheels. Although they are considered street food, they are served hot and fresh, and offer a great budget option for trying out a range of local Bermudian food. 
The first mobile food in Bermuda were seen in 1939 at Hamilton. Those days the food was served from carts. Later food trucks and vans came into the picture. They are available mostly at Hamilton where such food demand is highest. 
Bermuda Tourism Authority introduced Food Truck Festival in the island on October 9, 2016 for the first time. The whole objective of the festival is to create a platform where large number of islanders and visitors gather, enjoy together as Bermuda's own food culture and traditions are shared by vendors. 
This is a great opportunity for all to try out many different kinds of local food as well as drinks. Other than numerous types of island food, the vendors also create special recipes on the day and many innovative cocktails. 
Several local live bands also participate in the event making it more attractive to all. 
Update October 2017: 
The Bermuda Tourism Authority is hosting the second Food Truck Festival on Sunday, November 5th, from 12-5pm. The event takes place on Pitt’s Bay Road and in Barr’s Park, Hamilton. There will be plenty of food, including healthy options, in addition to a series of local live performances. 
Update October 2016: 
The first Bermuda Food Truck Festival was held on October 9, 2016 from 1pm to 6pm at #1 Car Park, Front Street, Hamilton. It was a great success with massive turnouts from both islanders and visitors. There were huge queues at all the food trucks as the people lined up to buy their favorite food. 
Almost every island food was available including pulled pork, jerk chicken, beef pie, Bermuda fish cakes , fish taco, burgers, fish sandwich, shark hash and lot more accompanied with beverages like beer, many innovative cocktails, homemade lemonades etc. 
Around 16 food trucks participated including Keith’s Kitchen, Ginger Beer Truck, Stevens Lunch Wagon, DeGraffs Lunch Counter, Cann-Da-Licious, Ashley’s Lemonade Stand, Scoops n Cones Ice Cream Truck, AAA Hot Dog Cart, Jor-Jay’s Lunch Wagon, Bermuda Cupcake Company Snowball Shack, Smokin Barrell, Dandy Donuts and more. 
The festival also highlighted local bands and entertainers such as Working Title, Kennel Boys, In Motion Dance, The Simons Brothers, Robert and Jaimie, Soca Powder Hour by DJ Rusty G, etc. With great live music playing, finding a seat was difficult. 
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