Bermuda Restaurant Weeks

'Bermuda Restaurant weeks' is an annual event which has been ongoing for several years now. This is the period when many restaurants in the island participate in the event and offer special meals at fixed but attractive price. In fact majority of the participating restaurants offer Bermuda inspired cuisine and/or use local ingredients in the dishes. In fact many of such restaurants introduce Bermuda inspired menu offering exotic and authentic Bermuda dishes. You also get great deals. 
So if you are a tourist planning to visit Bermuda during Restaurant Weeks (which is usually held between January and February), then this is a great chance to savor authentic local cuisine of Bermuda in wide variations and at affordable prices. In fact the whole concept is to lure more tourists during this lean season. 
Earlier the Bermuda Restaurant Weeks used to be organized by Bermuda Tourism Department. But since 2015 (which is the 4th such annual event being held in the island), the Products & Experiences team of Bermuda Tourism Authority (an autonomous body supporting the tourism department) is organizing this event. 
Usually set two or three course special dinners are offered by the participating restaurants at fixed prices. And depending on the restaurant you choose, the pre-set dishes and price level would vary. You should make a table reservation. The website accepts online table reservations. 
An online survey takes place where the diners vote and Restaurant Weeks People's Choice Award is given to the highest ranked restaurant. There are also prizes for local and tourist diners to encourage them to take the survey. Diners can take this survey through website. 

Participating Restaurants 2018

January 11 - February 4 
Preset menus starting at $22, $32, $42 and $52 per person in various restaurants islandwide. 
Restaurants Serving $22 Lunch Menu 
(2 courses) 
Jasmine Cocktail Bar & Lounge at Fairmont Southampton Southampton 1-441-238-8000 
Café Coco at Coco Reef Resort, Paget 1-441-236-5416 
Ruby Murry’s, Hamilton City 1-441-295-5058 
Bermuda Bistro at the Beach, Hamilton City 1-441-292-0219 
Docksiders Pub & Restaurant, Hamilton City 1-441-296-3333 
Flanagan’s Irish Pub & Outback, Hamilton City 1-441-295-8299 
La Trattoria, Hamilton City 1-441-295-1877 
Lost in the Triangle, Hamilton City 1-441-296-0094 
L’Oriental, Hamilton City 1-441-296-4477 
Marcus’ at Hamilton Princess, Hamilton City 1-441-298-2028 
Muse Restaurant and Skybar, Hamilton City 1-441-296-8788 
Portofino, Hamilton City         1-441-292-2375 
Red Steakhouse, Hamilton City 1-441-292-7331 
Village Pantry, Hamilton Parish 1-441-478-2300 
Restaurants Serving $32 Dinner Menu 
(3 courses) 
Frog & Onion Pub Royal Naval Dockyard 1-441-234-2900 
Café Amici Ristorante Royal Naval Dockyard 1-441-234-5009 
Boundary Sports Bar and Grille at Fairmont Southampton 1-441-238-8000 
Jasmine Cocktail Bar & Lounge at Fairmont Southampton 1-441-238-8000 
Astwood Arms Hamilton City 1-441-292-5818 
Bermuda Bistro at the Beach Hamilton City 1-441-292-0219 
Bistro J Hamilton City 1-441-296-8546 
Ruby Murrys Hamilton City 1-441-295-5058 
Flanagan’s Irish Pub & Outback Hamilton City 1-441-295-8299 
Hog Penny Restaurant & Pub Hamilton City 1-441-292-2534 
Pickled Onion Hamilton City 1-441-295-2263 
Griffins Restaurant at The St. George’s Club  St. George’s 1-441-297-4235 
Restaurants Serving $42 Dinner Menu 
(3 courses) 
Bone Fish Bar & Grill Royal Naval Dockyard 1-441-234-5151 
Cedar Room & Ocean Grill at Pompano Beach Club Southampton 1-441-234-0222 
Aqua Terra at The Reefs Southampton 1-441-238-0222 x203 
Mediterra at Fairmont Southampton Southampton 1-441-238-8000 
Divots Bar and Grill Belmont Hills, Warwick 1-441-434-8687 
Café Coco at Coco Reef Resort Paget 1-441-236-5416 
Bouchee Hamilton City 1-441-295-5759 
Beluga Sushi Bar Hamilton City 1-441-542-2859 
La Trattoria Hamilton City 1-441-295-1877 
Lost in the Triangle Hamilton City 1-441-296-0094 
Lobster Pot Restaurant Hamilton City 1-441-292-6898 
L’Oriental Hamilton City 1-441-296-4477 
Muse Restaurant and Skybar Hamilton City 1-441-296-8788 
Port O Call Hamilton City 1-441-295-5373 
Portofino Hamilton City 1-441-292-2375 
Rosa’s Hamilton City 1-441-295-1912 
Tapas Hamilton City 1-441-296-3330 
Victoria Grill Hamilton City 1-441-296-5050 
Marcus’ at Hamilton Princess Hamilton City 1-441-298-2028 
Sul Verde at Rosewood Tucker’s Point Tucker’s Town 1-441-298-6983 
Griffins Restaurant at The St. George’s Club  St. George’s 1-441-297-4235 
White Horse Restaurant & Pub  St. George’s 1-441-297-1838 
Restaurants Serving $52 Dinner Menu 
(3 courses) 
Bella Vista Bar & Grill Southampton 1-441-232-0100 
The Waterlot Inn at Fairmont Southampton Southampton 1-441-238-8000 
Beau Rivage at Newstead Belmont Hills Paget 1-441-232-8686 
Café Lido at Elbow Beach Bermuda Paget 1-441-236-9884 
Fourways Paget 1-441-236-6517 
Angelo’s Bistro Hamilton City 1-441-232-1000 
Barracuda Grill Hamilton City 1-441-292-1609 
Devil’s Isle Restaurant Hamilton City 1-441-292-3284 
Harbourfront Hamilton City 1-441-295-4207 
Harry’s at the Waterfront Hamilton City 1-441-292-5533 
Little Venice Hamilton City 1-441-295-3503 
Mad Hatters Restaurant Hamilton City 1-441-297-6231 
Red Steakhouse Hamilton City 1-441-292-7331 
Ascots at Royal Palms Pembroke 1-441-295-9644 
Village Pantry Hamilton Parish 1-441-478-2300 
Hibiscus Court at Grotto Bay Beach Resort Hamilton Parish 1-441-293-8333 
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