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UPDATE: Flying tours are no longer offered.
Now you can fly in a Cesna 4-seater and see Bermuda from the sky. This flying tour takes off from the Bermuda Airport located at St. Davids in the east. While visitors who fly into Bermuda do get a short glimpse of the eastern part of this beautiful island from the aircraft, however cruise ship passengers have no such opportunity at all. So this flying tour offers a great opportunity to hover over the island and enjoy spectacular landscapes from the sky. 
The aircraft is Cesna 172, quite silent and smooth, but the best part is its wings are above the cockpit which gives an unobstructed views from the windows. And it can fly slow and quite low. It can fly at a lowest altitude of 1,500ft and at a slow speed of 65 knots. This means that as you fly, you can clearly see the landscapes and the attractions below and even watch the activities. This is a 4-seater small aircraft and only one now available for commercial tours. 
The aircraft was brought to Bermuda by the owner from Brussels flying over UK, Greenland and The US making several stops in between. In fact it circled over Statue of Liberty in New York five times. 
Now about the flying tours in Bermuda. There are several types of tours offered and of different duration. It can be a short basic tour for about 40 minutes or an extended tour lasting for about 1 hour. The aircraft can also be chartered for private flying by qualified pilots (visiting pilots require to qualify a test) or even taken for training purposes. The flying tours are operated by the company Blue Sky Flights in collaboration with Longtail Aviations. 
Beach Tour 
Two types of beach tours are offered. One is short which is the Basic Beach Tour flying over the coastline of the eastern part of the island covering beaches like St. Catherine's Beach, Achilley's Bay Beach, Tobacco Bay Beach, John Smith's Beach etc. The other is the Extended Beach Tour which will additionally cover the beautiful pink south shore beaches including Horseshoe Bay Beach, Warwick Long Bay Beach, Elbow Beach etc. Know about Bermuda Beaches
Tour of Golf Courses 
Bermuda is known for its outstanding Golf Courses and has been home for PGA Grand Slam. Many celebrities including former Presidents of The US have played at golf courses here. The flight will take you over some of the most famous courses including Mid Ocean, Port Royal, Tucker's Point, Belmont Hill, Riddell's Bay etc. 
Shipwreck Tour 
Numerous shipwrecks lie in Bermuda's water which had mostly met with such fate because of the treacherous underwater reefs. This tour will take you over such sites as well as fly over Sargasso Sea, which is a part of the Atlantic where many vessels became motionless and finally derelict. Know about Bermuda's Shipwrecks here 
Tour of Railway Trail 
A train operated for 17 years between Somerset in the west and St. George in east via Hamilton which was a popular daily transport for the islanders. The track was laid along the north shore with lovely views of the coastline and the landscapes. However Bermuda's railway was abolished in 1948, and the track has now become a trail for walkers and cyclists. This flying tour will trace the trail from the sky. Know about the Railway Trail
Flying Tour of Forts 
Many historic forts still exist in Bermuda which were built by the British since there settlement in the island in early 1600s. They were built primarily to defend attacks from the US and the Spanish. The surviving artillery and canons are examples of how the guns evolved over the centuries. Most of such forts are in the historic town of St. George and several are part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Know about the historic forts in Bermuda
Whale Watching Tour 
Spring (March and April) is a great time to see humpback whales migrating along the waters of Bermuda and watching them move from high above is a spectacular sight. Know about Whale Watching in Bermuda
3 Cities Flying Tour 
There are three locations in Bermuda which are most significant from historical and tourism perspectives. The Royal Naval Dockyard located at the western end was built in early 1800s and was the main base of Royal Navy in the Atlantic. After the Royal Navy vacated the port in 1957, it has become the main port for large passenger cruise ships calling Bermuda. The dockyard now has numerous tourist attractions, stores and restaurants, and is home to Bermuda National Museum. St. George's Town located at the eastern end is the Historic and UNESCO World Heritage Town where the first human settlement took place in early 1600s. It was also the first Capital of Bermuda. Hamilton City is now the Capital of Bermuda and is hub of all commercial activities. This tour will fly you over all these three locations and you can get a good flavor of the island as a whole. 
Gift certificates are given to passengers after completing a flying tour. 

Indicative cost

One-hour tours costs $450 per person for up to three persons. 
Total weight of passengers not to exceed 350 Lbs. 

Operating Time and Check In

The flying tours operate during the high season (May to October) 
Check in at Longtail Aviation, 6 Southside Road, St. George's. 
You should check in minimum 30 minutes prior to flight departure. 

Contact Info

You can book the flight through Island Tour Center in Bermuda. 
Phone: 441 236 1300; Email: [email protected] 
You may contact the aircraft company for further information: 
Blue Sky Flights 
Email: [email protected]; Phone: 441-293-6083 
Address: 3 Cahow Way Street, St. George's GE CX, Bermuda 
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