Best time to visit Bermuda

So when is the best time to go to Bermuda? The answer really depends on what you like and how you want to enjoy the island. From a typical tourism perspective, high season or the peak time in Bermuda is between May to October. This is when most tourists visit Bermuda. 85% of the tourists are from the USA. Rest are mostly from UK and Canada, while a small number visit from other countries. 
Over 680,000 tourists visit Bermuda every year out of which a large number (nearly two-third) by cruise. And when do you think they all come and swamp the island? Obviously when it's warm and sunny out there. But there are many who prefer the off season or the winter time as well, because the island is free of crowd and in its serene best then. 
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High Season in Bermuda (May to October) 
May to October is the summer season in Bermuda. This is the time when the weather is at its best. The day temperature averages to high 80s (°F) and at night it comes down to high 60s. The mornings are great and warm, evenings are romantic and the nights are cool. 
Although cruises and flights operate regularly during the entire summer when loads of tourists keep visiting the island, June, July, August and September are the four months which are usually the busiest time in summer. This is when water temperature rises to 80s and humidity remains at low 80s. 
The official summer season begins on Bermuda Day (which is usually on May 24). During summer all the beaches in Bermuda get alive with a lot of beach activities. Numerous operators swing into play offering island & boating tours, water sport activities etc. And many festivals and night time entertainment take place in the island during this time. But remember that this tiny island gets flooded with visitors around this time. So most of the public places including the beaches will be quite crowded. 
Visit Weather in Bermuda to know about air & water temperatures, humidity, rainfall etc by month. 
Hurricane season in Bermuda starts in June and lasts until November. However, Bermuda has been lucky that except in few occasions, the severe hurricanes have mostly got diverted away from the island. Bermuda buildings are so designed to withstand hurricanes and storms except for the category-5 type which is supposed to be catastrophic in nature. However these days with the advanced weather forecasting systems, hurricane warnings are issued quite a few days in advance. The locals can also forewarn hurricanes by watching movements of birds, insects and the tidal actions at the sea. 
There is no specific rainy season in Bermuda. It can shower anytime but mostly in short spurts. While it rains in one part of the island, other areas may remain completely sunny. 
Low (Off) Season in Bermuda 
The low or off season in Bermuda is the winter time between November to March. The temperature varies between high 60s to low 60s. The day time is pleasantly cool although you will need jackets in early mornings and late evenings. 
This time in Bermuda has its own advantages. The first is that there are hardly any tourists, so there is so much space for you and whole Bermuda looks so much more attractive & serene. One thing though, many of the popular tourist attractions and water activities remain closed or operate in reduced hours during winter time. 
However several attractions continue to remain open in winter like the National Museum at the dockyard, Botanical Gardens in Paget, Bermuda Aquarium Museum & Zoo, Art Galleries, Crystal & Fantasy Caves complex and more. So there are still lot to see actually. The beaches look so beautiful being spared of tourists. Although water temperature during winter may not be comfortable for a swim, you can wear a wetsuit and swim, snorkel or even dive. And water visibility during winter is far higher than summer. 
The rates offered by hotels, tour operators and others during this time can be as low as 50% of the peak rates. Services are so much better everywhere during this time. There are special walking tours organized in Bermuda during the winter. Golfing in Bermuda during winter is at its peak and it's that much easier to get tee times due to less visitors. Shopping around this time in Bermuda is a great pleasure as most stores go empty being devoid of tourists. 
So if you like a little solitude, not so crowded beaches, better opportunity to enjoy Bermudian hospitality, quiet streets - then low season in Bermuda during the winter may just be the right time for you. Visit Bermuda in Winter for more ideas. 
Forum Posts 
I planned to surprise my 2 sisters with a Dec. trip to Bermuda, when the prices are so reasonable. One sister says that it's too cold and windy then to spend time at the beaches (we'd be sitting, enjoying the beauty, not swimming, anyway), and that things aren't open then, as they are in high season.  
My question is: Is December a bad time to come? What attractions would be open/ closed Christmas week? Also, if it's a good time, any recommendations on hotels? I found what looks like a very good place to stay, in a package deal, including airfare, and 6 nights at the Grotto Bay Resort, between Christmas and New Year's Day. Any advice on these matters will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 
Karen Seymour 
Hi Karen, 
December in Bermuda has its own charm. Beaches are empty for a change and they are all yours to enjoy. Sure the water will be a little too cold to swim. But if you love to lounge in the sun and enjoy the beauty, this is a great time. Take some warm clothes though. 
While some attractions in Bermuda may remain closed and some tour operators may not work, there are enough for you to see and enjoy for 6 days. Most of the key attractions like the Aquariums, Caves, Dockyard Museum etc. should remain open (except on Christmas Day) and you will always find some tour operators working. 
Winter is also the ideal time to walk and take self-guided tours that are often difficult to do in the summer humidity. I have discussed some of such great walking tours in my section under Bermuda Tours & Excursions. You will find that link on the left menu bar of my website. 
Grotto Bay Beach Resort has been our personal favorite. This is one of the only remaining resorts that still offers all inclusive packages in the island. The resort has its own private beach and two of the great caves (Prosperos and Cathedral). 
The only thing that you need to consider is its location which is in Hamilton Parish and next to the Causeway at the eastern side of the island. While this is quite close to the airport, it's quite some distance away from the great South Shore beaches like the Horseshoe Bay & Warwick Long Bay. If this doesn't bother you much, then go for it. In any case Bermuda is really small and no distance is a big distance. All the best. 
Raj ( 
I really enjoyed the wealth of information you provide on this site. We are considering a trip to Bermuda sometime between late January to mid-February. I am just not sure of what kind of weather we can count on AND if swimming in the ocean is possible.  I read somewhere that it is too cold to swim at this time of year.  
I also read that many of the rentals (re: water related rentals) and shops are closed during the winter season. We have a 4 year old son so I certainly want to make sure that we can swim and find enough activities to occupy him. Is any of this true? Any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 
Hi Tracey, 
Jan/Feb is the time when there are hardly any tourists around and you can really enjoy Bermuda and its empty beaches. However, the water temperature during this time is quite low (averages around 65 degree F). So you may need some wet suits if you are planning long swims or snorkel. 
Check out the links below for expected weather conditions in Jan & Feb. 
Horseshoe Bay Beach rentals should remain open. That's the best beach to enjoy during the winter. Usually the concessions and beach facilities remain closed in the other beaches. Tobacco Bay Beach (in St. George's) is also another one you can try. 
For shopping, the Clock Tower Mall at the dockyard remains open. All the major shops in Hamilton City also remain open during this time, however some may operate at reduced hours. Shops in St. George's generally remain closed during the winter time. 
Hope this helps! Have a great time in Bermuda. 
Raj ( 
Hi! I'm thinking about going to Bermuda from 26th March to 6th April. I'd be mostly on my own since I'd be staying at a friend's but he would be at work most of the time I'm there. I'd like to do some sightseeing, whale watching, diving or snorkeling (if possible for total beginners) and be able to spend a couple of hours at the beach every now and then without freezing, being able to swim for at least one warm hour a day would be great. So my question is if u think I can do these things - and on my own by foot and bus - in that time of the year. I've been reading and looking for the answer but the talk is always about winter or summer and I'd be going in spring I guess so, please? Thank u! :-) Greetings 
Hello Cibu, 
The reason you don't find much mention about the spring in Bermuda is because the temperature (both air and water) remains quite cold and more or less the same between December to April, and hovers around 60s (degree F). So March/April is considered an extended winter. If you carry a wet suite, you should be able to swim & snorkel. Remember, the water visibility is the best during the winter time (150 - 200 ft). So snorkeling can be a great experience. But your main options would be beachside snorkeling as most cruise operators offering offshore snorkeling would close their operations by then due to low tourist season. 
You can easily get around the island on your own. While the ferry services would slow down, but bus services would remain the same and you can reach out to any point easily by bus. Just get hold of a Bus Route Map and a Bermuda Map from a Visitors Information Center (VIC). Or check out: Bermuda Bus Routes & Destinations 
Buy a Bus/ferry pass (you get them for 1, 2, ... 7 days, month etc) and you get unlimited rides... this is the most economical way or getting around the island rather than buying point to point tickets. You will get it at any VIC or Post Office. You haven't mentioned the place/location of your stay. So I can't comment on how easy it would be to access the beaches. The bus #7 goes by all the best south shore beaches along Warwick, Southampton and Paget parishes. It operates between Hamilton City and the Dockyard (in Sandys). Have a great trip! 
Raj ( 
I want to come to bermuda in early October. Is that too late in the season? Will you still offer Bell diving? Are there any reasons that is "too late" to come? 
Erick Bothun 
Early October is a good time. The low season starts only from early November when the cruise season also comes to an end. And virtually everything in the island (like tourist attractions, outfitters, operators etc) are aligned to the cruise season and stay open when the cruise ships are in port. So there is no reason for early October being too late to come. In fact the only Helmet Diving (i.e. Bell Diving) operation in the island Hartley's also operates regularly until early November. Regards, 
Raj ( 
Hi My husband turns 40! (Yikes - big milestone )- this coming March.  And, I'd like to do something very special by booking a holiday in Bermuda. Like some of the others who have written, I am concerned about the weather, because we would want to go to the beach.  We are from New England so water temps in the 60s are better than we get in August.  So, we are used to swimming in cold water. But, are the air temps during the day warm enough for us to dry-off and be laying out on the beach?  You say March is an extended winter, but isn't it warming up a little bit compared to December - February?  I have seen some estimates at nearly 70.  An article that says March and April are the best months to go. US news wrote an article which says March is one of the best times to visit Bermuda because the weather is warming up. Would you agree with that? Thanks for writing this helpful blog. 
I like Bermuda in March because it's still free of tourists and the temperature starts showing some signs of warming up. However it's still much cooler compared to summer. But you don't sweat in high humidity when you take the long nature or village walks. You will mostly find few local children on the beaches and very few tourists. Remember that Bermuda Day (which is usually on May 24th) marks the formal beginning of summer for the locals when many Bermudians take a dip into the water for the first time in the year. 
Although water remains a bit cold in March, one can swim though (better with a swim suit if one is not used to such water temperature). The average water temperature remains in mid 60s and so does the air temperature. But on a sunny day (March is mostly sunny), it's quite comfortable actually to lay on the beach and dry off. So while March is by no means the best swimming season in the island, but it can still be a wonderful time to visit the island when you look at combination of things. 
Raj ( 
Hi me and my partner are thinking of coming to Bermuda for our honeymoon around middle of Sept - beginning on October. Is this a good time to come for good weather and things going on. Many thanks 
Hi, high season in Bermuda continues until October. So yes mid September or early October is certainly a very good time to visit Bermuda as most attractions remain open and tours operate. However Harbor Nights festival usually end by 1st week of September as it requires substantial tourists (and therefore consumers) to operate. Weather is also quite comfortable around this time. It's warm at day time although cools down at night. Crowd would start thinning out in October. Overall a great time to visit. 
Raj (