Bermuda Weather in February

February is a winter month and the temperature continues to remain cold like in January. It might sometimes become even a little cooler. Over past years, the average high temperature in Bermuda during February has been around 69 degree Fahrenheit. And the average low is about 60 degree Fahrenheit. 
Due to the warm water of gulf stream passing nearby, you won't find snow, ice or even frost in Bermuda although the island is over 1000 miles north of Caribbean. In February, you will need to wear a light jacket in early mornings and in the evenings. 
The day time temperature remains quite pleasantly cool. Although it may not repeat, but the coolest ever day in Bermuda was recorded in February in 1950 when the temperature dipped to some 44 degree. The sea temperature in February averages 67 degree. 
The water visibility is excellent during this time and ranges from 150 to 200 ft. You can do water sports like scuba diving or snorkeling, but wet suits are required. 
Typical Bermuda weather in February. Entry to West Whale Bay Park 
Accessing golf courses and getting tee time is also relatively easy during February as the tourist demands are low. Tee time fees also get reduced. The hotel rates during February are lower compared to the high tourist seasons. 
A chart showing average high and low temperatures (°F) in Bermuda in February. 
Air Temp High
Air Temp Low
Sea Temp Avg.
Note that the above temperatures are average over the whole month of February. A particular day may have highs or lows that may be slightly different from the above. See the chart below for an average day-wise high and low temperatures. Move the pointer on the graph (or tap if using a mobile device) to see the values. If you rotate your device, refresh/reload the page to see the graph properly. 
The following chart shows average temperature on a typical day in February by time as the day progresses. As you can see in the chart below, a typical early morning temperature can be quite low at 62 degrees and then it rises during afternoon to 66 degrees, and finally the day cools off in the evening to 63 degrees. Night time temperature is generally the lowest. 
A typical February day temperatures (°F) in Bermuda by time: 
Early Morning
Early Evening
Other important Bermuda weather information in February: 
Avg. Humidity:
Avg. Rainfall:
5.2 inches (Rains about 16 days in the month, but in short spans)
Avg. Sunshine:
On an average you will get 5 hours of clear sky and sunshine in a day.
Avg. water visibility:
150 - 200 feet (50 - 70 meters)
Weather data sourced from Bermuda Weather Service ( 
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