World Rugby Classic in Bermuda

World Rugby Classic was first held in Bermuda in 1988. Usually held in the month of November, this is an international competition and is quite unique to Bermuda. 
If you are a tourist and don’t care much about the game or do not understand it well enough, you will still be able to greatly enjoy the ambience in and around the ground.  
Bermuda National Sports Center 
There is virtually a big party that goes on there, and you can freely mix around with people and sometimes even with the players. 
So how did the World Rugby Classic start in Bermuda and who participate in this event? This event has mainly followed the footsteps of the Easter Rugby Classic which used to be a great platform for famed international players to participate and mix with each other. 
However, since the players started leaving the Easter Rugby Classic for various reasons, Bermuda took the opportunity to create such a similar platform for international teams. 
The whole idea was to keep providing opportunities to the great players who have ended their international professional careers. So you can expect a lot of senior players participating in the competition representing their respective countries. 
However, do not assume that seniors mean they are out of form or out of their zeal and love for the game. Imagine what happens if a player is dropped from the country's international team. Does his love for the game, his camaraderie and potential all end as well? 
So, Bermuda World Rugby Classic started providing a great platform to such senior players. The players can come in and show their skills in a truly international competition, and at the same time have a great platform to mix around with their fellow international players. 
In 1988, the first such World Rugby Classic was held in Bermuda. England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland sent their teams for the event. The first classic was won by Wales. However next year, New Zealand joined and they won the trophy for next several years. 
Over the years many teams representing their countries have participated in the World Rugby Classic competition. There have been teams from England, U.S, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Uruguay, etc. 
The event also holds Women’s International and a match between Bermuda and the Caribbean. 
One of the biggest attractions during this Classic Week is the opportunity for all including players and spectators to mix around after the matches. The locals and the visitors have whole night parties over drinks and chats. 
There are member tents put up behind the goal lines where members and guests enjoy sit down lunch, dinner, and an open bar in the evenings serving wine and drinks. 
The players facility known as the Classic Club is set up at the Touchline that includes meals and drinks at reduced prices. There are also entry passes for general admissions. 
The inauguration of the event is celebrated by a grand roadshow on the Bermudiana street at Hamilton with Gombey Dancing and DJs playing music. The roadside restaurants there offer great menus with discounted prices. 

Schedule 2024

36th Annual World Rugby Classic 
November 1, 2024 to November 9, 2024, to be held daily 


Bermuda National Sports Center (formerly Bermuda National Stadium) Located in Devonshire Parish. Address: 50 Frog Lane, Devonshire DV 01, Bermuda. 

Admission and Tickets

General Admission via Frog Lane Gate on game days. 
Tickets can be purchased online through the official website 

Contacts for further info

Phone: 441/295-6574; 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Kathleen (September 2013) 
Can you please provide the best way to get from bus station in Hamilton to the Bermuda Stadium on November 9th so that we can get to see the Rugby matches? 
Raj ( September 2013 
Hi, Take bus #9 from Hamilton Bus Station. It takes about 10 minutes to reach the Bermuda National sports Center (earlier known as the Bermuda National stadium) where the Rugby Classic match is held.