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Bermuda National Sports Center

The National Sports Center in Bermuda is a multi-sport stadium located in Devonshire parish. Earlier the sports center was known as the Bermuda National Stadium before the major upgrades started. The first international soccer in Bermuda was played here in 2001. The center is also the venue for popular World Rugby Classic and many other sporting events. It has a seating capacity of 7000. There is a new Olympic size swimming pool being built in the center. 
The National Sports Center is now the main venue for all the track & field sports in the island as well as cricket, soccer, rugby, swimming and many other special events including concerts. Over the years Bermuda Music Festival had been held at this sports center. 
Millions of tax payers dollars has been pumped in towards the upgrades of the sports center. Unfortunately, some of it still remains work in progress. The sport center is spread across several acres of land area and stretches from Parsons Road to Devonshire Recreation Club towards north. 
There is a running track which is used by the local running clubs and athletes. Many including women come here during dawn to take advantage of the world class track for morning jogs. There is no admission fee. 
There are bathrooms in the premises. One can park cars on Parsons road. National Sports center is open to public on all days. 
Update January 2014: The authorities will now charge a fee for using the main athletic track. However there will be no charge for using the 600 meter track that surrounds the cricket pitch and the football ground. Public entry fee will be $8 per adult. Youth and children get discounts. 
Update May 28, 2013: The first 50-meter swimming pool has been opened at Bermuda National Sports Center. The pool is part of Bermuda National Aquatics Center which is an integral part of the National Sports Center. The pool is open to all for use. This fresh water pool is maintained at a temperature of 80°F. The diving tower has diving boards at heights of 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 meters. The facilities include shower rooms, changing rooms, birthday party area, and also food stalls. There is a giant floating slide and two obstacle courses that can be booked for private events. National Aquatics Center will be open during the summer time from 7am until 7pm from Monday through Saturday and until 5pm on Sundays. Adult entry fee is $15 and child entry fee (from 6 to 13) is $8. Monthly passes and ticket books are available as well. 

Location & Contacts

50 Frog Lane, Devonshire Parish, Bermuda 
Phone: 441/295-8085 
Bus route #9 (this is a circular route starting from Hamilton Bus Terminal). It takes about 10 minutes to reach the National Sports Center from Hamilton City. 
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