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There are several movie theaters or cinema halls in Bermuda. As a visitor, if you are docked at the Royal Naval Dockyard (i.e. Kings Wharf or Heritage Wharf), the most convenient would be the Neptune Theater located at the dockyard itself.  
In Hamilton City, Little Theater and Liberty Theater are the two most poplar ones. All buses and ferries will easily reach you to Hamilton. If you are staying at the eastern end in St. George's or near about, Southside Cinema would be the one most convenient to you. 
Below I have described these movie theaters giving an idea of their capacity and the kind of films they screen. For the ongoing shows and their timings, call them up over phone and confirm. I have given their contacts below. Or go to their websites and look at the current shows. Some of them also cater to online ticket bookings through their webisites. 

Specialty Cinema

Also known as the Little Theater, it is located at the corner of Queens Street and Church Street in Hamilton City. The name changed to Specialty Cinema after it was taken over by the new owners in 2008. It has a single screen with Dolby surround sound system. It usually shows the latest Hollywood movies between 1pm to 9:30pm with two shows.  
There is a restaurant here known as Specialty Grill that serves breakfast, lunch &dinner with dishes including salad, sandwiches, wraps, grilled items &pizzas, and also having a juice bar. They have a takeaway section as well. 
Location &Contacts 
30 Queen Street, Hamilton City, Bermuda. Phone: 441/292-2135. 

Liberty Theater

This is a 270-seat movie theater located in Hamilton City in the Union Plaza and is owned by the Bermuda Industrial Union. It shows latest American movies and also Caribbean &European films. Bermuda International Film Festival is held in this theater as well as in Little Theater since several years during the spring time. 
Location &Contacts 
49 Union Plaza, Hamilton City, Bermuda.  
Phone: 441/292-7296. Email: [email protected] 

Southside Cinema

This is the largest movie theater in Bermuda with 425 seating provision. It's located in St. David's Island in St. George's Parish and close to the airport. 
Location &Contacts 
Southside Road, St. David's (St. Georges Parish), Bermuda. Phone: 441/297-2821 
Update January 2014: Southside Cinema has closed down. Having run for about 15 years by Alden Ray, the Cinema hall has closed its doors on December 31st 2013. A new transition is being worked out. 

Neptune Theater

This is a 118-seat cinema showing a night movie twice over. On Friday through Sunday, you can catch an afternoon show as well. 
Location &Contacts 
Cooperage Building in Victualling Yard, Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys Parish. 
Phone: 441/292-7296.  
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