Taste of Bermuda (City Food Festival), Bermuda

Earlier there used to be an annual food festival in the island called Bermuda Gourmet Getaway which was like a great food and wine fair where renowned chefs from all over the world would prepare gourmet dishes right in front of you and you could even do sampling. There were also competitions held among the chefs. 
Some of the world's best wine were also available for sampling. However the Gourmet Getaway was discontinued from 2011, and City Food Festival was introduced from 2012 which is held in Hamilton City as an annual festival over several days in March. The event has been later renamed to Taste of Bermuda
In the newer format, talented local chefs participate in a canapé competition, followed by wine tasting and then a street food festival where many restaurants and bars, caterers and food vendors of the island participate showcasing their signature dishes and cocktails. 
There are entry tickets to each event and the festival spans over several days. 

2018 Bermuda Street Food Festival

This year the food festival will be held on Sunday, October 28, 2018 and will take place at No. 1 Car Park on Front Street, Hamilton. Around 20 food vendors will take part. Entry is free but food is not :) 

2017 City Food Festival

(September 17 - 23, 2017) 
Sun - Just Desserts (A champagne and cake affair) 
Mon - Chef Competition 
Tues - Lunch and Learning Seminar 
Wed - Chef Competition 
Thurs - Goslings Wine Tasting 
Fri - Bacardi Bartending Competition 
Sat - Street Food Festival 
Visit cityhall.bm for more info or call 441-292-1234. 

2016 City Food Festival

(April 3 - 9, 2016) 
Ticket price for first day: $40. Passport (valid for all days): $175. Tickets available online at the website www.ptix.bm. 

2015 City Food Festival, Bermuda

This is the 4th annual City Food Festival and will take place between March 16 - 21, 2015.  
The Chefs' Competition will take place on 16th and 18th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Venue: Bermuda Gas, 25 Serpentine Road, Pembroke. Chefs will compete to make the best canapés from a box of ingredients provided. The finalists will advance to the final to be held during the Street Festival on 21st. Entry ticket is $35 for each day and $60 combo ticket for both days (16th and 18th). The ticket holders will get a chance to sample the chefs' creations as well as alcoholic beverages offered by Gosling's and others, and also get into a draw of attractive prizes. 
On 20th March, wine tasting will take place at Gosling’s Wine Cellar, 9 Dundonald Street, Hamilton between 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Finest of red and white wines can be sampled. Tickets: $100 that includes 4-piece Riedel stemware set. 
On 21st March a Street Festival will be held from 3pm to 9pm at City Hall Car Park. Many top restaurants, bars, caterers and food vendors will showcase their specialty dishes and offer them for sampling. This is the time when the final of the chefs competition will also take place live. Tickets: $40.00 (8 food and 2 drinks ); $5 for single ticket.  
Tickets for City Food Festival are available online from the website www.ptix.bm. 

Gourmet Gateway - A recap of how this festival used to be in the past

The 2010 gourmet getaway was a five-day program. There were number of events scheduled over these five days. 
Bacardi Taste Bermuda 
This event washeld at Bacardi International. One could chat with visiting celebrity and local chefs and sample food prepared by some of the top local chefs. One could also drink popular Bacardi rums and specialty cocktails. 
Chef and Winemaker Dinners 
Internationally famous chefs combined with local chefs and winemakers created exquisite dishes at some of the top restaurants in the island. 
Grillin and Chillin 
Celebrity chefs along with local culinary experts cooked samples of their specialties and the local musicians played live music. Took place in the great atmosphere of gardens and underwater tanks of the Bermuda Aquarium. 
Organic Brunch at Wadson's Farm 
One had the opportunity to join local organic farmers Tom and Nancy Wadson, plus local hydroponics grower Warren Brown Jr. for great food and organic wines on the only operating organic farm in Bermuda. 
Viking Village 
This event was held at the Fairmont Southampton hotel. The attendees could taste wineries from all around the world, and sample foods and products made in Bermuda. There was ‘Iron Chef Team Challenge’ where two teams competed ‘iron chef’ style. There were vegetable carving, ice sculpting and cake decorating competitions. Attendees could do sample tasting from the three fish chowder finalists. Finally all cheered the finalists of the Escoffier Cup, where four finalists competed live in an ‘iron chef’ style cooking competition for one to come out as Bermuda’s best chef. 
Kids' Village 
If one joined the event with children, they enjoyed activities like coloring station, kite making, Easter egg making, culinary quiz game and food preparation and tasting. There were presentations on culinary tips and techniques and nutritional ideas for healthy food preparation for these young chefs. The kids could also take away with them the aprons given at the event. 
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