Bermuda Gold Cup - Yacht Race

Bermuda Gold Cup, or the King Edward VII gold cup is one of the greatest international yacht racing events held in Bermuda. Usually held in October, this is also known as the match race or one-design race as all the yachters need to use yachts exactly of similar design and size. Also the races are held one-on-one pushing the participants to extremes to test their skills. The event is organized by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
The Gold Cup Trophy is the oldest match-racing trophy in the world. It was in 1907 when King Edward VII first presented the trophy during a race that commemorated the 300 years of permanent settlement in America. C. Sherman Hoyt won the first race and accepted the historic cup. After holding the cup for three decades, Hoyt handed over the cup to Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, and proposed that the club holds regular one-on-one 6 meter match race series. 
Since then the tradition has been maintained by the club. During the event, the club opens up its premises and also makes special arrangements with concessions and tents for the public to witness the regatta. There is no admission fee for spectators. The event is held in the Hamilton Harbor and draws a large gathering, both locals and visitors. 
2015 Bermuda Gold Cup (also known as Argo Group Gold Cup): Scheduled between October 6 to 11. 


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