Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

Located on a waterside property at Albuoys Point in Hamilton City, the club was established in 1844 by 30 persons who were all from British Army and Royal Navy, and posted in Bermuda. Initially the club was set up in St. George's and later was moved to Hamilton City. The club has been in its current location since 1933, and has a large club house. 
Presently there are about 850 resident and non-resident members in the club. As the name indicates, the club was granted the royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth II and is meant exclusively for select set of members. Membership is mostly by invitation only rather than by application. 
This yacht club has berths and provides marina services. The club had spent around $2.5 million in 1998 to add 100 mooring facilities on top of the 25 it already had. As a private yacht or boat owner you can avail the marina services (including berths and other marina facilities) of the club by registering with them. An account will be opened on your name. Vessel size here is restricted to 80-ft maximum. 
Royal Bermuda Yacht Club 
Royal Bermuda Yacht Club 
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While this club is exclusively for members, if you are an international member or a yachtsman, you can also avail the services of the club including boarding and lodging at the club rates.  
The Club has three guestrooms with excellent harbor views. The rooms feature king size bed, tub/shower units, phone, coffee machine, Cable TV, DVD, stereo etc. The lunch is served at the terrace that overlooks the Hamilton Harbor. Menu includes homemade soups, sandwiches, salads, seafood, steaks and the chef’s daily specials. 
If you are a member, you also have the privilege of hosting outside dinner party on a boat, breakfast meetings, buffets, dinners and so on. The club hosts a number of international yachting events like the Newport Bermuda Race and the King Edward VII Gold Cup

Location and Contacts

The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, 15 Point Pleasant Road, Hamilton, Pembroke 
Phone: 441/295-2214 
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