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The End to End has evolved as a mega annual event in Bermuda where thousands of participants walk, run, ride horses, cycle, swim, canoe or even wheelchair from one end of the island to the other. Usually held in April/May (some times there is an exception), the walk starts in the morning from St. George and ends at Royal Naval dockyard. 
End to End Bermuda 
End to End Bermuda 
Photo: Bermuda End to End 
Some who can't walk the entire 24.1 miles, join midway from Albuoy’s Point in Hamilton City and walk Middle to End for 14 miles to the dockyard. Some fun walkers even join close to the dockyard at Sandys Middle School. 
The funds raised through individuals and establishments go to the various charities in Bermuda. It all started with a modest effort by three friends Jon, Clive and Paul in 1988. They came to Bermuda as expats and worked together in an Insurance Company. They were the first to think of such a walk for the first time in the island.  
Without any grand vision, the three friends took up the initiative of organizing a walk along the Bermuda Railway Trail that goes along the north shore for most part. But they had no organizing committee, no one to help and no water stops. Parts of the route were also uncertain as the railway trail does not exist in some parts. 
They first organized a shorter test walk from Barnes Corner in Southampton to the dockyard. The news was spread out mostly through colleagues and friends. Surprisingly large number of people turned up to participate in the test event. 
The three of them realized that the concept of long distance walk was fast catching on in the island. They quickly mobilized some support, explored the full route, organized some water stops for the end to end walk and took police permissions. 
The three friends also felt that it was as opportunity to raise some funds for the local charities through donations while fulfilling the need of such exercise. On the first year of this event, 186 persons participated in the walk and they together raised $43,200. 
The amount was dedicated to three charity houses - Hope Homes, The Bermuda Society for the Blind, and the Rape Crisis Center. With such success of the first walk in 1988, the annual event of End to End was born. 
During the initial years, the event grew rapidly. It soon included teams with medical, financial and logistics support. 
Many local companies, clubs and societies started to support the event through funds or by offering support facilities and supplies. Today well over 110 organizations contribute to cause of the event.  
Many initiatives were added to make the event more interesting and included cycling, swimming, rowing, riding and lot more. New ideas came in from time to time. Once there was a plan to add a Dance Marathon to the event which never really took off. 
The organizers occasionally switched the starting point although now it is fixed to St. George due to logistics reasons. Celebrities were brought in at times and there were events for kids, marching bands, training walks, raffle prizes and lot more. 
Eventually the three expat founders had to leave Bermuda, handing over the charge to the committee which is today formed from the local community. Paul was the last to leave in 2001. Today over 2,500 people participate and the annual fund raised is well over $300,000. 
The End to End is now a part of Bermuda's regular annual calendar events and continues to raise huge money for the charity organizations. Participants need to register online on the official website. 

Schedule 2024

April 27, 2024 

Further Information

Bermuda End-to-End Charitable Trust 
Suite 544, 48 Par La Ville Road 
Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda 
Event Hotline: 441/292-6992 
Office Phone: 441/292-9741 
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