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UPDATE: People's Market has been discontinued.
People's Market has been recently launched at the Cedar Bridge Academy school compound area in Bermuda. The school is located at the Devonshire parish. The whole idea is to let people sell or buy items of all sorts at an affordable price when the economic climate is not so good. And at the same time have some good fun and entertainment in form of music and dance, games and other shows. 
This is a weekly market held on every Saturday between 9am to 4pm in collaboration between business community and school management. Vendors can come and sell virtually anything in this free market area which is centrally located in the school campus. The items currently include food and snacks, jewelry, hand made craft and artwork, clothing for men, women and children, books, picture frames, shoes and bags, cosmetic items, body oils and essentials, and lot more. You will also find used books here. 
The People's Market is more designed to be a tradition Bermudian community event rather than a typical open air shopping mall. There are tents laid out all across this new space. As you go around, you will meet the artists and artisans who are selling their own handmade items, and can have a chat with them. 
For example there are stalls where artists sell exclusive models and small statues that are made of plaster of Paris and ceramics. You will find many different kinds of cedar crafts as well. There are culinary artists who are present themselves offering their unique homemade food like beef and chicken pies, fish items, conch fritters, soups and lot more. You can talk to them and figure out how the dished were prepared. 
There is also a stall where a lady offers Baskets for You, where a table is full of baskets with nice Bermudian gift items. There are also stalls attended by nurses, electricians, lawyers etc. offering free advice. You can also get free health screening done here. 
On one side, there is also a Seniors' Cafe or a Tearoom setup with lots of space and seating. The senior citizens can come here and have a chat with each other. They also enjoy complimentary snacks and tea. The students of the schools volunteer to run this area and earn points as part of their curricula. 
The whole event is further complemented by shows including music and dance. While the performances change every week, there is something or the other going on. There are family oriented games, kids zones and loads of games for the children. The weekly themes change from community to spotlight talent and others. 
Overall the whole area is buzzing and the atmosphere is welcoming, family friendly and inviting. There is no entry fee. So there are many who just come with their folding chairs and enjoy the day while listening to live music and eating some good healthy baked food. Tourists have also started flocking to the People's Market. After all it's a great place to meet up with the local people, experience the local vibe and most importantly pick up authentic Bermudian homemade items at an affordable price. 

Location and Open Hours

Cedar Bridge Academy, Devonshire, Bermuda. 
People's Market runs every Saturday between 9am to 4pm. There is no entry fee. 
Contact Email: [email protected] 
Local vendors can contact Ms Trott on 441/735-2215 or Mrs Worrell-Stowe on 441/516-7747 for further information. 
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