Bermuda Onion Day at Carter House

Onions have had a long impact with Bermudians and their trade and economy. In early 1600s onions were first introduced in the island and soon they became staple crop here. And in mid 1800s, the Bermuda Onions became so popular in the US and UK that Bermuda started heavily exporting onions. Large many farmers of Bermuda turned into harvesting onions to leverage this profitable trade. 
Onions became a matter of pride for the islanders, so much so that Bermudians took great pride those days calling themselves Onions. However the onion trade did not last much beyond the World War-I as competition came up in Texas producing similar onions. 
Bermuda Onion Day is celebrated to recognize this part of the heritage that onions once formed a huge part Bermudians life and the island's economy. The event was initiated in 2013 for the first time and now has become an annual event. 
The Onion Day is usually held in end May or beginning of June because this is the onion harvesting season. The event is held at the lawns of Carter House in St. David's between 12noon to 4pm. All are welcome. There is no admission fee. Islanders bring in freshly harvested onions that are homegrown. Several types of dishes are prepared using onions including Onion Tart. 
You will also find onion jams, pickled onion etc. Once I have had the opportunity of having a sandwich with a filling of raw onion slices and peanut butter... pretty good though. 
These days you will also find local artists finding a shady place under a tree and painting island landscapes. A nice friendly environment where families with kids drop in and spend a relaxed and enjoyable afternoon. It's a great opportunity to meet with locals and get to know about their culture as you taste some authentic onion based local food. 

2019 Bermuda Onion Day

May 18, 2019 (Saturday) from 12noon to 4pm at the grounds of Carter House. Events include celebration of Bermuda onions, onion eating competition, biggest onion prize, varieties of dishes made with Bermuda onions etc. Admission is free for all. 

2017 Bermuda Onion Day

May 27, 2017 at Carter house premises between Noon to 4pm. Onion soup, Gary Lamb’s fish chowder, pulled 'hog' sandwiches and many other onion products would be available for purchase. 

2016 Bermuda Onion Day

Held on May 14, 2016 at Carter House premises in St. Davids. It featured onion preparations of various kinds including onion soup, onion quiche, onion sandwiches etc and of course raw onions. 

2015 Bermuda Onion Day

May 23, 2015, between 10am to 4pm at Carter House 
Southside Road, St David's, St George’s Parish 
Phone: (441) 293-5960; Bus route #6 operating between St. George and St. David's. 
Check out Bermuda Tourist Map to view the location. 
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