Bermuda Carnival
Erstwhile Bermuda Heroes Weekend

This is a carnival style festive celebration over a week end which started in 2015. With the core intention of celebrating the achievements of National Heroes announced for the year and of the past, the event goes much further to include Soca style music for the whole night, food, parade of bands, breakfast parties, steel pan music and lot more. Thousands of people participate in street parties and several events are organized during this week end. 
The carnival is led by Bermuda’s own Soca DJ, Jason R. Sukdeo (aka D’General). 
Note: National Heroes are officially designated based on the contribution they make for Bermuda and enriching life of others in terms of growth and development, quality of life and destiny of Bermuda. 

2019 Schedule

  • June 13: EVOLVE @ Fort Hamilton, 5PM – 11PM. 
  • June 14: 5 STAR FRIDAY @ City Hall Car Park, 8PM – 2AM 
  • June 15: BHW RAFT UP @ Shelly Bay, 12PM – 5PM 
  • June 17: BHW ISLE OF DEVILS J’OUVERT @ Moresby Plains, Dockyard, 3AM – 8AM 
  • June 17: BHW LAST LAP @ City Hall Car Park, 2PM – 10PM 


    Further Info for current updates and ticketing details: 
    Phone: (441) 400-HERO, (441) 278-1525. 
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