Bermuda Heroes Weekend

This is a carnival style festive celebration over a week end which started in 2015. With the core intention of celebrating the achievements of National Heroes announced for the year and of the past, the event goes much further to include Soca style music for the whole night, food, parade of bands, breakfast parties, steel pan music and lot more. Thousands of people participate in street parties and several events are organized during this week end. 
The carnival is led by Bermuda’s own Soca DJ, Jason R. Sukdeo (aka D’General). 
Note: National Heroes are officially designated based on the contribution they make for Bermuda and enriching life of others in terms of growth and development, quality of life and destiny of Bermuda. 
2018 Event Schedule of National Heroes Week End 
June 15 - 18, 2018 
Bermuda's own talents and some of the top celebrities in the world would play SOCA music. See live stage performances, J’Ouvert, the parade of band celebration, live steel pan performances and the world-renowned Raft Up event. The weekend promises to be full of passion, culture and fun! Tickets are available online at Bermuda Heroes Weekend official website ( 
Live Local and International Artists 
City Hall Car Park | Date: June 15; Time: 7pm to 1am 
Regular entry: $50 
Shelly Bay Beach at Hamilton Parish | Date: June 16 | Time: 12pm - 5pm 
Live entertainment on the barge. Food and drinks available. 
Regular tickets: $15 
Steel pan music (both local and international groups). 
Victoria Park, Hamilton | Date: Sunday, June 17 | Time: 3pm - 7pm 
Entry: Free. 
Dance & party to Soca music till wee hours. Only for 18 years and above. 
Bernard Park | Date: June 18 | Time: 3am – 8am 
Live Local and International DJs 
Clearwater Beach, St. Davids | Date: June 18 | Time: 2pm - 10pm 
Entry: $10 
Further Info: Email: [email protected] 
Phone: (441) 400-HERO, (441) 278-1525. 
Online Booking Website: 
National Heroes 
In 2016, Sir John Swan was inducted as the National Hero. He was a politician and a real estate developer. 
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