A Tour of Southampton Parish, Bermuda

Southampton is a western parish in Bermuda. The self guided tour below will help you explore the parish and visit most of its major attractions. This is one parish which is blessed with many jewels of the island including lovely beaches with pink sands, historic lighthouse, churches, parklands and reserves and many others. 
We will start the tour from the western end of Southampton and move eastwards. Ideal is to rent a scooter which will give you all the flexibility to get into village and side roads where there is no bus service. Otherwise use buses and be prepared to walk a bit. Buy a transport pass so that you can hop on and off buses. You can also hire a taxi by the hour. 
The western boundary of Southampton starts near Pompano Beach road, off Middle road. At this point, Middle Road is the main road and on bus route #7 and 8 that operate between Hamilton City and Royal Naval Dockyard. 
Refer to Southampton Map to see the route which we will take for this tour. 
Skip Pompano Beach Road on the right (as it leads to Pompano Beach Club with its private beach) and move ahead along Middle road. On your right will be the famous Port Royal Golf Course which is a venue for the PGA Grand Slam. You can only see some glimpses of the course from Middle road as it remains mostly covered with trees and other landscapes. In about a mile you will reach Whale Bay Road on your right. Get into Whale Bay Road and walk down to the end (about 700 yards). There are couple of attractions here. 
There is a parkland with benches and wonderful view of the ocean. And below is the West Whale Bay Beach. You will need to walk down to this lovely quiet and small beach which is usually available only during low tide. And overlooking the beach and the park is West Whale Bay Battery - a fort which was built in 1876 to protect the Royal Naval Dockyard. 
Come back to Middle road and move towards east. In about 200 yards you will see Luke Pond's Road on the right which leads to the well known Wadson's Farm. It specializes in organic farming since many years. It combines animal farming and poultry with vegetable farming. Get back and continue along middle road. After about 1.5miles, the road forks. 
We will take the road which goes southward and then turns and runs parallel to the coastline. This road is called South Road because it passes by the beautiful south shore beaches. The junction of the Middle Road and South Road is called Barnes Corner and there is a forested park here known as Barnes Corner Park. 
Veer into South Road (bus #7 takes this route) and soon (in about 500 yards) you will see the ocean and Church Bay Park on your right. A pathway near Church Road enters the park, leads to a wooden stairway and then down to the lovely snorkel beach - Church Bay Breach. Get back on South Road and opposite to Church Bay Park is Church Road which leads to the Anglican church known as St. Anne's Church after which Church Bay is so named. 
Move ahead on South Road and in less than a mile you will come to Lighthouse Road on the left. Along the way you will pass by the pink buildings of The Reefs Resort and Club on your right. Take the Lighthouse Road on the left, and then St. Anne's Road. In about 350 yards from South Road you will reach Gibbs Hill Lighthouse - one of the oldest cast iron lighthouses in the world. View from the top of the lighthouse is awesome. There is also a gift and souvenir shop and a restaurant at the base. Buy the ticket at the gift shop and climb 185 steps to the top balcony. 
Get back to South Road. Right at the junction of Lighthouse Road and South Road is Henry VIII - a very well known restaurant and bar. And almost on the opposite side is Sonesta Drive, a road that leads down to Sinky Bay Beach which is now privately owned by Hamilton Princess Hotel and they run a beach club there. The beach club is accessible to hotel's own guests as well as to outsiders but in limited numbers so that hotel's guests are not disturbed. 
Continue along South Road towards east. You will soon pass by the Turtle Hill Golf Course on your left - an 18 hole golf course operated by the Fairmont Southampton Hotel. Having traveled about 1.2 miles from Lighthouse Road, you will see the restaurant Gulfstream on your left. Yards ahead and on the right is Horseshoe Road which leads down to the world famous Horseshoe Bay Beach which is known for its picturesque setting and curvature like a horseshoe. 
The South Shore Park starts from Horseshoe Bay and encompasses several other lovely beaches and coves including Chaplin Bay, Stonehole Bay, Jobson's Cove, Warwick Long Bay beach etc. However at Chaplin Bay, Southampton ends and Warwick Parish starts. You can explore the South Shore Park by taking the trail which starts from Horseshoe Bay and goes below a cliff offering magnificent views of the beaches and water, or just walk along the beaches. There are several pathways along the stretch of South Shore Park to get back up to South Road. 
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