Bermuda Nature Walk
Half Day Itinerary

If you want to spend time with Bermuda's nature and later gather some knowledge about the mystery of the ocean, this is an itinerary worth considering. You should start in the morning. It takes half a day, followed by lunch. The first destination is the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve in Smith's parish. If you are docked at Kings Wharf, take a ferry and reach Hamilton in 20 minutes, then take a bus (#1 or #3) to reach Spittal Pond. 
Spittal Pond Nature Reserve is one of Bermuda’s most spectacular open spaces. This 64-acre reserve is part of a necklace of wetlands along the South Shore. Spittal Pond provides a diversity of habitats and an amazing variety of birds, especially during the migration seasons. 
It is Bermuda’s largest bird sanctuary and also a home to many native plants. Spittal Pond has unique features such as Spanish Rock, the oldest evidence of humans on the island, and the checkerboard, a geological formation of marine limestone with a distinct pattern of cracks. Budget some 1 hour 30 minutes. Visit Spittal pond Nature Reserve to know our experience. 
After Spittal pond, the next place is the Paget Marsh in Paget parish. Continue on bus #1 to the hospital, cross the road, and transfer to the #7 or #8 for Paget marsh. It's much quicker than going into Hamilton and out again. You will find a pond here as well. The pond and the marsh are home to an array of wildlife, including many species of resident and migratory birds. You will probably spend some 45 minutes here. Visit Bermuda Paget Marsh Tour to find out the details. 
From Paget Marsh, you can head back towards Hamilton City and visit the BUEI (Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute). You can take bus #2, 7 or 8. The institute is dedicated towards exploring the mysteries of the ocean. 
There are many artifacts, exhibits, collections from the oceans that will offer myriad of knowledge about marine life, shipwrecks and various other aspects of the Ocean. There is also a restaurant inside the BUEI where you can have your lunch. Check out BUEI to find out all the details. 
While the half day itinerary of Bermuda's nature and ocean history ends here, if you want, you can easily combine this nature walk with Hamilton City Tour in the second half to make it a full day's itinerary. And if you are returning to St George, you can take bus #10 or 11 and drop by the island's oldest pub Swizzle Inn on your way back. 

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