Bermuda Beach Regulations For
Horseback Ride & Dogs

Effective May 2011, there are beach norms and regulations introduced for dogs and horses by the Department of Parks Bermuda. These regulations are applicable for summer time between May 1 and October 31. So if you are planning for horseback rides or take your dog for a stroll along the beaches, then watch out for these restrictions. 


Horses will not be permitted in most of the south shore beaches. This means that during the summer, you will not be able to ride or take a horse at one of the following beaches: 
  • Horseshoe Bay at Southampton, 
  • Chaplin Bay and Stonehole Bay at Southampton, 
  • Jobsonís Cove at Warwick, 
  • Warwick Long Bay at Warwick, 
  • Johns Smithís Bay at Smith's Parish, 
  • Elbow Beach at Paget, 
  • Shelly Bay at Hamilton Parish, and 
  • Peel Bay, Buttís Beach, Wafer Rocks Beach. 
    You can however access the other public beaches with a horse but with restrictions though. You can take or ride a horse only below the high water mark and between 5am to 8am in the morning. However the marked trails as well as the dunes on South Shore Park can be accessed any time for horseback riding. 


    There is a bad news for the dog lovers. The dogs are not permitted at any of the public beaches between May 1 to October 31. In fact for safety reasons, the dogs have been restricted in quite a few children's playgrounds as well. They include the playgrounds at : 
  • Clearwater Beach at St David's, 
  • Mullet Bay Park at St. George,  
  • Shelly Bay Park at Hamilton Parish 
  • Parsons Road in Pembroke, 
  • Admiralty House Park at Spanish Point, Pembroke, 
  • Warwick Long Bay at Warwick, and  
  • Death Valley Park at Southampton 
    Dogs are not allowed even in Coopers Island Nature Reserve located at the eastern end at St. Davids Island. However like in case of the horses, dogs can be taken along the marked trails at the South Shore Park and dunes at any time. But they must be on lead and can not be let free. 
    Call the Department of Parks of Bermuda for further information. Phone: 441/236-5902. 

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