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Hundreds of locals and many returning tourists visit the thrift stores for value buys. These stores are usually supported by charity organizations in Bermuda. They are either run by such organizations or privately with support from them. 
The merchandise for sale are usually supplied by the charity organization who get them as donations from the islanders. As a result, you will get all sorts of items here that are low in price. They can serve as either great souvenir or decorative items, or even household or dress materials. Some part of the profits go towards charity work in the island. 
However, sometimes the items like books and clothes may be used or second hand, but usually in good condition and properly maintained. These thrift stores are ideal if you are looking for local items at an economical price. But you may not always find something which you may be specifically looking for. Usually it's more like exploring and picking up stuff that you like on the spot. 
Here are some of the most popular thrift stores in Bermuda: 

The Barn

This the largest thrift store run by a Bermuda charity organization and selling used items at fractional prices compared to the other retail stores. You will get resale or secondhand items like kids toys, nice collection of books, collectibles and memorabilia, clothes and lot more items. But the major collections are in clothes and shoes. There are many branded items as well. 
The store gets large donations from the islanders and therefore can be very selective about what they display on the racks. The new store covering 5,000 square feet area is located at Devonshire Parish. This is probably the best bargain store in Bermuda. Items generally don't cost more than a few dollars. Locals and tourists love it. 
Open Hours: 9am - 2pm (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) 
53 Devon Spring Road, Devonshire. Phone: 441/236-3155 
The thrift store is not on any bus route. However it is accessible from both Middle Road and South Road. Bus #3 takes the middle road while bus #1 takes the south road. Both bus routes operate between Hamilton City and St George. If you are coming from Dockyard, then take a ferry to Hamilton and then take a bus from Hamilton bus terminal.  

Bargain Box

A thrift store in Pembroke parish operating since 1976. Other than clothes and shoes, they also keep various other items including toys, accessories, cutlery, appliances, books etc. Although they do not have huge collections, their prices are inexpensive. The store runs under the Charity Organization 'Committee of 25 for Handicapped Children'. 
Update August 2013: The Committee of 25 has lost its charity status due to failure to maintain auditable accounts for several years in a row. However Bargain Box store is still operational. 
Update November 2017: Bargain Box has re-opened after extensive renovation. The Committee of 25 now has its charitable status. Open hours until the new year are Saturday 10am - 2pm. 
Open Hours: 10am – 4pm (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday). 
2 Midsea Lane, Serpentine Road, Pembroke Parish. Phone: 441/292-4169 
It is at a walking distance from the Hamilton City Bus Terminal (on Washingston Street). 

Upstairs Closet

(by Bermuda Red Cross) 
This is a relatively new store located in Paget and run by Bermuda Red Cross. It offers a range of clothing and accessories like belts, jewelry, hats etc for men, women and children. 
Open Hours: Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 8:30 -3pm. 
Bermuda Red Cross, Charleswood, 9 Berry Hill Road, Paget. Phone: 441/236 8253 
Bus #2 (running between Hamilton and Paget), Bus #7 (running between Dockyard and Hamilton), Bus #1 (running between Hamilton and St George) go to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital located nearby. If you are coming from dockyard, either take Bus #7, or take a ferry to Hamilton and then Bus #2. 

Salvation Army Thrift Store

There is another thrift store located in Hamilton City that sells secondhand accessories and clothes at a very reasonable price. 44 King Street, Hamilton, Pembroke, Phone: 441/ 292-8107. From Hamilton ferry or bus terminal, you can walk down to this store. If you want to come from Dockyard, then take the ferry to Hamilton and walk up to the store. 

Price Right

This basic thrift store has grown considerably over the years. They started with food items and household goods but have now expanded to includes clothes and accessories. Prices are dirt cheap. You can get items even for $1. 
Open Hours: 9am - 7pm (Monday - Saturday); 1pm - 5pm (Sunday) 
10 Mill Reach Lane., Pembroke. Phone: 441/295-7111. From Hamilton Ferry Terminal, walk along Pitts Bay Road towards west. Mill Reach Lane is off Pitts Bay Road and the thrift store is about 1.5 miles from the ferry terminal. You can alternatively take a taxi from the ferry terminal. 

Second Hand Rose Charity Shoppe

This is a charity store run by The St. George's Foundation and located at the World Heritage Center. They sell all kinds of household items and accessories that have been donated by the residents. Items include cups and dishes, crockery, pottery items, bags, dolls, decorative items, photo frames, ornamental plants, handcrafted items and more. 
Open hours: Monday through Saturday 10 am to 4pm. 
Located at Word Heritage Center, Pennos Wharf, St. Georges. Phone (World Heritage Center): 441/297-5791. 

Thrifty Saturdays

This mobile thrift store is run by the mother and daughter duo. It has been set up very recently. Maya Fubert is the mother and the main person behind the store. They sell items including men, women and children's clothes, bags and shoes, caps, watches, ipods, cameras, household goods, magazines and books, maps, artwork and many other unique items. 
Most of the items come through donations or as used products. The part of the proceeds go towards children's charity. The thrift store is setup on last Saturdays of every month between 10am to 2pm at the Rubber Tree Market, off Khyber Pass in Warwick Parish. You can contact Maya on 441/ 519-1802 or email: [email protected]
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