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A Bermuda T-shirt is probably the easiest and the best way of telling others that you had actually made it to the island paradise. Sport it proudly and others will dream through it. This is one thing that I have seen ranking high in almost every tourist's shopping list. Another one of course is a cap with a Bermuda logo. 
So what kind of T-shirts can you get in Bermuda and which are best stores? The T-shirts actually come in different island designs and†prints, and some with big logos on them. Some have Bermuda's landscapes, seascapes, flowers and even houses printed on them. There are also T-shirts whose prints are based on paintings by some of the well known local artists.  
Below I have listed our favorite stores selling Bermuda T-shirts along with their offerings and uniqueness. 
Onion Jack's Trading Post 
The store is located on Front Street at Hamilton City. You will find an array of T-shirts here of all sizes and for all age groups. They sell T-shirts with Bermuda flowers, maps, birds, cottage houses, and even some that claim that you survived the Bermuda Triangle. However their fastest selling item is the one with their own signature logo. Check out their bargain bins where you can get T-shirts for really cheap prices. The shop also sells their own make of sweet and spicy sauces, a range of beach wears, flip flops and sun glasses. 
77 Front Street, Hamilton. Phone: 441/295-1263 
Makin Waves 
Located a few stores away from Onion's Jack. The store was established in 1988 by two friends. The intent then was to do a feasibility study on cotton surf shorts as part of a university course. Today it's one of the most popular lifestyle/surf shop in the island.  
Their T-shirts therefore have a surfer-dude flair. They also feature great collections of Menís and Ladies swimwear. There is a water sports section selling snorkeling, scuba and boating gears. 
75 Front Street, Hamilton City. Phone: 441/292-4609; Email: [email protected] 
They have branches at the dockyard and St. George's as well. 
Flying Colors Bermuda 
Established in 1937 by a Finnish born family, Riihiluoma's Flying Colors is a two storied building prominently marked by many colorful flags that it sports in front of its store. Other than great T-shirts with slogans, it sells many great souvenir items as well.  
You will get all types of T-shirts including ones with Frogs, Dogs, Bermuda Triangle, Island Dudes, and lot more and all with word 'Bermuda' imprinted on them. Prices are quite reasonable and it's a popular store with the tourists.  
5 Queen Street, Hamilton Bermuda. Phone: 441/295-0890 
If you want T-shirts with impressions of artwork from Bermuda's one of the most well known artists, then try out an outlet of Carole Holding. She specializes in watercolor paintings and creates many souvenir items with her artistic work including T-shirts. Images of many of her popular work on Bermuda's island scenes have been captured on the adult T-shirts. She has her main outlet in Hamilton City. Check out the above link to know more about her work, as well as location of her outlets and contact details. 
A.S. Cooper &†Sons 
They have branches at Front Street in Hamilton City, Clocktower Mall in Dockyard, and Somers Wharf in St. George's. It's a large departmental store stocking wide range of T-shirts including classy and casuals. 29 Front Street, East side entrance, Hamilton. Phone: 441/295-3961. 
Update June 2020: AS Coopers has gone into provisional liquidation. All its stores are closed since March 18, 2020 and waiting for buyers. 
Brown &†Co.  
This is Bermuda's one of the most comprehensive departmental stores located in the heart of Hamilton. You will find all kinds of T-shirts for adults and children. There are ones saying "Life is better in Bermuda" which are my favorites. 35 Front Street, Hamilton. Phone: 441/279-5442. 
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