Bermuda Clothing Stores

The Front Street department stores in Hamilton have a full range of fashion items from Europe. And there are many independent boutique shops with ready-to-wear collections. There are also plenty of shops selling beachwear and T-shirts in Bermuda. 
By the way, if you are looking for Bermuda's oldest department store Trimingham’s, there is a bad news. The store closed down permanently in July 2005. From a very humble beginning, the store had grown into a giant with a comprehensive range of designer goods such as perfume and clothing. Trimingham’s used to be a very popular shop particularly with the cruise ship visitors. However sadly, they could not sustain the business and finally closed it down.  
In general, you can shop 9am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday. On Wednesday evenings (from April through October) Harbor Night celebrations take place at Hamilton, when most of the shops and restaurants on Front Street and surrounding areas remain open till late evening. Also, stores operate on extended hours on Fridays during the Christmas shopping season. 
Shopping is best done in Hamilton city because you get a high density of little shops along Front Street, as well as large malls with atrium-style collection of shops. St. George's, which is at the east end, has artisan studios and boutique shops mainly in Hunters Wharf, Penno's Wharf, Somers Wharf, Duke of York Street and Water Street. At the West End, Clocktower Mall at Royal Naval Dockyard is great for shopping.  
Here are some shops in Bermuda popular for clothing and apparel: 
Cecile shop (now merged with Lusso) 
The store specializes in European designer fashions for women and is an upscale boutique shop offering a wide variety of exclusive brands from around the globe. It's a great store for collecting eveningwear, swimwear, suits and resort wears that are featured at competitive prices. Shopping atmosphere is quite elegant. 15 Front Street, Hamilton City. Phone: 441/295-1311. Email: Email: [email protected] Hours: Monday - Saturday, 9:30am - 5:30pm 
Davison’s of Bermuda 
Some of the finest quality of casual sportswear are available at this shop. You get a collection of classic polo shirts, jackets, fashion T-shirts for men and women. For children, there is a great selection of styles and merchandise. The shop has three convenient locations: a) 93 Front St., Hamilton; b) Clock Tower Mall, Dockyard; c) Water Street, St.Georges 
The English Sports Shop 
This traditional Bermudian store with departments for men, women and children is located at Front street (Hamilton) as well as branch stores throughout the island. There are varieties of items available. It has classic, colorful Bermuda shorts, blazers, suits, and ties along with a vast array of knitwear in cotton, wool and cashmere for both men and women. They also have their own collections known as Island Casuals. 
Main Stores: 49 Front Street, Hamilton City, Phone: 441/295-2672 
Also at Somers Wharf, St. George’s, Phone: 441/297-0142 
This is a large boutique store offering island inspired fashion wear and accessories for women. They source the items from places like London, New York, Milan, Paris etc. They also boast of stocking the largest selection of swim wears in the island. Apart from clothing, they also have sections for ladies shoes, ceramic items etc. The store is located on Front Street, Hamilton. 
Calypso, 45 Front Street, Hamilton, Phone: 441.295.2112 - extension: 126,  
Email: [email protected] 
Lovit Boutique 
This is a new boutique store opened in October 2011 by a Bermudian lady entrepreneur Jenia Thompson. This is not strictly a clothing store. It sells fashion designs including clothing, jewelry, makeup and bags for women. 
The objective of this store is to offer women what they would love to possess. The store stocks many brands including LAMB by Gwen Stefani, House of Harlow by Nicole Richie, Black Halo, CC Skye etc. While there are many celebrities who patronize these brands, the boutique also offers ranges that suits others as well. 
Location: Windsor Place at the old Pulp and Circumstance location. 18 Queen Street, Hamilton. 
Open Hours: Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Phone: 441/295-1239. 
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