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While Guest houses and Inns in Bermuda are generally bed and breakfast type accommodations, they are not necessarily all cheap lodgings or private homes. Some of them can be quite up-market and all are inspected by Tourism Department of Bermuda and certified as commercial lodgings. 
Although some of the guest houses in Bermuda are also called Inns, but unlike Inns in North America, they do not serve alcohol or even lunch or dinner. The guesthouses listed below are highly rated and conform to high standards of commercial accommodations. 
The rates vary. The cheapest ($) category can be between $150 - $200 for two persons per night. During winter season (Nov - Mar) most of the guest houses in Bermuda offer lower rates. Keep in mind that there is generally 9.75% occupancy tax and 10% service charge applicable. This is apart from tips (often called gratuity). Extra charge is applicable for additional persons or even for kids above some age. Ask the property owner about any extras that you might have to pay. in general, the rates do not include any meals or breakfast unless explicitly specified. 
Check if and what kind of breakfast is served in the guest house. Continental breakfast (usually some bread, jam and fruits) is way different from full American or British breakfast. Also note that all guest houses and inns may not have wi-fi or other form of internet access. You may like to check that before booking if that is your key requirement. 
Read: Which is the best place to stay and understand which might be the right location for your stay depending on what you want to see and do, before you select a guesthouse in Bermuda. 

Great guesthouses and inns

Here are my select list of Bermuda inns and guesthouses. Click the links for details. 
(Category: $$, Location: Hamilton) 
This is a traditional English Manor House converted into a guesthouse with elegant furnishing and interior. It's located conveniently in Hamilton and within easy walking distance from Hamilton ferry and bus terminals making it a great choice for both business and leisure travelers. Rooms are large and airy, have modern amenities including wi-fi, and some having kitchenettes. This is one of the finest bed and breakfast accommodations in Bermuda. 
(Category: $$, Location: Warwick Parish) 
Granaway is a fairly old mansion and you get an original taste of old Bermuda here. Rooms have different colors and equipped with modern amenities. Some have exclusive terrace or patios. There is also a nice cottage in Granaway. They serve continental breakfast. There is also a pool. The harbor view from the patio is wonderful. The guesthouse is quite centrally located and Hamilton City easily accessible by ferry from a nearby dock. 
(Category: $$, Location: Warwick Parish) 
This is another great BnB run by Carole Holding. She is an artist herself and her great sense of aesthetics is visible all across this property. With an excellent view of the harbor and only two spacious but well furnished bedrooms, this is a great place for a romantic vacation. There is a small pool. Breakfast is served. 
(Category: $, Location: Hamilton City) X CLOSED 
This is a family owned and run small property with only two rooms, located within easy walking distance from both ferry and bus terminal. Rooms are clean and also have attached bathroom and kitchenette. Tricia, the owner is a great host and pays attention to details. There is also a small but nice lush garden with chairs where you can take tea. No meals served though. Overall an excellent budget accommodation in a central location. 
(Category: $, Location: Hamilton, Pembroke Parish) 
It's a great BnB lodging if you prefer to stay a little away from the main city of Hamilton. The house, which gives a casual relaxed feel with home comfort, is located at an elegant garden suburb on the west of Hamilton city. 
(Category: $$, Location: Hamilton, Pembroke Parish) 
This is probably the only Bermuda inn which was built specifically as a guesthouse. Oxford House has won the Guesthouse Merit Award from Bermuda Department of Tourism several times since 1996. Located in a fashionable garden suburb of Hamilton, the Oxford House is excellent for a budget lodging. It is just 150 yards from Hamilton's Harbor front and quite conveniently located. 
(Category: $, Location: Paget) X Closed 
Although located in Paget, it's only 15 minutes walk to Hamilton City. It's a small property with only 8 rooms all having modern amenities and some with kitchenettes. There is an in-house pool and Jacuzzi. Continental breakfast is given. This also an old house which has been converted into a guesthouse. 
(Category: $, Location: Southampton Parish) 
Located at the Jennings Bay in Southampton Bermuda, Greene's Guest House is one of the modern guest houses in Bermuda. It has a wonderful view of the waters of Great Sound. 
(Category: $, Location: Paget Parish) 
This is one of the oldest buildings in Bermuda constructed some 400 years ago in a typical Bermudian style. The guesthouse is located in Paget on a residential street and along the water edge of Hamilton harbor. So as expected, the view of the harbor from the rooms as well as the lawn and the large terrace is wonderful. Some rooms have fireplaces other than modern amenities. There is wi-fi. Simple breakfast is served. 
(Category: $$, Location: St George, Bermuda) 
This is an 18th century heritage property which has a main house and another one adjacent to it. The property is well known for its old and traditional Bermudian architecture like the tray ceiling with exposed cedar beams and other classic features. The ambience is homely. Breakfast or meals not available. However it has all necessary modern amenities including wi-fi. The property is located only few minutes walk from minibus service, shops and restaurants. 
(Category: $, Location: Paget Parish) 
Salt Kettle, a top Bermuda Inn, is always known of being a wonderful retreat away from the crowd and having an adjoining beautiful bay in Hamilton Harbor. Wonderful scenery coupled with charm and excellent service, this BnB Bermuda lodging is unmatched even by many of the larger Bermuda hotels. 

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