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Messages, suggestions and reviews keep pouring in from the viewers of this website. They have been the main source of inspiration and energy for me to continue and keep building this website. I can't capture them all here, but I am sincerely thankful to all who have written to me and encouraged me to carry on with my work. These are timeless statements in my life and I have taken the liberty therefore not to include the date/time stamp in such comments. 
I have to tell you that yours was the most amazingly helpful site of all when it came to gathering information for my first-ever trip to Bermuda. I don't know what I would have done without it! Far and away the most comprehensive, clear, detailed, easy to follow, well-informed and enjoyable e-travel site I was able to find. No matter what other sites I went to, I kept coming back to yours. It's set-up beautifully--easy to get around and user friendly. Thank you for all your hard work, kind Sir--you are very much appreciated. I will enjoy my visit to Bermuda so much more because of everything I've gleaned from your website.  
Kathy Perry 
This is one, if not THE, most informative and complete website I have ever come across. It answered every single one of my questions, and more. To say that I am very impressed is an understatement. Countless other websites could learn plenty from the organization of this one. Kudos. 
Pieter Bosch 
I'm retired from running a Destination Management Company in San Juan, Puerto Rico - my daughter heads it up now - third generation. My father, who started our company, was best friends with Geoff Kitson who had a sightseeing business in Bermuda many years ago. Anyway, I'm not easily impressed with destination oriented websites but I'm totally blown away by yours - just about anything one might wish to know is there, and best of all, you've embedded links to everything!  I salute you. 
Paul Ferguson 
I consider myself fortunate to have found The latest trends for websites gravitate to quickly accessible, highly intuitive interfaces with minimal written content. That's tough (impossible?) to adhere to that when one strives to manage all the information available at this website. VERY informative. I just wish to share my thanks for the obvious long hours spent compiling all of this information for the public. Whatever Bermudian greeting is synonymous with profuse thanks and best wishes should be used <here>. 
Andy G 
Happened upon your website from a search engine and could not have been happier. Your website has become our "bible" in planning our short, upcoming stay in Bermuda. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! 
Susan Baker 
I (as so many others) commend you on making this resource so incredible! Thanks so much for all your continuing hard work which is such a credit to Bermuda and a gift to us tourists! 
Laura Cohen 
Dear Raj, Let me start by saying Thank you for this wonderful site. My husband and I found it last year before our trip in Sept 2012, and used it to plan and guide ourselves flawlessly around Bermuda !! When we decided to take another cruise back to Bermuda for this September, we of course went straight to your site again :) Once again Thank you for all your hard work and time you have clearly devoted to helping others share in the LOVE of this magical place ! 
Erika Reed 
Raj, You are amazing! Who are you and how do you have so much knowledge at your finger tips? Even though we had been to Bermuda six times I realized much had changed, so when I found your web site it became my go to source for any thing I wanted to know. You never failed me, even when I had questions about Stan Seymour that no one else could answer. 
Pat LaSalle  
Hello Raj, I just wanted to send you a quick Thank you for your fabulous website! My boyfriend and me have recently purchased not only our first island vacation together (after 2 years) but our first visit to Bermuda! We are so excited and your website has been so helpful in learning everything we need to know. Everytime I do an internet search on something specific, you show up so I actually stopped looking elsewhere. Thank you for making such a comprehensive website for the first time Bermuda traveler! Kind regards 
Susan Kimball 
Thanks so much for creating and maintaining this site! The depth of info is astounding! I'm using it to plan a visit to Bermuda, and I'm confident it'll be a more enjoyable visit because of the info available on your site. Thanks again! 
C Graham 
First, let me tell you how much I adore your website! Your recommendations and the way you have laid them out is simply perfect for the first time visitor. After hours of researching on the Internet, I feel like I finally have found the one spot I need and do not need to look any further to plan my trip. ... leaving for Bermuda in 2 days and staying at a small privately owned villa right outside Hamilton. I think after looking through your site I have my days planned out with beach trips, sightseeing, dinner plans, etc...thank you for your fabulous site!  
Alyssa Cohen 
Just wanted to say that this site has been the most helpful planning resource for our upcoming cruise to Bermuda! Much better than even the official Bermuda tourism site! Thanks so much for putting together this great info, images, and maps - incredible! 
Hi, Just wanted to send a quick note to say I think your website is fab! I'm a Bermudian and was searching the web for some Bermuda party rental info and came across your site. Great Job! It's hard to believe this was not done by a Bermudian! Cheers and continued success with the website. 
Dear Raj, 
I'm leaving in a month from Boston for my first cruise ever. I came across your site several weeks ago and have found it to be invaluable! The information you have provided has made it so easy to plan my trip. The maps are phenomenal! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do this. 
A few months ago, I began researching for our March vacation to Bermuda but was never satisfied with the websites I reviewed. Last month I came upon and said to myself, this is where I stay for gathering information for our upcoming trip. Your website is no doubt the most knowledgeable, comprehensive, accurate, current (appreciate the updates) and entertaining, and user friendly to boot. Reading the bus and ferry information you provided allowed me to understand the transportation system which I have to admit had me baffled up to that point. 
The beach map and beach descriptions helped greatly in determining which beaches I wished to visit while in Bermuda, your restaurant reviews were helpful and I appreciated how they were presented by parish, $$$$$, food choices, etc. Every question I had in mind seemed to be answered and I can now relax and look forward to my trip. I've put bermuda-activities on my desk top so I can check in, even after my trip, to see what's happening in Bermuda. Thanks Raj and congratulation on an excellent website.  
Doreen Cotter 
Raj, I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful information you have provided us on Bermuda. My husband and I will be taking a cruise to Bermuda this week (HAL), for the first time. I was looking forward to it, but with all the details you have shared I am really excited to see this beautiful island. Thank you so much for sharing all of your personal knowledge, including the suggestions for the self-guided tours on your wonderful site. 
All the Best, 
Hello! Thank you so much for all of the great information on Bermuda! I can honestly say that I spent the small amount of cash on the Frommer's guidebook and this website has it beat.  
Raj, Your website is invaluable and you are an AMAZING AMBASSADOR of all things Bermudian! 
Dee Brown 
Just wanted to say what a great job on this website. We are visiting in May and I found it to be so informative and helpful.  I found information I wanted on all kinds of activities, and especially appreciated the kayaking, hiking, and transportation info.  Thank you so much, we are looking forward to our visit with anticipation!  
Melissa M 
Hi - I too have visited Bermuda frequently - in fact more times than I can count.  I just wanted to compliment you on the thorough and entertaining site you've built. You really hit the nail on the head by including information that helps one decide what to do and why rather than just putting together sample itinerary or "best of" lists. Even though I visit regularly and have family on the island, your site reminded me of things that I want to do this year and even introduced me to a couple of new activities. Thanks much and happy travels to you! 
Erica Phillips 
Raj, Fantastic site. Used it to plan our 20 year anniversary return to Bermuda (we honeymooned here). Thanks again for a great site with great insights, 
Tom Black 
Hi, I am currently in Bermuda, having looked all over the web to try and find out things to do while I am here I have to say I am very impressed after stumbling upon your website. I wanted to just write to you and say Thank you for creating this site. It has helped me and my wife greatly in exploring Bermuda and experiencing lifestyle here the way locals do. I am here for another 4 days and will be using your site to make the best use of my vacation. So thank you again and keep up the good work. 
Nihar Mathia 
Thank you for getting all of this information together. This has been my go to site for my vacation. I have found it way more detailed and informative than any other site. And you have made it so easy for me to navigate my way around the island. Love this site. Thank you again. 
I LOVE YOUR WEB SITE.. I WANT TO BOTTLE IT !  I am going to share it with everyone that I know going to Bermuda. It is because of your site that I actually feel like we (mom and kids) can spend the day in Bermuda without spending $300 in excursion fees to the cruise ship, and still manage to get where we want to go without any fears. 
Heather Zartman 
Dear Raj, Can't get any better than your website. Bermuda-Attractions is out "go to" website when on island. We learn so much from your website and it's a great resource for quick information. Keep up the great work. And thanks!  
Ellen and Bill from Cape Cod, MA 
A very comprehensive, easy to find information about Bermuda and what it offers. Well done. Web site almost a secret that should not be. Have recommended your site to several others. 
Stephen Rescsanski 
Thank you so much for your speedy reply! I'm still reeling with all of the info I need to absorb by tomorrow's sailing!  I just hope I get this right! I wish I'd have found your website months ago! It's better than any I've found in the last 3 years of travel to Bermuda. One of these days we'd like to spend a longer time on Bermuda than a cruise allows. Then I will totally reap the benefits of your site! Thank you my friend for sharing your insights and vast knowledge of Bermuda! Continued safe travels to you and yours! 
Rosemarie Weed 
I have been pouring over this website for a week now. It is, by far the most helpful resource I have come across while planning our first trip to Bermuda. Because we are cruising, we will have a very limited time on the island. This site is perfect for helping me plan every minute, so we don't miss a thing! Thanks so much! 
Jenn Reese 
I have to say, this is the most informative website on Bermuda that I have seen thus far. The candid way in which the information is offered is very relatable and the details are spot on. Thank you very much. I will be using the site as a primary guide for moving to Bermuda, as well as staying and enjoying my time there.