Best Grocery & Food Stores in Bermuda

My definition of the best grocery stores is where you will get maximum variety of grocery items, fresh and at reasonable rates. There are numerous grocery and food stores in Bermuda, some very small and most of such stores won't serve much purpose if you are looking to stock up your fridge for few days. They are good for some odd buys. 
The good ones will not only give you a range of food items including chicken, meat, fish and eggs, fresh vegetables (with options for organic produce, vegan and gluten free), dairy products, etc and also several other items that are usually found in convenient stores (for example phone cards etc). 
The MarketPlace at Somerset 
In the big chains and supermarkets, you will also get ready to go deli type food like roasted chicken, wraps and sandwiches, salads, cold drinks etc. These stores would also stock alcohol including wine, beer and spirits. Effective 2014, alcohol can be picked up from the supermarkets or departmental stores on all days (there is no longer restricted days like Sundays) 
If you are taking up an apartment rental for your vacation or stay in the island, make sure that you are within close proximity to one of the following Grocery and Food stores. 


This is the largest grocery store in the island and they have 8 branches spread across different parishes. The first and the main branch opened in 1939 in Hamilton City. Other than wide range of grocery items, they also offer pre-cooked food like roasted or grilled meat, chicken, wraps, sandwiches, pizzas, salad etc. Many locals would come here for hot lunch. Prices are very reasonable. 
Most branches also offer phone cards and organic products. In some branches like Hamilton (Church Street), Heron Bay (Southampton), Shelly Bay etc they also have in-store bakery. 
In September 2019, The MarketPlace has introduced Online ordering and self pick up service for its Hamilton branch at a service cost of $4.95 (with a minimum order value of $50). One can choose from over 25,000 items in the store. You can select your pick up time slot. The idea is to save time for customers. The online service is planned to be extended to several other branches shortly. 
MarketPlace Bermuda 
Here are all the MarketPlace branches (along with location, hours and contacts) 
1) Hamilton City (Hamilton MarketPlace): 42 Church Street. Monday to Saturday: 7am - 10pm; Sunday: 9am - 7pm; Phone: 441-295-6006; Email: [email protected] 
2) Hamilton City (Shopping Center): 35 Victoria Street. Monday to Saturday: 7:30am - 10pm; Sunday: 9am - 7pm; Phone: 441-292-4545; Email: [email protected] 
3) Sandys Parish (Somerset MarketPlace): 48 Somerset Road, Sandys. Monday to Saturday: 7am - 10pm; Sunday: 9am - 7pm; Phone: 441-234-0626; Email: [email protected] 
4) Southampton (Heron Bay MarketPlace): 227 Middle Road. Monday to Saturday: 7am - 10pm; Sunday: 9am - 7pm; Phone: 441-238-1993; Email: [email protected] 
5) Paget (Modern Mart): 104 South Road. Monday to Saturday: 7am - 10pm; Sunday: 9am - 7pm; Phone: 441-236-6161; Email: [email protected] 
6) Hamilton Parish (Shelly Bay MarketPlace): 110 North Shore Road. Monday to Saturday: 7am - 10pm; Sunday: 9am - 7pm; Phone: 441-293-0966; Email: [email protected] 
7) Paget (A1 Paget Gourmet): 1 Valley Road. Monday to Saturday: 7am - 10pm; Sunday: 9am - 7pm; Phone: 441-236-0351; Email: [email protected] 
8) Smiths Parish (A1 Smiths Collector's Hill): 10 South Road. Monday to Saturday: 7am - 10pm; Sunday: 9am - 7pm; Phone: 441-236-8763; Email: [email protected] 

Lindo's Family Foods

This is another large grocery store having couple of branches and operating in the island for over 50 years. They keep fresh vegetable and fruits along with many different organic produce. Lindo's boasts about their meat and fish section. They import many products from USA, UK, Europe, Caribbean etc. They too keep a lot of ready to go food and meals at very reasonable prices. 
Their deli food menu includes items like Fish Chowder, Breaded Scallops and Shrimps, Meatloaf, Buffalo Style Tenders, Seafood Casserole, Smoked Pork, Sausages, Fried Chicken, Chicken Wings, Salad etc. They have also added a pharmacy section to their food stores. 
Store Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs: 8am-7pm; Wed, Fri, Sat: 8am-8pm; Sunday Closed. 
Branches (in Warwick and Devonshire parishes): 
1) Lindo’s Family Foods, Address: 128, Middle Road, Warwick. Phone: 441/236-1344. 
2) Lindo’s Market, 4 Watlington Road, Devonshire. Phone: 441.236.5623 
This is a specialty food (grocery) store in Pembroke (Hamilton City) operating since 1862. They are one of the best in the island when it comes to meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits, cheese etc. There is also a nice wine section. They also offer pre-cooked deli food and lunch boxes. Visit the above link for more information, open hours, location and contact info. 
96 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke HM 08, Bermuda 

Arnold's Markets

This is a chain of grocery and departmental stores with some 8 outlets in the island (now few have closed down though). The various departments they have offer grocery, health and beauty, seasonal items, small and large appliances, kitchen ware, air conditioners, fans etc. 
Arnold's Family Market is a popular grocery store in Pembroke Parish. They are open all the time and even on public holidays. However the prices aren't as cheap as the other ones I mentioned above. The store is close to the budget accommodations Mazarine By The Sea and Robin's Nest. 
Address: 113 St John's Road., Pembroke Parish. Phone: 441/292-3310 
Their main office, Arnold’s Discount and Warehouse is on Ewing Street (7 Ewing Street, City of Hamilton, HM17 | Directions tel-441-295-0765) and Arnold’s Express is on Front Street of Hamilton City (135 Front Street, Tel- 441-292-4301). Arnold's Supermarket is located in Somerset, Sandys (41 Somerset Road, Phone: 441/ 234-2237). 
Open Hours: 
Monday - Saturday: 8am - 9pm 
Sunday: 9am - 7pm 
Update July 2013: Arnold's Express located at the corner of Church Street and Queen Street in Hamilton City has closed down. 
Update 2019: Arnold’s announced the closure of three of their outlets due to several factors. These are Arnold’s Supermarket, Main Road, Somerset; Arnold’s Liquors, Main Road, Somerset; Arnold’s Express Front Street, 135 Front Street, Hamilton. They however, continue to operate from their three other locations: Maxi Mart, Hog Bay Level, Somerset, Arnold’s Family Market, St Johns Road, Pembroke, and Arnold’s Discount Warehouse, Ewing Street, Hamilton. 


This large supermarket is located on Front Street in eastern side of Hamilton City. Other than fresh farm produce and grocery items, they have meat counter selling custom cut meats, seafood, fresh fruits, vegetables, organic produce, bakery section etc. They also sell large varieties of deli items including large selections of salads, sandwiches and hot Bermudian food. Often you will find the deli section crowded by office goers during the lunch time. 
The store is about 10 minutes walk from the Hamilton ferry dock. 
Open hours: Monday to Saturday - 7am to 9pm; Sunday - 11am to 6pm. 
Address: 125 Front Street, Hamilton. Phone: (441) 292-2906; (441) 292-2064 

Somers Supermart

This is a small but very popular supermarket in St George and located on York Street. It also makes deliveries to the docks for visiting yachts. Other than grocery items, it also offers fresh deli food like sandwiches, salads and even hot snacks. It has a meat counter and nice bakery as well. Prices are reasonable. Store Hours: Monday to Saturday - 7am to 10pm; Sunday - 8am to 6pm. 
Address: 41 York Street, St George. Phone: (441)297–1177 

Harrington Hundreds

This mid-size grocery store with its pink and white building is located in Smiths. It has impressive stock of fresh organic vegetables, health and natural food, certified angus beef, specialty gourmet items and great options for gluten free and vegan items. 
Their bakery section is one of the finest in the island and all bakery items here are made in-house. They also have a liquor section with great selections of wine, spirits and beer. They offer a home delivery and pick up service too. Being the store closest to Tucker's Town (rich men's place), items here won't be too cheap, but certainly of highest quality. 
Open daily from 8am until 8pm (on Sunday it closes at 2pm). 
Located at 99 South Road, Smiths Parish. Bus #1. 
Phone: 441 293-1635; Email: [email protected] 

East End Variety

Opened in March 2012 at St George, they sell grocery and household items. They also sell baked goods. They offer Bermuda CableVision bill payment as an additional service for its customers. This is used by the local Bermudians for bill payments through an online banking account. 
Address: 8 Duke of York Street, St. George's, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 297-0746 
Open Hours: 
Monday - Saturday: 8am - 9.30pm 
Sundays and holidays: 9am - 8pm 

Dollar Depot Stores

These are discount stores offering value pack groceries, various household items, dress materials, accessories, office and school supplies etc. There are several such stores in the island: 
1) Dollar Depot at Shopping Center, 35 Victoria Street, Hamilton City. Phone: 441-296-4205 
2) Dollar Depot at Shelly Bay, 110 North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish. Phone: 441-293-1615 
3) Dollar Depot at Heron Bay Marketplace, 227 Middle Rd., Southampton. Phone: 441-238-1993 
4) Dollar Depot at Somerset, 48 Somerset Road, Sandys. Phone: 441-234-4212 

Wadson's Farm

If you are staying in a rental apartment having cooking facilities, and want nothing but fresh organic farm produce for your meals, then check out Wadson's Farm. This 30 acre farm is located in Southampton parish. It combines animal, poultry and vegetable farming and uses organic agriculture.  
There is an on-site retail shop, Wadson's Home Farm Market, that sells all kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits, poultry and meat items. 
Address: 10 Lukes Pond Road, Southampton, Bermuda 
Phone: (441)238-1862 or 732-0004 

Grocery Delivery Service

Well, if you don't want to waste time visiting grocery stores and shop yourself, you can order the items online and they would be delivered to your doorstep. There is an additional service cost which may not be a small amount... service or for that matter everything in Bermuda is expensive. There are two companies in the island which provide grocery delivery service. You can order the items online through their websites. 
  • Go!Ceries (website: This is the first one to have come up. They offer a range of choices for you to order, including meat and fish, canned goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, household items, baby products and pet supplies with delivery the same day or the following day. Same-day delivery costs around $30 and next-day delivery $20. Delivery fee varies according to location. 
  • Phone (6:00pm and 10:00pm): 441 755-4646 
    Delivery Hours: 6:00pm and 10:00pm Monday - Friday and 1:00pm - 10:00pm on Saturdays. 
  • DropIt (website: is owned by a couple (Carl Vincent and Leanne Evans) which started operation in June 2019. They have a tie up with the Lindo's (described above) and you get a choice of over 10,000 items to shop from. You need to order for a minimum of $100 and they add a delivery charge on top of that. They can deliver to any place in the island and within the same day (usually 2 hours) or you can schedule a delivery. 

    ER Fisheries and Foods

    This is a local discount frozen foods outlet located at St. David’s, that has now launched an online ordering and delivery service. They have partnered with (mentioned earlier) who help them deliver to the customer’s doorstep on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 
    You can order a variety of frozen foods including Angus Burgers, Boneless ribeye steak, Capon chicken breast, Raw shrimp etc. There are also a variety of vegetables, frozen crab, pork, beef, lamb, turkey and fish to choose from. 
    Apart from these, they have launched a subscription food box service. This offers great convenience to the customers as they get the most popular items pre-packaged and ready for buying. The various boxes on offer are Beef Box, Bird Box, Fisherman’s Box, Deluxe Fisherman’s Box, Party Box and Vegetable Box. You can order these boxes after getting a subscription here and can even avail discounts of up to 10% on them.  
    Address: 134 Marginal Wharf, St. David’s  
    Open: Monday - Saturday, 10am — 6.30pm 
    Phone: 441-293-4400; Email: [email protected] 

    The English Market

    This is a relatively new and fully stocked supermarket located at Washington Mall in Hamilton City. It has a range of products including grocery items, bakery, fruits & vegetables, vegan items, household stuffs, pet food, chips & crackers, juice, herbs, meat, seafood, snacks, deli, alcoholic and other beverages, etc. 
    The English Market 
    They are open all days of the week (timings on certain days differ though). 
    Address: 18 church street, Washington mall Hamilton, Bermuda Hm11 
    Phone: +1 441-249-3000; +1 (441) 536-0685 
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    Visitors' Reviews and Comments

    Priya (November 2021) 
    Hi Raj, are there any Indian groceries in Bermuda? 
    Raj ( November 2021 
    Hi, you can get Indian groceries and spices from Just Rite, a grocery store located in Pembroke (outskirts of Hamilton City) and near Transport Control Department. 7, Marsh Folly Road, Pembroke, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 295-6407, 238-5719. 
    Ali (September 2017) 
    Hi Raj, We fly into Bermuda on Saturday 9th Sep in the early evening. I have read that all shops are closed on a Sunday. Is there anywhere to buy groceries from as we are staying in a self catering apartment in Warwick? Also additionally we were looking to hire push bikes. Do the shops have child seats for the bikes? Thanks 
    Raj ( September 2017 
    Hi, unlike retail outlets, several grocery stores are open on Sundays (some of them may operate in reduced hours). You can scan through the list of grocery stores and their open hours. I would also recommend that you refer to the websites of some large grocery stores as open hours can and do change. 
    C Yellow (January 2016) 
    Hi There, please could you tell me which grocery stores deliver? We are staying in Paget near to Hamilton center during August 2016 and would hope to visit a grocery store to buy supplies and then have the store deliver. Any help 
    much appreciated. Many thanks 
    Raj ( January 2016 
    Hi, Most grocery stores in Bermuda do not offer delivery service because of the added service cost that would easily make them non-competitive. One exception is the store 'Harrington Hundreds' located at 99 South Road (Smiths Parish). They offer delivery service to locations including Tuckers Point, Knapton Hill, Bailey’s Bay, Shelly Bay, Flatts Village, Devil’s Hole, Smith’s, Devonshire, Paget and Harrington Sound Road. So Paget is covered. They also provide pick up service so that you can visit and pick up your ordered list of groceries at a given time. But note that Harrington Hundreds is an upmarket and expensive grocery store in the island. Your other options are using online grocery delivery services such as or where you can order the items online and get it delivered for a service fee.