What To Do In Bermuda In June

June is one of the most popular months to visit Bermuda. This is a summer month here and a time when you get ample sun, sand and water to enjoy your vacation. The days are quite warm, so you can make the most of the beach and other water activities on offer here. There is much more on the island that you can enjoy this time of the year. 

Head to the beautiful beaches of Bermuda

One of the biggest assets of Bermuda- its beaches- is what draws visitors here from far and wide. The rich hues of the azure sky, turquoise water and pink tinged sand shimmer as the sun smiles upon the island. This coupled with dramatic rock formations, shallow clear waters and miles of sand and surf to traverse, makes it almost paradisiacal. Beaches like the Warwick Long Bay and The Horseshoe Bay beach are rated among the best in the world. Several other beaches like the Elbow beach Clearwater Beach, Tobacco Bay beach and more offer umpteen beach activities, rentals and food and drinks. 
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Enjoy swimming and snorkeling to your heart's content

The ocean waters during this time of the year is quite warm and comfortable for swimming. You can go for beach snorkeling at one of the several snorkeling beaches with shallow clear waters and beautiful underwater creatures, like the Tobacco Bay, Church Bay, Snorkel Park etc. You can also go for the more adventurous (and something you will cherish!) offshore snorkeling to the reef and wreck locations. The exquisite sights of the underwater life that you will witness at the Western Blue Cut is something that will take your breath away. There are several boat tours that offer such snorkeling trips. 
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Exhilarate in some adventurous water sport

Bermuda offers various types of water sports and other fun activities in the water. Cliff jumping, jet skiing, scuba and helmet diving, skyboarding, paddleboarding and parasailing are some of the many water activities that you can indulge in. Some of these adrenaline pumping sports mingled with Bermuda's balmy weather and amazing waters of the Atlantic, make for a perfect holiday recipe. 
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If you want to keep it a little mellow and yet do not want to miss out on the fun, go for pursuits †like kayaking or even fishing. The bountiful waters which are home to some big game varieties of fishes like the marlin, wahoo and tuna, are in fact a fisherman's dream spot. You can join one of the many fishing charters and explore deep sea fishing here. 
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Explore Admiralty House Park

Go strolling along the nature trails at this Park which is located at Spanish Point off the North Shore. Get some spectacular ocean views from here as you go along. You can also go swimming at Clarence Cove which is a beautiful beach here and do active sports like cliff jumping and rock climbing too. It is a very popular spot for both with its overhanging cliffs and rock formations. Originally used by the Royal Army as a signal center through underground tunnels created by joining several underground caves, the Park has a charm and mystery on its own. 
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Take a slice of Bermuda back home

Go souvenir shopping on the island and get a glimpse of the creativity, craftsmanship and fineness of work in the local population. The artists and artisans on the island come up with some exclusive products ranging from jewelry, perfume, crockery, home decor items, soaps, candles, glassworks, Christmas decorations and much more. These are crafted not only in island inspired designs, colors and fragrances but also using products picked up from various parts of the island. These would make for veritable keepsakes and even gifts you would want to carry home with you. 
When in Bermuda, do (or should I say, wear!) as the Bermudians do! Pick up a pair of the quintessential Bermuda shorts in solid colors or even vivid prints at TABS in Hamilton City. Do not leave without a bottle of the famous Bermuda cocktail Rum Swizzle, that will remind you of all the good times spent on the island. Drop in at Regali Boutique at Rosewood Hotel in Hamilton Parish for a range of luxury items. Look out for the range of lotions and scrubs made with island-life inspired fragrances and natural organic ingredients. 
Take a peek into the Italian master Vincenzo Della Valle's tiny workshop on Queen's street and you will find the master craftsman drowned in work creating some beautiful footwear. Handpick a design of your choice along with your size, heel height, color and style and get a handmade custom created footwear of your own in less than a couple of hours. 
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Cool off in the shaded trails of the Bermuda Arboretum

This is a lush and dense national park located in the Devonshire parish. Pack a picnic basket and head out here to spend an afternoon in the shades of the unique Bermuda cedars or taking a stroll through its meadows and woodlands. It also gives shelter to a variety of species of birds such as the bluebirds and cardinals. 
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When it comes to such tranquil parks and nature reserves, Bermuda has no dearth of them, each with lush greenery and verdant foliage. You can take a cycling tour along the Railway Trail which runs across the length of the island. There are several other well preserved nature reserves where you can head to find peace and beauty this amazing destination has to offer. Some of them are the Cooper's Island Nature Reserve, Idwal Hughes Nature Reserve, Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, The Bermuda Botanical Gardens and several others. 

Sail along the waters of Great Sound at sundown

Take in the beauty of the setting sun aboard a spacious catamaran with a glass of a traditional cocktail in your hand and a cool breeze through your hair. There are several sunset cocktail sailing tours that you can opt for, many of which even come with music on board along with complimentary beverages and snacks. Some of them also have a lively commentary delivered by the crew/ captain telling you more about the places you see along the way. There are several other sightseeing tours and glow worm tours too that you can take. 
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Get to the wonders below the surface of the earth

The Crystal and Fantasy Caves in Hamilton parish is a subterranean wonder on the island. These caves with their limestone formations of stalactites and stalagmites are a sight to behold. They range right from dripping icicle and chandelier like forms on the ceiling to intricate rock formations under the water of the crystal clear lake as you walk along the floating bridge here. The chilly interiors of the caves are also a welcome break from the heat outside. Learn all about the interesting history about the formations of these caves millions of years ago and also about how it was later discovered by accident and also about its illustrious first tourist on the guided tours given here on all days of the week. 
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Drink in style

Bermuda has some distinct drinks to offer which are quite popular with both locals and tourists alike. Apart from the famous Gosling's Black Seal Rum which has got a distinct status on the island forming the base of many island cocktails and even an essential ingredient in local dishes and the locally brewed hand-made beer, there are some classic cocktails that are a must-try. Two of these are the Dark n Stormy and the Rum swizzle, both of which have received honorable statuses on the international drinks scenario. Barritt's Ginger Beer is another very popular drink that you will find on many tables across restaurants in the island on a warm and sunny day. 

Mingle in the Bermudian dining scene

Bermuda cuisine is an eclectic mix that has evolved over the years with local foods, produces and preparations being influenced by international cuisines, innovative chefs and fresh seafood available and when it comes to restaurants, cafes and pubs on the island, you will be spoilt for choice. 
Go for the classic Bermuda fish sandwich made with perfectly fried snapper, wahoo or any other catch of the day between slices of raisin bread and a tartar sauce dip on the side, at Art Mel's Spicy Dicy or Woody's. You can get a takeout container of some mouth watering barbecued chicken and ribs at Big B's BBQ and enjoy them on the outdoor benches. For some home-style Caribbean cooking that includes dishes like jerk chicken, curried goat, garlic conch etc, head to Jamaican Grill. Eat local style at Mama Angie's in St. George in its very unassuming setting, but a place that serves some of the best breakfasts of codfish, omelettes, burgers and sandwiches on the island. Give in to that sweet craving at the Dockyard Pastry Shop for some European style treats including cheesecakes, pastries etc. 
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A great way to explore and experience the island is by joining one of the guided food tours here. As you taste some of the local dishes and drinks at various restaurants, you also get to learn about the history and architecture here between stops. Such walking food tours are organised in Hamilton City along with two-wheel tours organized by East End Eats between Hamilton and St. George and a Dockyard to Hamilton bus tour along some of the unbeaten paths by Sip and Savor Bermuda, among many others. 
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Appreciate the architecture

Tour some of the oldest buildings on the island and learn all about their histories and how the architecture here developed over the centuries. The Carter House on St. David's Island is considered to be the oldest with exhibits of early Bermudian life now displayed here for visitors to see. Tucker House and the Old Rectory in St. George have interesting histories of their own with antique paintings and furniture exhibited there. 
At the end of the Hamilton Harbor you will see Waterville which was home to the famous Trimingham family. Today it still houses their family heirlooms along with antique furniture and oil paintings. Several other properties like the Mitchell House which has now been converted into the St. George's Historical Society Museum, The Camden House which you will find amidst the greenery at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens and many others will give you an insight into the Bermuda of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. 
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Visit the other attractions

Bermuda has a story to tell and a history hidden at every corner you turn. Visit its churches, museums and forts to know more about this mystical island. Apart from these, there are big attractions like the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (BAMZ) where you can view hundreds of species of sea creatures, marine life and much more. 
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Celebrate summer as the sun smiles down upon Bermuda!

The islanders have their own unique style of celebrating the advent of summer with various events and festivities that are organized across the month. The Marina Nights organized at the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club offers different types of food and drinks to its guests. They even organize live entertainment and outdoor seating. There is also the Made in Bermuda Nights that starts around June or July and lasts through the summer months. Local artists and performers come together to promote the culture, tradition and authentic art of Bermuda complete with music and a party atmosphere. 

Bermuda public events in June

There are some great events held in the island in June. Some of the major ones include the following: 
Harbor Nights: This is a weekly summer event held every Wednesday on Front Street at Hamilton City where pedestrians can indulge in food, shopping and entertainment as the local shopkeepers, artists and performers take to the streets displaying their wares. 
Bermuda Carnival: This is one of the biggest celebrations on the island with a carnival style party theme featuring local cuisine, dancers in traditional costume, streets filled with revelers etc. 
Queens Parade: Usually celebrated in the second week of June, this is when the Queen's birthday is celebrated on the island with much pomp and show. 
Canada Day in Bermuda: The Association of Canadians organize a beach party to celebrate the Canada Day. 
Bermuda Pow Wow Festival: This is usually celebrated once in two years and held at St. David's Island over two days in the month of June when you will see the Bermudians celebrating their ancestral connections. 
Newport Bermuda Race: This is a whopping 635 mile race that takes two to six days to complete, between Newport, Rhode Island and St. David's Lighthouse in Bermuda. 
Marion Bermuda Yacht Race: This race takes place Buzzardís Bay in Marion, Massachusetts to St. Davidís Head in Bermuda and more than a hundred yachts take part in it. 
Olde Town Market: Usually held on certain days of week between the months of April through November at St. George's along Water Street. X Discontinued 
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