What to do in Bermuda when it rains?

Well if you like rains, then Bermuda is all yours all the time... you can virtually do everything in rains in the island and fill your heart. But I doubt you like rains, particularly during your vacations. Then you won't be reading this page. A good news for you is, it rarely rains continuously for a long period in Bermuda. 
So if you are looking at a forecast that says it'll rain the whole day while you are on your vacation in the island (accompanied with hails and storms), it'll most likely be wrong. It's true that it can rain any day in Bermuda and there is no specific monsoon season in the island. But it usually rains in short spurts. Even when it does, it does not usually rain all across the island. So while it rains in one part of the island, the other part might be sunny. And sometimes it rains at night, and not during the day time. 
Having said that, if you have booked a boat tour and the weather is inclement, there is high possibility that it may get cancelled or rescheduled to another day. While rain all day long is rare, but it can happen if you are too unlucky (we experienced that once in the month of February). To get an idea about how much it rains in the island on an average, take a look at this Rainfall Chart
But then what to do if it rains during the day while you are there? You don't want to spoil your vacation because of rains. Fortunately there can be a good Plan-B. 
There are actually a plenty of activities and things to do even when it rains in Bermuda. While umbrellas are okay, on a typical rainy day with strong winds, you are better off with a rain coat or a disposable poncho, rather than an umbrella. If there is no winds, umbrella is fine. But note that in Bermuda rain is usually accompanied by winds. 
Here are some great things that you can do in Bermuda on a rainy day: 
1) Visit the Aquarium, Museum and Zoo ... it's underrated but actually quite good. 
2) Visit the Crystal Caves ... wander around the caves, take your own time (instead of taking the set tour). 
3) If you have visited the caves, then come to the nearby Swizzle Inn ... a famous pub where you can take your lunch (mostly pub fares though) and some beer. Enjoy the pub ambience and the rains outside sitting at the roof covered terrace. 
3) If you like to get yourself some nice massage and health or skin treatment, this is a great time to visit a spa and spend the whole day, or at least half day. There are plenty of great Spas in the island. Some of the best ones includes Willow Stream spa at Fairmont Southampton Hotel (X Temporarily Closed) and the Ocean Spa in Cambridge Beach Resort. 
4) The west-end Royal Naval Dockyard is another great place to explore on a rainy day (or even otherwise). It has several attractions like National Museum of Bermuda (lots of maritime history, exhibits and artifacts), Commissioner's House located within the museum and depicting the poignant history of slavery in the island and also having a huge wall mural that showcases Bermuda through various stages over the past several centuries. Also visit Dockyard Glassworks, Dockyard Clayworks, Art Center and many other places of interest. Take a look at Dockyard Attractions
5) Visit the Bermuda National Gallery at City Hall and Art Center in Hamilton City and see the marvelous collection of artwork by local and international artists. 
6) You can also visit the Masterworks Museum - a great art gallery at the Botanical Garden premises in Paget. Note that there is a regular guided walking tour that takes place at the Botanical Garden. Unless the weather is really bad, the tour from the garden's visitors center takes place even when it rains. They provide umbrellas. 
7) Visit Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute in Hamilton which explores the underwater wrecks, corals and marine life. You will see lots of underwater exhibits there including film footages, collection of rare underwater treasures recovered from shipwrecks, learn about many deep sea creatures and take simulated dive into ocean. 
8) Take a bus and enjoy the scenes in rains. If your cruise ship is anchored at Dockyard (Kings Wharf), take bus #7. It takes the scenic south shore road by the beautiful beaches. While beach activity on a rainy day may not be ideal, but at least you can see all the great beaches. Or alternatively, take a taxi tour to get around the island and see the places as it rains. As I mentioned earlier, you will likely reach a part of the island which is dry and sunny, and if there is a beach around, start your beach activities if that is what you were missing the most. 
9) If you plan to shop around a bit, then this is a perfect time to do that. There are several covered shopping areas and malls in Bermuda including the Clocktower Mall at the dockyard, Washington Mall in Hamilton City (20 Church St), Bermudiana Arcade also in Hamilton (27 Queen St), several large shopping stores on Front Street (Hamilton) etc. If you have an umbrella, visit Somers Wharf at St. Georges and enjoy the offerings of quaint shops and restaurants. 
10) Visit one of the Great Island Restaurants to experience Bermuda's culinary skills, relax while you wine and dine. Choose a Front Street restaurant in Hamilton with a balcony that overlooks the harbor and the street. You won't know how time would fly. Another great experience is Afternoon Tea, a longtime British tradition which continues to be part of the islanders' life. If you are a coffee drinker, visit a Coffee Shop and savor a cup of coffee made from pure roasted beans and chat with the locals.  
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