Things to do in Bermuda in October

The overall weather is quite pleasant. October falls towards the end of the "high" season in Bermuda and things begin to slow down. You will find it is not as busy as the other tourist months and there are still a lot of attractions and things you can do while here. There is a significant drop in humidity in October but the water is still quite warm and so are the days (not as hot as the peak summer months). This will give you ample opportunities to explore the various attractions the island offers. 

Hark! The Beaches are calling

Bermuda's main attractions are its beautiful beaches with their rather unique pink hued sand and turquoise waters. In fact Bermuda's Horseshoe Bay Beach ranks very highly when it comes to the best beaches in the world. Since humidity is much lower during this time, you can best enjoy the sub tropical climate of the island now and it is quite nice to spend time either lounging on the beach, go swimming or simply spend it with your children and family. 
At Horseshoe Bay, you will find a number of fun activities right there on the beach to keep you entertained. If you want to give water sports and activities a miss, you can simply hop into the Rum Bum Beach Bar for a cool drink or a simple meal. You can also try some shore fishing at the West Whale Bay Beach or have a fun time with kids here in its shallow waters. 
Tobacco Bay Beach is another popular spot not only for water sports like snorkeling and swimming, but also for some great food and entertainment on the beach itself. Post sunset also, the beach comes alive with bonfires, live music and happy hour specials. The calm waters of the Elbow beach also offers great opportunities for swimming and snorkeling. 
The Warwick Long Bay beach and the adjacent Jobson's Cove are wonderful getaways especially for couples looking for some peace and quiet space for themselves. These beaches are completely unblemished by any commercial setups and hold their charms in their most natural forms. So much so that you will have to carry your own water, sunscreen, hats etc as you will not find anything here on the beach. The Church Bay beach too is ideal to spend a relaxed day with family, snorkel and see some beautiful marine life, and get some memorable snapshots. 
There are several other beautiful beaches where you can also carry a small picnic basket and have a  little party. Clarence Cove, Daniel's Head, Shelly Bay, Somerset Long Bay beach are only some of such places you can visit. 
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Go the waterway

There are several wonderful tours you can take by boats which will give you a superlative Bermuda experience right from the middle of the majestic Atlantic. There are some mesmerizing sunset tours which are major attractions in their own right. Cruises like the Hamilton Sunset sail are complete with boats that are well stocked with the famous island drinks, music and also hospitable crew who give you interesting inputs about your tour and the island in general. 
The Catamaran Sunset Sail gives you an opportunity to sail in the waters on the island in the luxury of its fleet of catamarans. The Bermuda Triangle Twilight Cruise is uniquely adventurous as they give you tours on glass bottom boats with illuminated underwater views of the exotic sea creatures. The list is endless and each of them have something unique to offer that might interest you. 
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The exquisite glow worm tours indeed offer a sight to behold and one you will never forget. It is a spectacle which takes place a few days each month from May through November where the glow worms emit a mesmerizing green light right in mid ocean during their mating period. There are several boat operators on the island that include glow worm tours too apart from the other sightseeing and adventure tours. 
Apart from luxury and sightseeing boat tours, you can sign in for snorkel boat tours as well to experience the wonderful offshore snorkeling adventures. You can see the amazing underwater world... Corals, reefs, fishes, sea creatures and even turtles are part of the thriving marine life that you can expect to see. 
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October is the wettest month in the island, so you need to be prepared at all times for sudden and heavy downpours. Also starting next month, it is the beginning of the "low" season here and you might find certain tour/ water sport operators beginning to close down or shorten their operating hours from the end of the month. Most, if not all, of these tour operators are active on e-mail and you can always write to them for information and bookings when you plan your trip to Bermuda. 

Take the Food Tours

One of the best ways to start your sightseeing tour is by taking part in one of the Food tours that are organized here. It is a nice idea to take this tour towards the beginning of your stay here as it would give you a fair idea about what are the best places that you can revisit or put up at or even the best places to shop. These are guided walking tours that are done in small groups where you are taken to various food venues usually in nooks and alleyways only a local would know about. It is one of the best ways to sample some of the island's unique cuisines and also learn about the history of the places you visit. 
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Unravel Bermuda's rich history at St. George

The island is not only wrapped in an element of mystery and intrigue, it also has a very rich cultural heritage and historical past that is bound to interest you. So while you will definitely take boat tours to visit some of the famous reefs and wrecks around the island, you will also find it equally interesting to follow the trail of its heritage that will take you to a time many centuries ago. The history of the advent of the blacks on the island to the abolition of slavery and much more lend a rather rich dimension to the island's allure. 
The historic town of St. George is a great place to start off. The old town is dotted with architecture that dates back many centuries. You can visit the several museums, squares and even witness re-enactments of old customs that are performed to keep the past alive in a way. The churches have their own unique tales and the forts will give you a glimpse of the time when the British army had a stronghold here. 
You can go shopping for some unique island crafted items here especially perfume at the Perfumery or even visit the main shopping hub of the town at Somers Wharf. There are some beautiful gardens like the Somers Garden and parks where you can sit and relax. You can savor some of the best island cuisines here at one of the many cafes, restaurants and even ice cream parlors around the town.  
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Mingle in the iridescent City of Hamilton

Although St. George gives you a few shopping options, the main shopping hub on the island is the City of Hamilton. From the biggest shopping mall on the island- Washington Mall to famous stand alone shops, the city gives a wide range of options to the quintessential shopper. Start at Front Street and walk down the picturesque stretch by the waterside. Some of the shops like TABS, The English Sports Shop, The Gibbons Company and many others are veritable landmarks in themselves. The range of products you can look out for are umpteen. 
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When it comes to tasting some great cuisines, there is no dearth of good restaurants here. If you are looking for seafood, most of them offer fresh "catch of the day". Besides, there are also several that offer Italian, Continental, Indian and even French cuisines. In and around Front Street alone, you will find several food venues, several of them with al fresco settings in the balcony that overlooks the harbor and the street below. 
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The City of Hamilton also has its fair share of churches, museums, parks, architecture and eateries which you can explore. You can take a walking tour of the city and visit the Bermuda Society of Arts and City Hall to see some of its creative artwork, then move on to the Bermuda Cathedral and St. Theresa's Cathedral which are also great evidences of the rich architecture the island boasts of. You can take a breather on one of the shaded wooden benches at the attractive Queen Elizabeth Park or the Victoria Park and soak in the beauty of nature. Head off to Fort Hamilton for a spectacular view of the harbor. 
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Savor the sights and sounds at the Western End

You can then head to another part of the island, the <Royal Naval Dockyard> at the western end, which again has its own unique colors and charms. This is where most of the large cruise ships dock, but it morphed into a major tourist attraction over the years with its restaurants and pubs, shops and a few one-of-a-kind experiences. Savor some of the island's best sea food here  and also shop for clothing themed on the island's rich marine history. 
You can start at the National Museum of Bermuda and then come to Dolphin Quest which is quite an amazing dolphin training and display center, to the Craft Market and Bermuda Arts Center where you can chat up with local artists at their studios. The tour of Dockyard Glass works and Bermuda Rum Cake company along with Bermuda's only microbrewery, are attractions you would not like to miss. 
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Check out the other attractions

This time being one of the wettest in the year, you can expect to get stalled in your plans of outdoor activities anytime. A great way to spend a good afternoon would be by visiting the subterranean wonder on the island- Crystal and Fantasy Caves in Hamilton Parish to see some wonders of nature or the Aquarium Museum and Zoo nearby to get amazing insights into the marine life surrounding the island.  
The Gibb's Hill Lighthouse in Southampton Parish is the oldest cast iron lighthouse in the world and a place worth a visit. For a rendezvous with nature, take a cycling tour down the railway trail or visit Tom Moore's Jungle in Hamilton Parish. 

Enjoy local public events and festivals

Bermuda Gombey Festival: This is a cultural event that happens annually around September / October where local performers in complete traditional attire showcase their talent. 
King Edward VII Gold Cup: This is an annual sailing competition held in the Hamilton Harbor  and organised by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. 
PGA Grand Slam of Golf: It is an annual international golf event held on the island and one that holds immense prestige and aura. 
Bermuda Food Truck Festival: Bermuda also has to offer some delightful food, that it serves to its customers, on wheels. Popular food trucks face off with one another and throngs of people visit to make this event a grand success. 
Bermuda Art Walk: This is also an annual festival held in the Town of St. George where you will witness the works of various local artists. 
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