What to do in Bermuda in September

June through September is the busiest time on the island and is considered high season. There are a lot of events and activities that happen here around this time. This is when most attractions are open and tour operators are operative. 

Enjoy some of the world's best beaches

The island is renowned for being home to some of the best beaches in the world. The Horseshoe Bay Beach and the Warwick Long Bay beach are especially noteworthy for their unique pink sand. 
There are several other beautiful beaches like the Tobacco Bay beach, Jobson's Cove, Elbow beach and many more where you can spend a beautiful day lounging, sun bathing, swimming, snorkeling or even enjoying some of the food and drinks on offer at the various beach restaurants. You will find several water sport/ activity operators too along with beach rentals like lounge chairs, umbrellas etc. Some of them like the Tobacco Bay beach even have after sundown bonfires and music right there on the beach ! 
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Enjoy the outdoor sports

As the air and water temperatures continue to remain warm and touristy, there is a variety of fun activities and sports that are on offer and you can indulge in. 
Cliff Jumping is a well loved adventure here that you can try. Visit Royal Admiralty which offers different heights for different levels of cliff jumping adventures. Once you take a dive into the deep waters, you can go swimming and exploring the many hidden caves around the area with intriguing histories. Most of these caves were dug out by the Royal military sometime during the nineteenth century. Alternately you can visit Horseshoe Bay or the Diving Board Island which is cut out for divers. However the latter is an island and accessible only by boat. Keep safety first when venturing out on this sport. 
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Rock climbing in Bermuda is another popular sport that you can try. DWS (Deep Water Soloing) is a very popular kind of climbing that involves climbing on cliffs by the coast at high tide so you have only the deep waters to fall back on. There is also the Sport Climbing which includes proper rock climbing gear that you can use.  You can visit Admiralty House Park just outside Hamilton City where Clarence Cove gives various options of rock climbing to climbers of varied skill sets. 
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Make the most of the clear ocean waters

Bermuda's bounteous waters gives you ample opportunities to try out various water sports and activities.  The water temperature around this time is quite warm and ideal for a good swim, dive or snorkel. You can snorkel in the shallow waters near the shore or even go offshore and try the more adventurous snorkeling near the reefs. You can even expect to swim with the turtles in these waters and see some amazing marine life under the water. 
Apart from the regular swimming and snorkeling you can try out other exciting water sports like  kayaking water and jet skiing parasailing,  paddle-boarding and much more. 
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Fishing is another great attraction here and you can try your hand at Shore fishing, Reef fishing or Deep Sea fishing and May through October is the best time for it. You can join one of the many group fishing trips that are organized by several fishing operators on the island or book a fishing charter if you are expecting to catch marlin, tuna and wahoo in the deep. 
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Take a sailing tour

September is a great time when you can avail one of the many sailing group tours offered by a number of operators, and there are different kinds of boats and yachts that you can choose from ... mono hull boats, catamarans, large motor cruisers etc. And there are different themes for such sailing tours such as sunset sailing, sightseeing along the coastline, rum and cocktail sailing tour, combination of sightseeing and snorkel tour and more. 
You can also charter boats from various companies to take you around some great wreck and reef sites to witness firsthand, the mystery that surrounds this tiny island. These boats are often well stocked with bars, restrooms etc and you can spend an entire day on them sailing the high seas. 
May through November is also the glow worms mating season in Bermuda and you have the chance to view the amazing spectacle from the waters around the island. You can book a boat tour here who will take you to see the mesmerizing green glow that they emit during this time. 

Hamilton City- the throbbing heart of the island

The city of Hamilton is the capital and the hub of most of the buzz that surround the island. The city offers its visitors a palette of entertainments in the form of tours, activities, shopping, sightseeing, landmarks, parks, range of food, nightlife and much more. 
Take a walk along Front Street, which is the center of most of the city's activities. It is lined with shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs each offering a unique experience. A great way to sample the local food and drinks along with touring the city imbibing its rich culture and history along the way, is by taking part in one of the food tours that the city has to offer.   
You will find a multitude of other tourist attractions and sightseeing opportunities here, most of which remain open all year round. Art centers like the Bermuda Society of Arts and City Hall house the works of eminent artists. There are a number of beautiful churches like the Bermuda Cathedral of the most Holy Trinity and St. Theresa's Cathedral. It is dotted with pretty parks and gardens like the Queen Elizabeth Park, Victoria Park and Albuoy's Point where you can sit and relax taking in the beautiful sights and sounds of the island. 
The city also offers great avenues for the addictive shopper. The Washington Mall is the biggest mall around here. There are several other stand alone shops housed in architecturally rich edifices, where you can buy some of the island's authentic items. The English Sports Shop on Front Street is where you can go for the brightly colored iconic Bermuda shorts. Brown & Co. is a department store with various offerings from books to jewelry and even gifts and souvenirs. 

St. George - a trip down the memory lane

The historic town of St. George is diametrically opposite to what you will experience in Hamilton, but has its own charms and attractions nevertheless. You can start your day on a balmy September morning by taking a ferry from dockyard to this idyllic old town and then have breakfast at one of the many cozy cafes which you can walk down to from the ferry terminal. Some of them even offer al fresco dining and you can intake some of the beautiful sights of ships leaving the harbor while enjoying your morning coffee. Mama Angie's Coffee Shop and Temptations are but a few of the places you can try out. 
Take a trip down the history as you visit the various museums and churches that are mostly within walking distance of each other. You will learn interesting historical facts at the St Peter's Church and the Unfinished Church. At the Tucker House Museum, St. George's Historical Society Museum and Bermudian Heritage Museum, you can view historical documents and artefacts along with relics of its cultural past, the abolition of slavery, the heritage of blacks and much more. 
There are also several forts here like St. Catherine Fort, Fort George and many others that will give you a glimpse of the Royal fortification that had its roles during the world wars. 
A quick rest in the Somers Garden or indulging in a delicious ice cream or frozen yogurt at Yo Cherry will give you a much needed relief from the outside heat. Somers Wharf by the dockside on Water Street has a lot of shops and restaurants for buying some beautiful island made souvenirs and a sumptuous lunch. St. George also has its fair share of great beaches like Tobacco Bay Beach, Clearwater Beach etc where you can enjoy a lot of beach activities as well as snorkeling and swimming. 

Royal Naval Dockyard- Showcasing its motley culture

The Royal Naval Dockyard at the western end of the island, is the island's principal port and also a major attraction. You can visit the Bermuda National Museum along with the nearby Craft Market and Dolphin Quest. You can do a lot of shopping at the historic  Clocktower Mall which houses jewelry, handicrafts, clothes shops and much more. Don't miss sampling the famous Bermuda rum cakes at the Bermuda Rum Cake Company. The same building also houses the Glassworks Company where you can see some beautiful glass pieces being created by local craftsmen and also buy some of these pieces. 

Other attractions

You will find a lot of other attractions on offer when you visit the island in September. The Crystal and Fantasy Caves, The Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, Tom Moore's Jungle etc, each of which has something unique to offer. 

Enjoy the local events and festivals

A number of local events, festivals and competitions take place on the island at this time of the year. So if you are on the island around this time, you can witness some of these events which have deep bearings with its cultural past. 
Bermuda Beach Tennis Tournament: This event is held either in August or September every year where you can watch exciting face-offs between local and overseas teams right on the beaches of Bermuda ! 
Bermuda Sand Sculpture Competition: This competition is held mostly around the end of August or beginning of September at the Horseshoe Bay Beach. Various teams and even families participate in this very popular event and you can see some beautiful creations made out of sand. 
Bermuda Gombey Festival: This is an annual cultural festival held either in the month of September or October, where local troupes showcase their traditional dance form. Besides this there are other fun activities and food stalls where you can have a nice time. 
Destination Dockyard: This usually takes place every Monday between the months of July-September where you will see local dance, music, cultural shows and also local food in Royal Naval Dockyard. 
St. George Historical Re-enactment: In keeping with the town's historical legacy, this re-enactment takes place in St. George from April through November where you can see performers enact the punishments that were inflicted upon law violators hundreds of years ago. This also includes the dunking of a nagging wench in water. 
Summer entertainment at Snorkel Park Beach: You can take part in a variety of parties and festivities that are organized on the beach on all days of the summer months, for an entry fee (varies from $5-$10 depending on the event). 
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