What To Do In Bermuda In July

July is high summertime in Bermuda and one of the most popular tourist months of the year. There is much to do on the island this time around with most of its tour operators active, all attractions open, restaurants and cafes abuzz with guests pouring in and several guided tours taking you through the most scenic nooks and crannies of the island. 

Head to some of the greatest beaches in the world

The biggest attractions of Bermuda are its spectacular beaches. You can walk for miles along the shores and not tire of it. The pink tinged sand and crystal clear waters are reasons enough to spend hours swimming, snorkeling, beach partying or simply lounging around. The Horseshoe Bay Beach is one of the most popular beaches here with a lot of beach activities and events that happen here. There are beach rentals, beach bar and water sports that keep the place abuzz. The beach also connects to other beautiful beaches through a coastal trail. 
Move on to the Warwick Long Bay beach and notice a stark difference here with hardly any vendors on the beach, keeping it as untouched as possible. There are several other beautiful beaches each offering something unique flair for you to explore. The Jobson's Cove, Elbow Beach, Tobacco Bay Beach, Clearwater Beach etc are just a few of them. 
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Enjoy the serenity amidst the nature

This is a great time for some outdoor activities on the island. So pack a lunch basket and enjoy the meal in the shades of the lush green trees at one of the many parks and nature reserves on the island. The lush Botanical Gardens or tranquil Bermuda Arboretum can be a perfect spot. There are several other well preserved nature reserves on the island that you can visit like the Cooper's Island Nature reserve, Spittal Pond or even Tom Moore's Jungle named after a renowned Irish poet, where you can also take a swim in the mangrove waters and discover some of its hidden caves. 
You can take a cycling tour through the Railway Trail to witness some of the most picturesque spots on the island. However, the weather can be a bit trying given the heat and humidity, so go well stocked on sunscreen lotions and drinking water. 
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Make the most of the Bermudian waters

You will find immense opportunities on the island for fun activities on the water. There are several fast paced and exhilarating water sports that you can try like jet skiing, flyboarding, kite-boarding, paddleboarding and even parasailing. You can also try scuba diving and cliff jumping, both of which are very popular here. If you want to go mellow, try the gentler parasailing, kayaking or simply go cruising on the sailing or yachting tours. 
Fishing too is very popular with locals and visitors alike and the warm waters of the Atlantic during this time breeds catches like the marlins, barracudas etc. You can try shore fishing, reef fishing and even deep sea fishing. There are several charter fishing companies that can take you on such group fishing trips. 
Swimming and snorkeling in the warm Atlantic waters to see some of its most exquisite marine life, colorful fishes and even getting to swim alongside the turtles, is a great experience. You can choose to do both beach and offshore snorkeling, though getting to the reef sites would fetch you more rewarding views under the water. For snorkeling too there are several boat tours that can take you to the best offshore locations. 
Take a sunset cruise along the waters around the island and enjoy a relaxed evening on the deck of your boat with a glass of a traditional island cocktail in your hand, music in the background and some great company. It is probably the best way to enjoy the island's weather, its calm and clear waters and also its amazing history as you sail right past them. 
July also falls within the mating season of the Bermuda glow worms. This is a one-of-a-kind tour that you must not miss. Held at a specific time each month during the summer, about a couple of days after full moon, the little creatures circle around the surface of the water emitting a celestial green glow in the process. You can take one of the several glow worm boat tours on the island to see this mesmerizing sight. 

Take a sightseeing tour around the island

Bermuda is an island steeped in history and there are several other attractions, each with an interesting tale attached to it. You can take one of the guided van or taxi tours or simply set out on a self guided tour. There are several museums and churches that give you an insight of the island's rich cultural heritage along with its architectural glory. Whether it is the quaint old town of St. George or the more commercial and hipper Hamilton City or even the Cosmopolitan Royal Naval Dockyard, the island has something unique to present to you everywhere. 
Visit the shops that sell local hand-made goods like perfumes, jewelry, crockery, glasswork and much more, for keepsakes from the island. Visit their pubs, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs for delicious cuisines. See its historic forts, an evidence of the British stronghold in the era gone by, and the spectacular underground caves. Go along the African Diaspora Heritage Trail to go back to the advent and abolition of slavery on the island. Get to see the entertaining historical re-enactments complete in traditional costumes of the period recreating important scenes from the past. 
Visit the sleepy fishing village - Flatts Village and walk down to the BAMZ (Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo) to see hundreds of different species of birds and sea creatures. Don't miss the fantastic Crystal and Fantasy Caves, the two best caves in the island with lakes and complete with boardwalk to experience the amazing limestone formations under colorful lights. 
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Taste the island's best flavors

The Bermudian cuisine as it stands today, is a rich blend of local flavors with international influences. It has evolved over the centuries with settlers finding their way on the island bringing with them their traditional faire which then got imbibed into the island's ways. The much loved fish sandwich here is one of the best in the world. 
Other seafood and dishes made with fresh catches of the day include crab cakes, fish chowder, the much in demand traditional Codfish breakfast or even a Bermudian fish curry made with a fresh catch rightly seared and then dunked in a thick sauce. Try a jumbo sized sandwich at Art Mel's Spicy Dicy and a cool local cocktail or a can of ginger beer or even a good bowl of mussels served with Thai Coconut curry at Mad Hatters, and you are good to go. You can also visit Barracuda Grill, Wahoo's Bistro or Bonefish Bar and Grill for some great selections in seafood. 
For some great pub style meal too there are several options like the Swizzle Inn, White Horse Pub, Frog and Onion Pub or the Hog Penny Pub. Most restaurants provide pleasant outdoor seating, so you can enjoy your meal watching either the harbor with its boats bobbing in and out of port or the busy island streets basking in the summer glory. In fact, if you are at Blackbeard's Hideout near sundown, you can even get an unimpeded view of the beautiful riot of colors on the Bermudian skyline as you seat yourself at the cliff-side restaurant. 
You even have the option of trying French, Italian, Mediterranean and Indian cuisines here. Try a classic French meal of foie gras, creamy lobster bisque, the Chateaubriand and end it by satisfying your sweet tooth with a delicious souffle and your choice of sauce, at the Fourways Restaurant and Inn. At the La Trattoria you will find some great Italian dishes especially for pizza and pasta lovers. At Sul Verde at the Rosewood Bermuda, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to a proper family style Italian meal. From fried calamari and bowls of homemade pasta to platters of meat and seafood and some smacking desserts. 
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Public Events and Festivals in July

Harbor Nights: This is a weekly event held every Wednesday in Hamilton City where you can walk along the entire stretch of the Front Street enjoying the sights and sounds of the local culture. Local food, art and craft and dance and music performances grace the streets during this time lending a fun filled atmosphere to it. 
Bermuda Cup Match: Usually held end of July or early August, is the biggest event on the island. The islanders enjoy four continuous holidays during the cup match days (including weekends) and the island activities virtually become stand still. 
Soca vs. Reggae Event: This is an after party musical event following the Cup Match. It is very popular even globally with visitors coming to it from overseas locations. 
Bermuda Fashion Festival: This is a week-long festival with runway shows and exciting night life showcasing the island's best in designers and models. 
Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship: Bermuda is one of the world's best and most liked fishing spots and thus holds huge fishing championships that attract participants from across the globe. Across three major fishing championships, this event sees high performing boats, anglers and crews fighting it out over nine days. 
Bermuda Beachfest: This coincides with the first day of the Cup Match and you can enjoy a day at the Beach fest and another at the match, if you so prefer. 
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