Complete list of attractions in Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach (Southampton Parish): A picturesque beach with pink sand and has a curvature of a horseshoe. It has adequate beach amenities including cafe, beach bar, rentals, bathrooms, coast guards etc. This is one of the top 10 beaches in the world and the most popular in Bermuda. 
Crystal and Fantasy Caves (Hamilton Parish): Watch the amazing limestone formations as you walk over the wooden bridge laid over the lake inside. The cave complex offers guided tours. 
Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (Hamilton parish): Three attractions in one complex, the main one though is the Aquarium. Here you can see amazing marine life and fish of the north Atlantic. 
Boat Tours: Wonderful group and private tours offered on motorboats, sailing yachts and catamarans. There are tours including glass-bottom views showing stunning corals, fish and marine life, sightseeing tours showing coastline and water landmarks, sunset sailing with cocktail, snorkel cruises and more. 
Tobacco Bay Beach (St. George's Parish): This is a small but beautiful beach near St. Catherine's Fort. Beach facilities includes cafe, bar, water sport activities including snorkeling etc. 
Dolphin Quest (Sandys Parish): This is a dolphin activity and training center located within the National Museum complex at Royal Naval Dockyard. Other than watching dolphins perform amazing stunts, you can participate in an interactive session of feeding dolphins and playing with them. 
Warwick Long Bay Beach (Warwick Parish): This is a half a mile stretch of lovely pink sand offering secluded areas and a sandy trail to several other beaches. Great for snorkeling and swimming. 
Elbow Beach (Paget Parish): Having a shape of an elbow, this a very popular beach for both tourists and locals. Amenities include a beach cafe and bar run by a hotel, water sport operator etc. 
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse (Southampton Parish): This is the oldest cast iron built lighthouse in the world and overlooking the Great Sound water area. The panoramic view from the top is awesome. 
St. Peter's Church (St. George): This is the oldest Anglican church in western hemisphere that has been in use from the beginning. 
National Museum of Bermuda (Sandys Parish): It showcases the rich history and heritage of Bermuda through numerous exhibits and artifacts, and is housed in a fortress. You will know about Bermuda's past including how the first settlement took place in the island, its slavery period, maritime past, why and how Royal Naval Dockyard was built, how the fortress was built to safeguard the dockyard, collections from Royal Navy, and lot more. The museum is located at Royal Naval Dockyard. 
Snorkel Boat Tour: In offshore snorkel areas you can see amazing reef fish and marinelife, wonderful corals and even shipwrecks. Group and private snorkel cruises are offered. 
Port Royal Golf Course (Southampton Parish): Although green fees are very expensive, this course is a dream for all golfers around the world. It is a venue for PGA Grand Slam. 
Hamilton City Tour: A self guided tour to take you through all the key attractions in Hamilton which is the Capital of Bermuda and also the commercial hub. 
South Shore Park (between Southampton and Warwick Parishes): Walk along the 1.25 mile sandy trail or the waterline to visit some of the loveliest pink south shore beaches of Bermuda starting from Horseshoe bay beach, to Jobson's Cove, Stonehole Bay and all the way to Warwick Long Bay. 
Tom Moore's Jungle (Hamilton Parish): This is the only real forest in Bermuda where you can explore many plantations, mangroves, pond and several caves and grottos (where you can even swim). 
Island tours by minibus: Group or private tours are available on minibus taking you across the island, showing you many top tourist sites while giving you great photo opportunities. 
Island Tours by Taxi: Hire a taxi by the hour and tour around the island, enjoy the landmarks, lovely scenery, the beaches, visit historical sites and more. Several taxi drivers are also certified tour guides and can plan out a great island tour for you based on your time and interest. 
Tour Historic St. George: Self guided tour of St. George, the former capital of Bermuda where the first settlement took place in early 1600s. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and steeped with history. 
Masterworks Museum (Paget Parish): Great art gallery with about 1,400 masterpiece collections of paintings and artwork. Located inside Botanical Gardens. 
Cathedral Of The Most Holy Trinity (Hamilton): An awesome Anglican church with Victorian architecture. 
St. Catherine's Fort (St. George's Parish): This is a historic British fort originally built in early 1600s and later rebuilt. It overlooks the ocean and is fringed by beaches on both sides. 
Unfinished Church (St. George's Parish): Construction of the church started in 1874 but was never finished mainly due to parish infighting. It is now part of the world heritage site. 
Royal Naval Dockyard: Being the largest cruise port in Bermuda and with large tourists influx, numerous attractions have come up in the dockyard including national museum, boat and island tours of all kinds, art and craft studios and galleries, boutique shopping mall, many restaurants and bars etc. 
Nature Walks: Explore some of the nature trails and experience Bermuda's lovely landscapes, shoreline, reserves, parks and gardens. The 18-mile Railway Trail passing across almost the entire length of the island along the north shore is a lovely trail to explore. 
Hog Bay Beach (Sandys Parish): A 10-12 minute walk through Hog Bay Park would lead to this tiny beach on the western shoreline. The beach is available in low tide and remains free of tourists. 
Jobson's Cove (Warwick Parish): A beautiful cove surrounded by large rocks keeping the water calm and making it great for swimming and snorkeling. It's located near Warwick Long Bay. 
Rent a boat and explore islands: Rent out a small motor boat, go off the coast line or into an inland water area like Castle Harbor, and explore many small and beautiful tiny islands. Some such islands have lovely sandy beaches which you can enjoy in privacy, have a picnic, swim out and even snorkel. 
Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (Hamilton): You can demystify the underwater world through a series of exhibits and interactive systems. Few of the great attractions here are submarine and ocean simulators, treasure coins etc. There is also a great restaurant in the building. 
Kayaking: Great kayaking (canoeing) tours and know about the best operators. Some kayaks have glass bottom to view marine life and some fitted with LEDs at the bottom for night vision. 
Paddleboarding: Know about the best standup paddle boarding tours and operators. 
Fort Hamilton (Hamilton): Great fort overlooking Hamilton harbor and built in 1870s. 
Shopping in Hamilton: Hamilton is the main shopping center in Bermuda. Know about the great stores in Hamilton, what they offer, their location using a map, store hours and more. 
Astwood Cove - Park and Beach (Warwick Parish): A beautiful grassy park overlloking the ocean and below that is the stunning pink beach. 
Church Bay Beach (Southampton Parish): A small but locals' favorite beach for snorkeling. Opposite the entry way is the beautiful St. Anne's Church - an Anglican parish church, another great attraction. 
Sea Glass Beaches: Several beaches offer magnificent sea glasses of different colors. Couple of them are located in Sandys parish, another one in St. George's parish. 
Reef or Wreck Dive: Bermuda has all the ingredients for unparalleled scuba diving, and even for beginners. Other than numerous reefs offering views of colorful and wide range of fish and corals, there are large number of shipwrecks in the waters here to explore. 
Harbor Nights (Hamilton): A popular island festival held in Hamilton City on Wednesdays during summer. Great opportunity to experience Bermuda's culture, traditions, local food and heritage. 
Admiralty House Park (Pembroke Parish): it has a lovely parkland good for picnics, a small beach surrounded by cliffs, and even a cave. An unknown gem which very few know and visit. 
Spittal Pond Nature Reserve (Smith's Parish): Walk the trail through Bermuda's largest nature reserve. It has a large pond, many plantations, unique wildlife, strange rock formations on the shore created by wave actions, and lovely views of the water. It's also a great bird sanctuary. 
Eat the Bermudian way: When you visit Hamilton City, you can see food trucks, vans and even carts at several places including one right near the Ferry terminal on Front Street. This is where you get cheap yet delicious Bermudian fares like Bermuda fish chowder, fish cakes, Jerk chicken, seafood prepared in Bermudian way, codfish brunch on Sundays and lot more. During lunch time many office goers can be seen eating out of the trucks. 
Afternoon Tea: You won't find a Bermudian who is not habituated to traditional English afternoon tea which is served with sweets, finger sandwiches and homemade cookies. Experience this great tradition. 
John Smith's Bay Beach (Smits Parish): A great beach popular with locals and good for snorkeling. 
Shelly Bay Beach (Hamilton Parish): A family beach with shallows making it great for swims. Has a children's playground, and a long boardwalk along the shoreline leading to the famous Railway Trail
Cooper's Island Nature Reserve (St. Davids, St. George's Parish): A great nature reserve with lovely views of the water. Located very close to Clearwater beach and Gombeys beach bar. 
Horseback Riding: Explore the trails along beaches and landscapes on a guided tour of horseback riding. 
Bermuda National Gallery (Hamilton): Great collections of local and international artwork. 
Daniel's head park and beach (Sandys Parish): Nice beach on western coast with water sports. 
Clocktower Mall (Sandys Parish): A shopping mall located at Royal Naval Dockyard and full of boutique stores. It has a couple of restaurants as well. 
Somerset Bridge (Sandys Parish): Smallest drawbridge in the world. 
West Whale Bay Beach (Southampton Parish): A south shore beach with a parkland and the Whale Bay Battery making it a nice place to visit. 
Chaplin Bay Beach (Warwick Parish): Another pink beach and part of south shore park. 
Historical Perot Post Office (Hamilton): Perot was the first Post Master General of Bermuda. 
Queen Elizabeth Park (Hamilton): A beautiful city park full of trees, flower beds and gardens. An ideal place to sit and relax, and even to have your packed lunch after a shopping spree in Hamilton. 
City Hall and Art Center (Hamilton): A central landmark of Hamilton, it's a venue for many important functions and exhibitions. It also houses Bermuda National Gallery. 
Dockyard Glassworks (Sandys Parish): A glass blowing studio where artists make exquisite glass pieces using glass blowing technique. Located at Royal Naval Dockyard. It's co-housed with Rum Cake Company which too is another attraction. Rum Cakes are special and original to Bermuda. 
Botanical Gardens (Paget Parish): Good place to explore Bermuda's flora. Full of flower gardens and plantations. Also has a cafe and a gift store. A free guided walking tour is offered on some days. 
Somer's Garden (St. George's Parish): A nice park for relaxing. It's named after Sir George Somers, the founder of Bermuda. His heart was buried at this park and body taken back to England. 
Fort Scaur (Sandys Parish): A historic fort with lovely parkland. The fort was built to protect Royal Naval Dockyard from possible land attacks from enemies. 
St. Catherine's beach (St. George's Parish): A nice quiet beach next to St. Catherine's fort. 
Clearwater beach (St. Davids, St. George's Parish): A great family beach with rentals and food available at Gombeys Beach Bar. Cooper's Island Nature Reserve here is an added attraction. 
Town Hall (St. George): A central landmark of St. George and located at Kings Square
Bermuda Historical Society Museum (Hamilton): Showcases many rare Bermuda collections including coins, silver, furniture, books and lot more. 
World Heritage Centre (St. George): A great place to understand St. George's history and how it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They use movies, dioramas, panels etc to explain the stories. 
Victoria Park (Hamilton): A nice park with many trees, lush lawns, flowerbeds and bushes. There is also an old ornate Band Stand here where open concerts are held. 
Verdmont Historic House Museum (Smith's Parish): An grand Georgian style house built in early 1700s. It's now a museum showcasing old furniture and household items of the period. 
St. George's Historical Society Museum (St. George): One of the oldest and unique houses in St. George which was built in 1730s. It retains the household items of the family who once live here. There is also an old printing press at the basement. 
Bermuda National Library (Hamilton): Great collection of books, video and audio. Free wifi. 
Walking Tours: Explore Bermuda's trails, historical sites, beaches, caves, forts, churches and lot more as you take self guided walks or join professionally guided walking tours. 
Bermuda's Traditional Homes (St. George's Parish): Set out to explore the old traditional houses of the island that still exist since centuries and appreciate the architecture. 
Bermuda National Trust Museum (St. George): A good place to know about settlement and subsequent development in the island, Bermuda's role in American Civil War, and many other interesting stories. 
Stonehole Bay Beach (Warwick Parish): A small scenic pink beach on south shore and free of crowd. 
Achilles Bay Beach (St. George's Parish): A small nice beach o one side of St. Catherine's Fort. There is a restaurant and bar accessible from the beach. A great place to watch sunset. 
Train Trolley Tours: A train like road vehicle. Available at Hamilton, St. George and Dockyard. Great relaxing way to tour several landmarks in the area and hear audio commentary. 
Horse Carriage Rides: A romantic way to see St. George and enjoy its charm as you pass by beaches, forts and historical sites. Also available at Hamilton and Dockyard. 
Jet Ski Tours: Guided tours on harbors and calm ocean areas showing you lovely sights from water. 
Segway Tours (Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys Parish): You can explore the dockyard attractions on these eco-friendly self-drive machines. 
St. David's Lighthouse (St. Davids, St. George's Parish): A great lighthouse on the eastern coastline and overlooking the ocean. It was built in 1879. 
Tucker House Museum (St. George): Another old house showing glimpses of early Bermudian life. Henry Tucker, a successful and influential person lived here. 
Bermuda Craft Market (Sandys Parish): Great collection of local art and craft. Located in Dockyard. 
Ferry Reach Park (St. George's Parish): A 64-acre parkland with walking trail, forested area, lake and a beach. A great place for spending half a day with family. 
Get a rejuvenating spa: Relax and rejuvenate yourself with a delicate spa treatment or a massage on a lovely beach, or in a natural cave amongst spectacular limestone formations, or in garden setting. 
Try Cliff Jumping: This is a favorite Bermudian sport - jumping off the cliff into turquoise water, swimming back up to the shore, then climbing back up to the cliff top and jump again! 
Bermuda Society of Arts (Hamilton): Oldest art society in the island. Great collections of art work from local artists and college students. Located inside City Hall and Art Center. 
St. Anne's Church (Southampton Parish): Beautiful Anglican parish church located opposite the entry way of Church bay beach. So you can cover both attractions. 
Gates Fort (St. George's Parish): It was built in early 1600s to protect the narrow channel through which the ships and boats entered St. George's harbor. Great views of the harbor and the channel. 
Alexandra Battery and Beach (St. George's Parish): A British fort overlooking the eastern water. The beach here is full of sea glass. So two attractions in one place. 
Spanish Point Park (Pembroke Parish): A lovely park with lush lawns and great view of Hamilton harbor. You can also see the remains of a floating dock on water (like scraps) that was one brought in to the island from England but  could never be later discarded out of the island. 
Heydon Trust and Chapel (Sandys Parish): A large parkland with the smallest church in the island. 
Bird Cage (Hamilton): A structure once police used to control traffic, now a landmark. 
Sessions House (Hamilton): This is the House of Assembly where parliamentary sessions are held. 
Cabinet House (Hamilton): Meeting place of Bermuda's cabinet ministers. 
Deliverance (St. George): Replica of the historical ship that was built in Bermuda in early 1600s by Sir George Somers and his men to continue their journey to Jamestown. 
North Rock Brewing Company (Smith's Parish): A traditional pub serving freshly brewed local beer of different flavors. Once it was also a brewery. The food here is good too and portions are large. The brewery has been consolidated with Dockyard Brewery, which too is worth a visit. 
Albuoy's Point (Hamilton): Has a waterside park with great views of Hamilton harbor which is usually full of boats. Pick up snacks from a lunch wagon parked here. Toilets available. Located near ferry terminal. 
Desmond Fountain Art Exhibition: Bronze sculptures from arguably the greatest artist Bermuda has ever produced. His artworks are on display at several museums and galleries across the island. 
St. Paul's Church (Paget Parish): An Anglican church with a graveyard. 
Bermuda Arts Centre (Sandys Parish): Great creative workshop and art gallery of local artists. It's located at Royal Naval Dockyard. 
Paget Marsh (Paget Parish): Nature Reserve to explore Bermuda's native plantations including cedars as you take the boardwalk that goes through heavy plantation area. There is also a large pond. 
Palm Grove (Devonshire Parish): Lovely manicured garden and pool. 
St. Theresa's Cathedral (Hamilton): Catholic church used heavily by the Portuguese community here. 
Somerset Long Bay Beach (Sandys Parish): A beach and associated nature reserve mostly used by locals and remain secluded. There is also a children's playground. 
Carter House (St. Davids, St. George's Parish): Built in 1640 as a private home in vernacular architecture, the building has survived the passage of time. It is now a museum. There is also a replica of a dwelling hut of early settlers at the grounds of Carter House. 
Old Rectory (St. George): One of the oldest private homes with a nice garden setting. 
The Birdsey Studio (Paget Parish): A studio which belonged to a famous painter of Bermuda. 
Bridge House and Gallery (St. George): One of the oldest houses in Bermuda which has been very well maintained. There is an art gallery at the ground floor. 
Fort George (St. George's Parish): One of the oldest forts on north shore built in early 1600s. 
Martello Tower (St. George's Parish): A cylindrical tower like fort built in early 1800s by the British. 
Camden House (Inside Botanical Gardens, Paget): Official residen of Bermuda's Premier although he doesn't live here. Visit the house which is built in grand Georgian architecture amidst sprawling lawns and gardens. You can see many interesting and valuable exhibits and items inside. 
Somers Wharf (St. George's Parish): A nice shopping and dining complex by the waterside. 
Bermudian Heritage Museum (St. George): Know about Bermuda's dark days of slavery through many exhibits and artifacts of the period. 
Cobb's Hill Methodist Church (Warwick Parish): Built by slaves and free blacks to finally have a place of worship. Construction work mostly took place in moonlit nights when slaves had free time. 
Gilbert Nature Reserve (Sandys Parish): 5-acre of forested area with a trail. Has many plantations. 
Black Watch Pass and Well (Pembroke Parish): A drammatic pass with towering limestone rocks on both sides of the road. At the end there is a well which was dug up to cater to poor during a drought. The well is now capped and no longer visible. But the pass is of course worth a visit. 
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