What To Do In Bermuda In March

Although this month slowly marks the end of winter and the advent of spring, March in Bermuda is still quite chilly. Many of its water sports/ activity operators might still remain closed around this time and the water too would be quite cold for swimming and snorkeling (unless in a wetsuit). Despite that, the island has much to offer and you will not have a dearth of attractions to explore. 

Explore the subterranean wonder at Crystal and Fantasy Caves

These caves are again one of the top attractions on the island. Besides, with the less number of cruise ships at port and few tourists around, this is a good time to visit the caves as you can avoid the long waiting time and also have a much more relaxed and leisurely tour around the caves. 
Footbridge at Crystal Cave 
Photo: Scott Heaney / Shutterstock 
The wondrous limestone formations of various shapes and sizes in each of the caves are worth a watch. Cross the floating bridge down here while peering up at the chandelier formations above and the crystal clear azure waters in the pool below with even more intricate formations underwater. 
Learn about the way these were formed millions of years ago and also the interesting account about the way the caves were later discovered and of course about its first ever tourist, one of the most illustrious figures in history. 
Read Crystal and Fantasy Caves to know more about them. 

Visit the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo

The BAMZ is another great attraction in Bermuda where you can see sea creatures of not only the vicinity but also from as far as Australia and Madagascar. This is one of the oldest aquariums in the world and it houses hundreds of species of mammals, birds, sea creatures like turtles, seals and even sharks. 
Learn about the geological formations at the various interactive sessions held here. At the end of the tour you can head to the adjoining cafe for lunch or a quick snack and also have a look at the gift shop here for some marine life inspired souvenirs. 
Read our article on BAMZ for more details. 

Head to Cooper's Island Nature Reserve

At the Cooper's Island Nature Reserve you will find yourself amidst nature in its most pristine, unbeaten and serene form. The wooded reserve lined with the famous Bermuda cedar is a lush green and picturesque haven. 
Take a picnic basket with you and walk down the walking trails and along the meandering pathways around forested areas that lead to several beaches. 
Well Bay Beach Bermuda 
Keep an eye out for turtles, giant land crabs and some exotic migratory birds that can be watched from here like the kingfisher, herons and such others. Get to the Wildlife Observation Tower at the far end of it and get a stunning view of the Bermuda coastline from here. 
Read Cooper's Island Nature Reserve to learn more about how to spend a peaceful day here. 

Take a walking, cycling or horse riding tour of the island

There are several other nature reserves, parks and gardens on the island that will reinstate your bond with nature. Going down the Railway Trail is a great way to traverse the island from one end to the other, witnessing some scenic spots, hidden "gems", solitary beaches and photo-worthy views along the way. 
Bailey’s Bay Footbridge 
At the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve in Smith's parish, you can do some quiet bird watching and also catch a majestic view of the Atlantic Ocean from the Portuguese rock. 
Spittal Pond Bermuda 
Tom Moore's jungle named after the celebrated Irish poet who wrote some of his greatest works here, will give you ample opportunities to wander amongst its caves, grottos, mangrove ponds that are clear blue and filled with fish. Other locales like Seymour's pond and Paget's Marsh with Boardwalk also give you a glimpse of the island in its untouched form with thriving flora and fauna. 
Another great way to go down the Bermudian scenic trails is on back of a horse. There are several horseback riding centers around the island that give couple and group tours. Trail the beautiful beaches along the south shore riding a horse or go through the Railway trail on these guided tours. 
Horse Ride in Bermuda 
Photo: Moran Meadows 
Some of them even offer riding lessons in small groups should you be interested. Mike Watson's Performance Horses is one of the best equestrian centers in the island. 
Read Bermuda Horseback riding to know more about what's on offer. 

Play Golf in Majestic Settings

Bermuda can be a golfer's paradise during the winter season. Without the "high season" crowd to mob you, it is a great opportunity to get your tee time at the various clubs around the island. Bermuda's beautiful oceanfront golf courses have even been graced by celebrity figures in the days gone by. 
Tuckers Pont Golf Bermuda 
The Turtle Hill Golf Club at the Fairmont Southampton has in fact earned the title of "Best Places to Play Golf" thrice by Golf Digest Magazine. 
Alternatively, enjoy an enthralling golf experience with majestic views of the Atlantic and Verdant scenery at the Port Royal Golf Course or the Ocean View Golf Course. 
Read Bermuda golf courses for a complete review of the various options available on the island for a good round of golf. 

Try your hand at a game of tennis

Tennis is another sport on the island that gains special popularity during the winter months when the weather is not too humid or sticky. There are a large number of tennis courts and clubs hosting tennis matches all across the island. The state-of -the-art facilities at the Fairmont Southampton is a nice choice for a serious match of tennis. 
The Government Tennis Stadium at Pembroke parish provides inland courts as players often complain of winds around the courts affecting their play. They have clay, shock-absorbing Plexicushion as well as night play illuminated courts here. 
Read our article on Bermuda Tennis clubs and associations for more info. 

Witness the majestic humpback whales

Whale watching is one of the biggest attractions of Bermuda and it can be done in the springtime around March-April. This is the time when thousands of majestic creatures travel from the Caribbean region, which they prefer during the winter for mating, to their feeding grounds in the north Atlantic region. As many as a staggering 15,000 of these whales migrate every year. 
Whale watching 
Source: Wikimedia Commons 
The island organizes several boat tours to watch these whales which can be about 40-50 feet or even longer and about 40-50 tons in weight ! Watching them in their natural surroundings is indeed a sight to behold. Whale watching tours are organized on several days of the week from around mid March to mid April by the BUEI- Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. 
Even the BAMZ- Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo arranges for such tours. There are several other operators such as Captain Kirk's Coral Reef Adventures, Blue Water Divers etc, who either arrange for a deck viewing or even a glass bottom boat viewing of the whales. Since the visibility under water is quite high during this time, the latter too is a good option. 
The West Whale Bay Beach in Southampton parish too gives an opportunity to watch the magnificent mammals in action from the shores with a good pair of binoculars. 
Read Whale Watching in Bermuda for complete details. 

Feast on the Spiny Lobster

This island favorite can be found in its freshest form at most of the island restaurants from September through March. Have it in the form of a lobster chowder, taco shells, over a pasta, in salads or in its original form. 
Outlets such as the Lobster Pot, Barracuda Grill, Tom Moore's Tavern, Portofino etc serve excellent lobster dishes that you must try. One of the island favorite lobster dishes are Baked Bermuda Spiny Lobster with Curried Baby Shrimp and Herb Filling. 

Unravel the mystery around the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Underwater exploration Institute (BUEI) located in Hamilton City is one of the island's top attractions. The Ocean Discovery Center here is the place that houses the various exhibits and artifacts that will help you understand the rich underwater marine life around the island. 
You can also view paraphernalia that have been extracted from ships wrecked around the island over the past few centuries. Children especially will enjoy a day spent here as they can unlock the secrets of the famous (or rather, infamous) Bermuda Triangle. 
Read our page on BUEI to know more about what you can expect. 

Eat Drink and Shop

The island's cuisine is one that has evolved over centuries with settlers bringing in their own fare and that mingling with what the locals ate along with what was locally produced and caught. 
Its culinary delights, as it stands today, can be sampled at the plethora of restaurants, bars, cafes and even nightclubs spread along the length and breadth of the island. The local seafood made usually with fresh catches of the day such as wahoo, tuna, rockfish etc is something you must indulge in. 
The fish Chowder, fish sandwich, fish cake and even the special Sunday Codfish breakfast are a must-try. Restaurants like the Bonefish grill, Bouchee, Henry VIII, Mama Angie's, Portofino's and many more offer some mouth watering fish dishes that you cannot miss.  
Codfish Cakes 
Bermuda Codfish Cakes 
Eat like the locals do at some of the outlets that serve quintessential Bermudian fares, some of them with lovely al fresco settings. Try the Wahoo's fish chowder with ceviche and conch fritters at St. George. Go for a rejuvenating yet nutritious brunch with a turmeric latte at Devil's Isle or one of the world's best fish sandwiches at Art Mel's Spicy Dicy. 
Read Great Restaurants in Bermuda to know about the top eateries in the island. 
The island also prides itself on serving Continental, Middle eastern, French, Italian and Indian cuisines. Team them with the famous Bermudian cocktails Dark and Stormy or a Rum swizzle or simply try them independently at one of the famous local pubs like the Swizzle Inn, Frog n Onion etc. 
Visit Gosling's or the Dockyard Brewery to sample some authentic island crafted rum and beer.  
Read Local and Traditional Food and Drinks to know more about what to eat and the best places to find them. 
Take home a slice of this amazing destination from one of the quaint and cozy shops and boutiques selling beautiful locally designed and made goods. Local artisans craft goods made of ceramic, cedar, glass etc. 
Bermudian clothes, cigars, soaps, candles, Christmas ornaments and even jewelry and perfume inspired and made with local ingredients are things to look out for. 
The Bermuda Craft Market at the Royal Naval Dockyard is a melting pot of such handmade goods that you can peruse and buy. Chat up with a local artisan, usually the sellers of these goods, to learn more about the goods and their craftsmanship and histories. 
Front Street Bermuda 
Photo: Darryl Brooks, Shutterstock 
Visit the charming Italian master Vincenzo Della Valle's store Della Valle Sandals for his beautiful handmade strappy sandals custom fitted to your feet. At the basement of the eighteenth century cottage Tucker House, find the quaint little bookstore 'Long Story Short' with shelves lined with books on the African Diaspora and much more. 
Pick up house-wares and island inspired gift items at '& PARTNERS' famous for chic Scandinavian house goods, jewelry, beeswax candles and Bermudian art. 
Go to TABS in Hamilton for a pair of the authentic Bermuda shorts in rich island inspired hues. Pick up some beautifully hand painted and sketched designs on kitchenware, table linen, napkins, bags, aprons and just about everything sold at The Island Shop. 
At Davidrose jewelry you will find chic pieces again inspired by the island's hues and habits. Get a whiff of the beauty of this amazing island in the fragrances created at the Lili Bermuda Perfumery in St. George. The list simply goes on. 
Read Bermuda Shopping Guide and chart your course in this shopper's paradise. 

Wallow in the history and culture of the island

There is a tale, history and intrigue in just about anything you see here. Bermuda is unique in many ways compared to other island destinations. One such feather in its illustrious cap that sets it apart is its rich history. 
Get a glimpse of it in the many forts, churches and museums dotting the island. Take a tour along the African Diaspora Heritage Trail to know about the advent of the Africans on the island right up to the abolition of slavery. 
Water Street at St. George, Bermuda 
St, George, Bermuda 
Photo: Charles Lewis, Shutterstock 
At the old Town of St. George, also a UNESCO World Heritage site, find yourself travel back in time as you walk down its stone paved alleyways. The Unfinished Church, St. Peter's Church, Tucker House Museum, The Historical Society Museum, National Trust Museum, Fort St. Catherine, Gates Fort are a few of the many places of interest here. 
Read the detailed article on St. George Bermuda
Hamilton City is the center of most of the island's commercial activities being the most colorful and busy part of the island. Here you can visit the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Fort Hamilton, St. Theresa's Cathedral and many more sites, each with a history to tell. 
The National Museum of Bermuda at the Royal Naval Dockyard is a great place to see the island's nautical history. Visit the Dolphin's Center- a training center for dolphins, and the Commissioner's House- the first cast iron house in the world, too while here. 
Read Royal Naval Dockyard to know more about how to tour it. 

Take a long walk down the pink sandy beaches

Bermuda's beaches are its top attractions and the unique pink sands and clear turquoise waters are what make it so. Although the weather around this time is still quite cold for swimming and water activities, it is not too cold for enjoying the beaches (quite secluded at this time of the year) by strolling down them in blissful serenity. 
Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda 
Photo: Captain-tucker, cc by sa 4.0 
The Horseshoe Bay beach, recognized as one of the world's most beautiful beaches, the Warwick Long Bay, Elbow beach, Tobacco Bay beach and many others grace the shores of the island with their beauty and tranquil. 
Read Top Bermuda Beaches to learn more about them. 

Events and Festivals held in March

Some of the popular public events that are held in the island in March includes: 
  • Bermuda International Film Festival: Some of the leading film makers from across the world find their way here for the famous BIFF which screen groundbreaking cinema every year. 
  • Taste of Bermuda Food Festival: Sample some of the island's best food and drinks at this festival where the chefs even compete with one another showcasing their signature dishes. 
  • Kite Festival (On Good Friday): Large number of locals gather at the Horseshoe Bay Beach and fly colorful kites on Good Friday. Prizes are given away for different categories of competitions. 
  • Annual Kite Making Workshop: These free workshops are held by the Phoenix Stores every year at one of its retails outlets. 
  • Bermuda Triple Challenge Weekend: These are obstacle races held over three days where you can participate to challenge your levels of fitness and stamina. Anyone aged 13 and above can participate to race on the obstacle courses, each day followed by an after event party. 
  • Grey Goose World Par 3 Championship: This is one of the most exciting golf championships held at Turtle Hill. Golfers from various countries participate in the men's, women's and children's divisions.  
  • Bermuda Beach Art Festival (Temporarily Discontinued): This is to celebrate the beautiful beaches of Bermuda where artists create beautiful artwork on the beaches.     
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