What To Do In Bermuda In April

April is the protraction of spring time in Bermuda, although the weather is still quite cold and much of its water activities continue to remain out of reach. However, the island comes with its share of surprises and avenues for exploring, so there's never a dull moment here! 

Watch the humpback whales at their majestic best

Spring time on the island between March and April is the time when these majestic whales migrate in search of food from the Caribbean area to the north Atlantic region. 
Several whale watching cruises operate during this time that offer viewing from the decks of the boats as well as through glass bottomed ones. You can also do whale watching from the shore and the West Whale Bay Beach is one of the best places for it. 
Read our article on Whale Watching to learn all about it and also know about the various cruises on offer, as well as all the best vantage points on the shorelines. 

Tour on the Sea Express

A great way to see the island is to do so along its coastline on the trusted Sea Express. This is Bermuda's ferry boat service that starts operating as per its summer schedule which is around the middle of April till early November. 
You can take a boat tour along the most scenic Orange Route with some magnificent views along its north shore. These boats are quite comfortable and spacious, often air-conditioned ones with open air decks too. This is also the quickest way of getting from one place to another. 
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Cycle along the picturesque Railway Trail

The erstwhile railway line that ran along the length and breadth of the island, but ceased operations way back in the mid twentieth century, now serves as a scenic trail for hikers and bikers alike. The Trail takes you along some secluded beaches, scenic stretches, a lovely footbridge with majestic views of the island's coastline and much more. 
Read our article on Bermuda Railway Trail for all details on the various sections of the trail and the best way to cover them. 

Delight in the laps of nature

The island offers several other avenues for experiencing its lush greenery and nature's bounty bestowed upon it. This is in fact a great time to see the island's flora in its most pristine and untouched form with much of its tourists having still not arrived here. 
The various nature reserves such as Tom Moore's Jungle, Spittal Pond, Cooper's Island Nature Reserve, Paget's Marsh etc are all well preserved, offering breathtaking views and maintaining much of their original allure. 
The Botanical Gardens in Paget parish too is great to see a nice collection of trees, flowers and shrubs. Within its premises you can visit the Masterworks Art Museum that exhibits some masterpieces in painting, photography and much more. 
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Wallow in the local artwork and art collections

Apart from the Masterworks Art Museum located at Botanical Garden (in Paget), visit the Royal Naval dockyard that bustles with markets, restaurants and even the national museum. The Bermuda Arts Center was established to support the local artists display their craft. Here the visitors can even meet the artisans and learn about their individual works of art. 
The Bermuda Craft Market too is a cornucopia of various art and craft work made and sold by local artists. You can pick up souvenirs made of cedar, ceramics, glass etc. Step into the Dockyard Glassworks to watch the mesmerizing sight of glass being blown into beautiful colorful shapes. Hop into the Rum Cake company adjacent to it and sample some freshly baked local rum cakes. 
In the City of Hamilton, go to the City Hall and Arts Center where you can see some beautiful bronze sculptures displayed. The Bermuda National Gallery and Bermuda Society of Arts housed here also display some creative artwork that includes paintings, photographs, sculpture and much more. 
Bridge House in St. George, constructed in the late seventeenth century, also displays old Bermudian items, antiques, original paintings, photographs and locally made crafts. This place is a veritable treasure trove of artistic collectibles. Imbibe the history of the place as you can learn from the owners of the place. 
Read: Bermuda Art and Craft for complete details. 

Tour the City of Hamilton with Ed Christopher

Ed Christopher, Hamilton's Town Crier (yes! they still have one of those) conducts a daily tour of the city that begins mid morning on weekdays from April through October. Complete in traditional attire, he takes you on a walking tour through the streets of Hamilton. 
Visit the History Society Museum and checkout the rare island artifacts and huge collection of documents at the National Library. It is set within the premises of the Queen Elizabeth Garden, that itself is steeped in history as it was designed by the island's first Postmaster General William B Perot, whose post office, much in its original form, you can see nearby. 
Get more of the local flavor as you turn into Front Street with its vibrantly hued Colonial style buildings and waterfront shops and restaurants. Go on to see some of the island's oldest churches, forts, museums and parks here. 
Read: Hamilton City Tour and plan your day accordingly. 

Step into a time warp in the old Town of St. George

Taking a stroll down the brick paved alleyways and lanes of St. George will transport you back in time. The town has maintained its charming old buildings, quiet elegance and affluent history. This UNESCO World Heritage site on the island's eastern end has some beautiful churches, museums and forts that you can see. 
Take the tour of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail to learn about its interesting past and rich culture. Checkout the re-enactment of the historical event Ducking Stool at midday in King's Square that takes you back in time when these exemplary punishments were doled out publicly. 
Read St. George Bermuda to know more about what you can expect here. 

Scoot to the West end at the bustling Dockyard

The Royal Naval Dockyard maintain a colonial air about itself and is a thriving hub of shopping, dining, entertainment and sightseeing. Delve in its rich history as you shall learn that the Dockyard was an insignia of the Royal military power for more than a century because of its expedient location. 
Visit the National Museum of Bermuda to get a glimpse into the island's maritime history. It is housed in a fort that was built to guard the entire naval base against attack. 
The Clocktower Shopping Mall, which in the present day houses restaurants and shops, used to serve as the administration office for the Royal Navy. It still features its old world cobblestone floors, wrought iron pillars and multiple crests from ships. 

Get a bird's eye view of the island

The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Southampton is one of its kind being amongst the first cast iron made lighthouses in the world. The 117 feet lighthouse which takes a daunting 185 steps in a spiral staircase to mount, gives a breathtaking view of the island. It overlooks the south shore and you get a great view of both the City of Hamilton and the Royal Naval Dockyard from here. 
Read Gibbs Hill Lighthouse for more info. 

Imbibe the sights and sounds at the quaint little village

Flatts Village in Hamilton parish is a relaxed little place with some picturesque landscapes, fishing areas, cosy little houses in soothing pastel colors and palm trees. This was one of Mark Twain's favorite spots where he spent much of his final days. 
Walk down to the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo (BAMZ) from here and view specimens of the island's rich marine life. During the months of April through September you can also avail the free guided tour here. 
Do not miss out on the activities that take place in The Discovery Room for kids aged 2-4 every Friday where they can dress up like birds and animals themselves. 
Read Flatts Village for more info. 

Partake of Bermuda's culinary delights

The island has much to offer when it comes to food. The large number of restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs across the lengths and breadths of it ensures just about that. 
From local seafood made with fresh fish, lobster, crustacean etc to anything from French, Italian, Continental, Mediterranean and Indian, you can find them all here. Certain island staples like the fish sandwich, fish chowder, fish cakes etc are delicacies you must try as they are some of the best in the world here. 
Read Traditional Bermuda Food and Drinks to know more about the local cuisine and the best places to find them. 
There are several restaurants here that, apart from serving great food, also offer spectacular ocean views. Dining here can elevate your experience like none other, as this spectacular island destination has beauty in every direction you turn. Mickey's restaurant in Paget parish has its dining area on an open air deck at sand level on Elbow Beach. 
Bolero Brasserie in Hamilton City offers al fresco seating on its second storey porch from where you get a clear view of the busy Front Street and beyond it the harbor. Bone Fish Bar and Grill in Royal Naval Dockyard serves fresh seafood dishes on an expansive patio overlooking the Great Sound. 
Enjoy a panoramic view of the waterfront along with stunning sunset views through the massive floor to ceiling windows at the bistro style Ocean Grill at Pompano Beach Club. 

Get to the pink sandy beaches

The pink beaches and clear waters of the vast Atlantic are Bermuda's greatest attraction. The weather and water temperature would still be a little chilly for swimming and other water activities especially in the early part of the month. However, it is always a good time to go for a long walk along the beautiful beaches especially along the south shore. 
Read Top Bermuda beaches to know about the various beaches you can visit. 

For the quintessential shopper

Shopping in Bermuda can be quite an experience as you go looking for some beautifully crafted, island inspired, hand-made items that you can carry back home as a keepsake or even as a gift. Be it jewelry, perfume, clothing, crockery items, pottery or even books, there is a whiff of the island (or even a minute part of it, quite literally) in everything that you pick up. 
Read Bermuda shopping guide to know everything about what to look for and where to find them 

Other attractions

  • The BUEI (Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute) is one of the island's top attractions. Visit here and unravel the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle and also see some uniquely beautiful sea life. 
  • The Crystal and Fantasy Caves are yet another wonder deep below the surface of the earth. Know about the interesting history of its formation with the amazing limestone formations within them and also about its discovery millions of years later. 

    Events and Festivals held in April

  • Peppercorn Ceremony: This is a traditional event held annually at King's Square, St. George. Dignitaries and government officials attend this very important ceremony that comprises of a parade in full traditional costume  
  • Bermuda Annual Exhibition: This is a very popular annual agricultural exhibition held over a period of three days at the Bermuda Botanical Garden. 
  • Kite Festival: This is one of the great Easter events in Bermuda which is usually held on the Good Friday. It is also known as the Kite day when Bermudians and visitors fly kites in the beaches. 
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