What To Do In Bermuda In May

With May comes the much awaited summer season on the island when air and water temperatures soar and most of the water activity operators open their doors for business. The steady flow of visitors of the high tourist season starts to trickle in and the island is once again abuzz with activity after the quiet winter months. 

Delight in a fishing adventure

May through November is the best time to pursue fishing in Bermuda. You have a choice of shore fishing, Reef fishing and even Deep sea fishing here and can expect to catch fishes like Bonefish, Snapper, Barracuda and even big games like Tuna, Wahoo and Marlin if you go for Deep Sea fishing. In fact, Bermuda gives access to some of the best deep sea fishing in the vast Atlantic. There are several charter fishing companies in Bermuda that can take you on private charters or group fishing trips to the reefs or deep sea. 
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Head to Castle Island

Pack a picnic lunch and rent a motor boat or a kayak to the Castle Island to spend a secluded fun filled afternoon. You can do some swimming and snorkeling too in the crystal clear blue shallow waters around the island. Go exploring through the ruins of the fort here that dates back hundreds of years. The forts in and around the island have some interesting histories. 
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Try cliff jumping in Bermuda

This is a very popular summer sport on the island that many indulge in. There are many places and rock formations here that are ideal for cliff jumping. Admiralty House Park provides great opportunity for this sport. Go out on a fun filled day with a picnic basket and try out this heady sport. There are of course some safety factors that you need to take care of. 
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Make the most of Bermuda's rock climbing cliffs

Bermuda is a popular destination for different kinds of rock climbing especially deep water soloing (DWS). This is where you climb on sea cliffs at high tide where your only protection is the water below as opposed to the use of ropes, gears and other anchors used in the more conventional forms of sport climbing. Clarence Cove in Admiralty House park is the most popular part of the island for such climbing. 
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Head to the gorgeous pink beaches

Bermuda is home to several world famous beaches with soft pink hued sand, rocky coves and crystal clear turquoise waters. Horseshoe Bay beach is in fact rated as one of the top beaches in the world. Spend your day beach bathing or swimming in the water or just lounge on the beach under a rental beach umbrella partaking of some of the tasty fares available here. Walk along the calm Warwick Long Bay Beach, feel the surf wash over your feet and head to the peaceful Jobson's Cove. There are several other beaches here, each offering a unique opportunity to spend a fun filled day like the Elbow Beach, Church Bay beach, Tobacco Bay beach and much more. 
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Enjoy snorkeling in Bermuda

There are several opportunities for both beach as well as reef and wreck snorkeling in Bermuda. Tobacco Bay beach, Church Bay, Snorkel Park are some of the several beaches that offer ample snorkeling opportunities from the beach. May through October is the best time for snorkeling with great water temperatures though visibility increases many folds during the winter months. There are various tour operators who can take you for the much more rewarding offshore snorkeling where you can see the healthy reefs and colorful and abundant marine life. 
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Sail the Bermudian waters

The island offers a host of boat tours that promise unforgettable experiences on the waters of the Atlantic. There are sunset cruises that you must try to see the riot of colors on the island's skyline at sundown casting beautiful effects on the ocean waters. Most of the cruises are complete with famous island cocktails, snacks and great company of the crew members. 
You can even opt for one of the various sightseeing tours that take you on a waterway journey through the partially submerged shipwrecks, some of the best sea life including colorful fishes and even turtles, small islets and other landmarks along the way. Learn some interesting historical facts as you zip through these sites. There are tours that take you on snorkeling and other water sport cruises such as kayaking etc. These too are good options to enjoy the island's ecological bounty. 
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Get mesmerized by Bermuda's glow worms

May through November is also the time when the glow worms in the Bermudian waters have their mating season. They come to the surface of the water circling it and all the while emitting a mesmerising green glow that illuminates the entire area in a wondrous haze. This takes place at a precise time after sunset two or three days each month during the summer months. There are several boat tours that take you on these island special glow worm tours that are probably one of a kind in the entire world. 
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Visit the top attractions on the island

The island boasts of some great places to visit besides its exquisite beaches. The Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo (BAMZ) in Hamilton parish exhibits hundreds of different species of sea creatures, birds and mammals. The Crystal and Fantasy Caves with their beautiful limestone formations are a subterranean wonder that you must not miss. See these chandelier like stalactites and stalagmites while you hear the interesting tale of their formation and discovery. Unravel the mystery around the Bermuda Triangle when you visit the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) in Hamilton. Take a guided tour through the institute and learn about some great research work done here.  
Take a cycling tour through the Railway Trail that runs from end to end of the island and witness some photo-worthy spots, reclusive beaches, a picturesque drawbridge and lush foliage. There are several other well preserved nature reserves like Tom Moore's Jungle where you can even go for a swim in the cool mangrove lakes and explore the hidden caves and grottos, Spittal Pond, Cooper's Island and many more that you can visit for a tryst with the serene flora and fauna of the island. 
Bermuda is a unique getaway in many ways. Unlike other beach destinations, the island prides itself on having a rich cultural heritage and history to delve in. Each of the many museums, forts, churches and other monuments here bear testimony to this fact. The National Museum of Bermuda at Royal Naval Dockyard with its artifacts relaying the nautical history of the island, Tucker House Museum at St. George showcasing collections from the life of the famous Bermudian after whom the museum has been named, Bermuda National Trust Museum again at St. George are some of the many museums that you can visit. 
Churches like the St. Peter's Church, Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity and even the Unfinished Church are of great historical and architectural importance. Some of these museums and churches are also a part of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail that covers the history of slave trade on the island right up to its abolition. The various forts here too bear witness to the days of yore when the island was a British stronghold and how these forts served as strong protectors against enemy attacks. The Fort St. Catherine, Hamilton Fort, Gates Fort are but a few names out of several others. 
Take time out to appreciate the local art and craft by artists and artisans on the island. The Bermuda Craft Market at the Dockyard is a great place to the culmination of various talents here. See the beautifully crafted works out of cedar wood, glass, wax, ceramic, wool, beads, shells etc. You can even watch several craftsmen at work here creating some of the finest objects on the island that can serve as keepsakes for you. 
Besides the Craft Market and Dockyard Glassworks located at the Royal Naval Dockyard, there are several other centers that exhibit beautiful works of art. The Masterworks Museum of Art located within the premises of the Botanical Gardens, The Bermuda National Gallery and Bermuda Society of Arts both located within the precincts of the City Hall in Hamilton City, The Hall of History mural at the National Museum of Bermuda are some of the many places where you can see paintings, photographs and many other art work, all worth your while. 
Take a tour of the Town of St, George where you will almost feel like time has stopped years ago. The stone paved alleyways, the old traditions and customs still kept alive by re-enactments complete in the old world costumes, some of the oldest houses on the island etc will take you back in time and give a glimpse of the island's rich past. The City of Hamilton and the Royal Naval Dockyard on the other hand have a hustle about them at the same time maintaining evidences of Bermuda's culture and history. You have to drop in here whether it is to experience some of the best shopping, dining, nightlife or sightseeing experiences on the island. 
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Cool off with some mouth watering ice cream

Take a break while doing your sightseeing tours at one of the several ice cream parlors across the island. Bailey's Ice Cream in Hamilton parish offers a delectable selection of homemade ice creams in some exotic flavors. It especially serves as a great spot for some dessert after a sumptuous meat at the nearby Swizzle Inn. The cool interiors of Yo Cherry is just what is in order to beat the hot humidity outside with a large tub of tasty frozen treat that includes ice creams, frozen yogurts and even a selection of some great snacks to go along. Temptations, Alex and Pete's and The Dining Room at Gibb's Hill Lighthouse are some of the other popular stops for a delicious lick of cool treats. 

Relish the local seafood

The Bermudian cuisine is one that has evolved over the years with much influence of settlers and locals alike. Today what you find here is an eclectic mix of such fare that the islanders have come to adopt over the years. Needless to say, the local seafood is the best and freshest of what's on offer. You will find tempting island delicacies like fish sandwiches, fish chowder, fish cakes etc made with catches of the day. There are several restaurants that also serve Italian, Mediterranean and French cuisine. You will find restaurants, cafes and pubs that offer anything from a beach side bite to a gourmet style fine dining. 
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A great way to sample some of the best food and drinks the island has to offer is by joining a food tour. These are guided walking tours that also double up as sightseeing tours around the city where you learn about the best places to stay, shop, eat and visit along with some interesting facts about the history and architecture of the places you come across. This is probably the best way to see the place like a local. 
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Bermuda Public events in May

Harbor Nights: Colorful festive celebrations on Front Street at Hamilton known as Harbor Nights usually starts in the month of May and is held on every Wednesday. The street is closed to traffic for a few hours in the evening and pedestrians can have a good time enjoying the local food, art, performances (including Gombey dance), entertainment and much more. 
Bermuda Day: Held towards the end of the month with colorful parades and other activities, this day draws large number of spectators and marks the beginning of summer in the island. 
Bermuda End to End: This usually takes place around the beginning of May where thousands of participants come together to take part in the various walking, riding, rowing, paddling and swimming events, the proceeds of which go to charitable causes. 
Bermuda Onion Day: Since onions hold a special meaning in Bermuda, it is celebrated on Onion Day with various competitions and other fun activities that are held here. 
Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Race: This sailboat race is held between May and September where the various yacht clubs around the island compete amongst each other. 
Beating The Retreat Ceremony: This ceremony takes place between May and October where the Bermuda Regiment Band parade in full uniform across the island. 
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