Things to do in Bermuda in November

November is the beginning of the "low" season in Bermuda with winter setting in. However, there is still a lot you can do here, despite the temperatures beginning to drop during this time. 

Enjoy the local culinary delights

Bermuda has a lot to offer when it comes to dining. Savor the best of their food and drinks in beautifully set restaurants, bars, cafes and even nightclubs. You will find a wide range of both local and international cuisines served here. The Bermudian cuisine has slowly evolved over the centuries with traces of what was left by the settlers mingling the indigenous island flavors, seafood and whatever was locally grown in the sub tropical climate. September through March is a great time for lobsters here and you can try out some exotic fresh spiny lobster dishes offered at most of the restaurants around this time. 
Many eateries in Bermuda have an outside setting where you can eat al fresco enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds on a pleasantly cool day in November. There are a few signature Bermudian dishes, mostly sea fares, that you must try. 
Read local food in Bermuda to know about the unique island food and drinks. 
Start With Hamilton City 
Start your food tour at the capital city of Hamilton which is quite centrally located on the island… it’s the commercial and cultural hub of Bermuda. The Lobster Pot, Barracuda Grill, Portofino and Art Mel's Spicy Dicy are some of the outlets you can try for a nice meal of authentic and fresh seafood. The Fish Chowder is one of the dishes which you must try while here. It is a sort of broth based soup with ground fish head, chopped seafood, lots of vegetables, Sherry peppers and rum which give it its unique flavor. You will find it is usually served with the locally brewed Gosling's Black seal rum. 
The Fish sandwich and fish cake here are probably one of the best that you can find anywhere. The codfish breakfast… a hearty meal. It is a very popular Sunday morning meal prepared in many local households. You will also find it in restaurants like <Bouchee> in Hamilton, and is worth a try. The city is also dotted with a number of other multi-cuisine restaurants. 
Read our article on Best restaurants in and around Hamilton City for  complete details. 
Move on to the old town of St. George 
The Somers Wharf, in the town of St. George, is a bustling hub of shops and restaurants. Here too you will find restaurants serving local fish dishes like wahoo, rockfish etc, with interesting condiments on the side. Griffin's Bistro, Wahoo's Bistro are famous for their seafood while others like Tempest Bistro, The Wharf and White Horse Pub and Restaurant offer local  and international cuisines. If you simply want to stop for coffee and a snack or maybe even a delicious ice cream, try out Yo Cherry Ice cream parlor, Temptations cafe, Mama Angie's or Gojo's Coffee shop, each of which has an unique experience to offer. 
Get to the Royal Naval Dockyard 
If you are at the Dockyard, visit one of the oldest pubs on the island, the Frog and Onion Pub. It has a quiet British feel to it. You can also take a tour of the Dockyard Brewing Company while here, where they make handcrafted fresh draught beer with different island flavors. You can find some traditional Italian food at Cafe Amici and a sister concern The Bone Fish Bar and Grill offers fresh seafood along with live performances. 

Indulge in the local drinks and cocktails

Don't miss out on some of the amazing local drinks that the island offers. The Rum Swizzle and Dark n Stormy are two the most famous drinks here that you cannot skip. Made with locally brewed rum and a lot of other ingredients, they blend with the island's spirit and also its culture. You will find them being served at just about any bar, restaurant, club or even boat tours. The Swizzle Inn is a particularly popular pub where you can taste them. There are several breweries and wine shops on the island that you can visit to take a tour of or simply to buy some. The Burrows Lightbourn Ltd. is one of the largest such stores which has a number of outlets across the island. 
You can spend weekend nights at some of the famous nightclubs in Bermuda. Many of them have "happy hours" which are not to be  missed. Although some might find the night life here is quite sedate compared to many other beach/ island destinations, there is much to explore. There is dancing to DJs and live performances, drinks, celebrations and much more that happen till very late in the night. 
Cafe Cairo in Hamilton City is an Egyptian themed  club, bar and restaurant where you can partake of some authentic Mediterranean dishes. At the Calico Jack's Pirate Ship Floating Bar in Dockyard, you get a real feel of a pirate ship where an old ferry boat has been converted into a bar. Docksider Pub and Restaurant and Henry VIII restaurant and bar are but some of places that you should visit to experience island's authentic nightlife aura. 
Read Bermuda Nightlife for more information. 

Relish your sightseeing experience from the water

You can make use of the Island’s ferry service to take a waterway sightseeing tour or even to get around the island. The Orange Route Ferry usually operates until early November and that’s a great way to get lovely views of the north coast while travelling between Dockyard and St. George. The Blue Route Ferry is operational the whole year and that offer wonderful view of the Great Sound and Hamilton Harbor. Most of the ferry services however, follow a 'summer schedule' which lasts till the early part of November. Post that they follow a 'winter schedule' which has less frequent rides due to the decrease in the number of visitors to the island. 
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Get to the world famous beaches

This is the time of the year when the flow of tourists begin to trickle its way out. This leaves the island much less crowded and gives you ample opportunity to lounge on its pristine beaches in quiet seclusion. Bermuda is home to a couple of the world's most renowned beaches, so enjoy a stroll on its pink sands alongside the crystal clear waters of the ocean. 
However, note that you will be hard pressed to find beach rentals, stalls, food shacks etc on most of the beaches towards the middle and later part of the month.  Some beaches however, like the Horseshoe Bay Beach, will have a few rentals still operating. Swimming and other water activities could be difficult given the cold waters, however with a wet suit on you can still venture in. 
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Dabble in the rich flora

This is a good time to explore the nature reserves, flora and lush greenery that the island has to offer. There are several bike, bus and walking tours that you can opt for. 
Byways Tours:  This is a bus tour organized by Heidi Cowen who is not only a sixth generation Bermudian but also the granddaughter of the lighthouse keeper of the famous Gibb's Hill Lighthouse. The tour lasts 5-6 hours and includes lunch. The tour takes you to villages, private areas and back-roads and the tour guide gives you a more personal perspective of the places. 
Bermuda Hidden Gems Tours: They organize Summer excursions and winter excursions and take you through some of the most exquisite experiences on the island. The tour includes lunch, snacks and necessary gear/equipment on loan. 
You can also take a self guided walking/cycling tour on the railway trail. This too is a great way of exploring the island from one end to the other through some picturesque trails. 
The Bermuda Botanical Garden has a wide variety of fruits, flower trees and gardens that you can explore. 

Shop to your heart's content

Make the most of the shopping opportunities that the island offers at the Washington Mall and Front Street in Hamilton City, Somers Wharf in St. George and also the Clocktower Mall, Glassworks and Rum Cake Company and Crafts market at the Royal Naval Dockyard. Look out for locally crafted pieces like jewelry, artwork, clothing, souvenirs etc. The Bermuda Perfumery in St. George is a one-of-a-kind experience where you can see and also attend a workshop on the creation of exotic fragrances. 
Read Shopping in Bermuda to learn more about what you can expect. 

Make the most of all the other attractions

There are several museums, churches and forts, each of which has something unique to offer, that you can visit all year round. Take a tour along the African Diaspora Heritage Trail to get an insight into the past slavery and rich cultural heritage of the island. The various monuments and museums that you witness on this trail are designated as the UNESCO Slave Route Project. 
The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (BAMZ), Crystal and Fantasy caves, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) are some of the other places that will interest you. At BAMZ you can see specimens of amazing underwater life around the island and at BUEI you can decipher the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle through interactive exhibits. You will be taken into a wondrous world of beautiful limestone formations below the surface of the earth at the Crystal and Fantasy Caves. 

Enjoy the local events and festivals

There are several local events and festivals that take place on the island around this time of the year. Watch, experience and be a part of them to get a good feel of the rich culture of the island. 
Remembrance Day Ceremony: This day is celebrated in commemoration of all war veterans who fought alongside the Royal army in the two world wars. It is celebrated on November 11 every year. There is a walking parade down the Front street and up to the Cenotaph, in which all surviving veterans or their descendants participate. 
World Rugby Classic: This event is extremely popular and looked forward to here. International rugby athletes head to Bermuda to take part in this annual five day tournament. You can also look forward to post match parties and concerts where players and spectators can enjoy together. 
Food Truck Festival: This is a nice way to taste some of the island's best street food. It is organised around the end of October or the beginning of November every year in Hamilton City. You can enjoy the festive atmosphere along with a wide variety of foods from various vendors across the island. 
Bermuda Plein Air Festival: This festival is held across a whole week around the end of October to the beginning of November. Artists from across the globe come to the island to capture its beautiful landscapes. These are then exhibited and put up for sale. Best paintings of the week are submitted for the judges to select the best three. 
Email: [email protected]; Phone: 441-234-2809 (Arts Center Dockyard). 
Saturday Night Live: This live program takes place in the winter months of November through March (though usually not in December). The venues rotate and live performers/ musicians showcase their talents here. It is organized by the Bermuda government's Department of Community and Cultural Affairs and a schedule of events can be procured by calling them at (441) 292-1681. 
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