Fantasea snorkel tour experience in Bermuda

My wife and I booked the Fantasea snorkel tour while on our Bermuda vacation. The first thing is the directions for where to meet the tour were not specific enough and we ended up at their downtown Hamilton office when we should have been at the Royal Naval Dockyards. 
However, the pleasant staff easily changed our reservations for a tour the next day without any hassles. The next day found us in the midst of the throng of cruise ship folks all trying to get to their excursions. While we did see signs for other Fantasea tours, none were the same as ours. Even asking those Fantasea folks where ours was to meet met with confusing stares and miss-information. 
Eventually, someone came and asked the few of us waiting if we had an “Ultimate” tour with Fantasea. The word Ultimate never appeared on our paperwork, but luckily we discovered that was our tour. The boat was full, about 50 passengers, and there was little space for our gear. The crew on the boat was friendly and knowledgeable about Bermuda.  
We motored over to see the wreck of the Vixen, which was interesting, but took a long time out of our short 3 hr. cruise. We finally got to snorkel but only had about 1 hr left for the dive and only one dive site at that (not much of a snorkel tour). On the way back they did have all the swizzles you wanted, which was a nice touch.   
However, the crew which seemed to be very safety conscious during the rest of the trip didn’t seem to care if youngsters decided to make the canvas mesh between the hulls a personal trampoline while others were on it. 
Comparing to other operators it was obvious that the tour caters to the cruise boat set and is more corporate in their attitudes than other operators.  
By Scott Lippy (June 2010) 
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