Bermuda Weather in November

Temperature in November drops further compared to October and varies between an average high of 74 degree Fahrenheit to a low of 67 degree. The water temperature also comes down to 73 degree. 
But Water visibility remains at 100-120 feet making it a great time for scuba diving or even snorkeling. You will probably need a wet suit if you plan to be in waters for long. Cruise season comes to an end in November. The hurricane season of Bermuda usually ends in November. So there is a low chance of hurricane strike during this time. 
The island starts getting back to its laid back state with hardly any tourists around. This is a great time for golfing and getting tee time is easy, rates are also lower. 
Typical Bermuda Weather in November 
Bermuda Weather in November 
A chart showing average high and low temperatures (░F) in Bermuda in November. 
Air Temp High
Air Temp Low
Sea Temp Avg.
Note that the above temperatures are average over the whole month of November. A particular day may have highs or lows that may be slightly different from the above. See the chart below for an average day-wise high and low temperatures. Move the pointer on the graph (or tap if using a mobile device) to see the values. If you rotate your device, refresh/reload the page to see the graph properly. 
The following chart shows typical temperature in November by time as the day progresses. As you can see in the chart below, the typical early morning temperature is at 70.3 degrees and then it rises during afternoon to 73.2 degrees, and drops in the evening to 70 degrees. The night temperature is the lowest. 
A typical November day temperatures (░F) in Bermuda by time: 
Early Morning
Early Evening
Other important Bermuda weather information in November: 
Avg. Humidity:
Avg. Rainfall:
4.6 inches (Rains about 17 days in the month, but in short spans)
Avg. Sunshine:
On an average you can expect 5 hours of clear sky and sunshine in a day.
Avg. water visibility:
100 - 120 feet (30 - 35 meters)
Weather data sourced from Bermuda Weather Service ( 
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Visitors' Reviews andáComments

Adina (October 2016) 
Hi, I was looking into going to Bermuda for Thanksgiving weekend, the end of November. How is the weather during this time of the year? Is it cold or we would be able to enjoy the sun and beaches? 
Raj ( October 2016 
Hi, you can surely enjoy the sun and the beaches for lounging. But for swimming, the water can be a bit cold, but many can still manage.