Bermuda's Friendly People

Some viewers have sent me stories about their wonderful experience with Bermuda's People and the island itself. The following stories are examples of how friendly and charming the people of Bermuda are by their basic nature. This warmth and friendliness were some of the key reasons why my family and I had fallen in love with this island many years back. The bond and the attraction has only grown over time and we have kept coming back to Bermuda ever since. 
Here are the stories (ordered from older to newer)... 
Two friends and I made a trip to Bermuda in May of 2009, and for one of the groups, it was the first visit to Bermuda. For me, this was my fifth trip. We had the pleasure of enjoying the superb beauty of the Island(s) and the great hospitality of all of the Bermudians we encountered, from the cheerful clerks at the supermarkets, to the charms of both the Salt Kettle House and the Rosedon Hotel, and to the helpful and ever so charming folks serving stamp collectors at the Hamilton Main Post Office (I'm the stamp collector among us!).  
Well, on the Bermuda National Holiday, when much of Bermuda closes down for the celebrations, we decided to take the bus ride to Spanish Point, hunt down the historical wreckage of the now badly rusted "Dry Dock" skeleton just off shore, and otherwise enjoy the sights and sound of an area of Bermuda the two veterans among us had not yet discovered on our previous trips. 
On the north side of the point, where there are some beach areas, we passed a number of locals picnicking and enjoying the fair weather. Wouldn't you know it, but one extended family called out to us to come over and join them for a bit of lunch and a bottle or two of brew! In Canada, such an invitation to strangers is almost unheard of. We were all a little hesitant, but eventually, the friendliness just overcame our usual Canadian reserve, and over we went. 
We had a wonderful time chowing down, knocking back a few ales, and exchanging stories. One of the folks was even a frequent visitor to Canada, which further sealed the bond. What a wonderful hour or two we had with these gracious and warm people. 
We all three felt somewhat ashamed later, on account of our unwarranted initial distancing. This turned out to be one of several highlights to that 2009 trip. We'll be back - hopefully in 2012 or 2013. We can hardly wait! 
Daniel Marz, Toronto, Canada (November 2010) 
We are from Tennessee and were on Bermuda last week for our 15th wedding anniversary. We bought a 3 day bus pass and traveled all over Bermuda. On Wednesday the 13th, we were coming back from St George on bus route # 10 or 11. The driver was James Tweed. Mr Tweed is an exceptional ambassador for Bermuda. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. He greeted everyone who got on and off the bus and most of those by name. 
There were several school children who were riding his bus home that afternoon and he was vigilant and protective for them. He also made sure they were acting right and behaving well. You could tell they respected him and were so nice to him when they got off the bus and told him "goodbye Mr Tweed". It was heartwarming. It was standing room only and my wife and I were at the very front with Mr. Tweed. He explained some interesting uncommon facts about Bermuda and the local community we were driving through. This is never seen in the U.S. If we ever get back to Bermuda, we hope we are lucky and get to ride with Mr Tweed again. 
Greg Moates (May 2015)