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I have been always a bit curious to know how life in Bermuda is. I know people are in different trades, do different types of work, and therefore will have different life styles. But I had to start somewhere. I had finally gone on to ask some questions to an owner of a boat tours in Bermuda. She has been running one of the most well known boating tours in Bermuda along with her husband, who is the captain of the boat. 
Here is what she had to say about her life in Bermuda and how she spends her time. It was the month of August when she wrote to me. 
Hi Raj, Our cruise tours is one job which is very seasonal even though I am always answering e-mails, updating advertising, etc., and I usually work from November through March at Sail-On (40 hours a week) who have two great shops in Hamilton, Old Cellar Lane and also the Washington Mall. 
I have been working for them nine years and over the past four years, my time with them seems to get longer and longer and I end up going to them September after Labor Day when all the students go back to college and sometimes work through end of May, June or July.  
This year, I have been working right through, but had a week off at the beginning of July and now probably this week and next as I tend to burn out and cannot handle phone reservations, answer e-mails during July and August when it is our two busiest months for the boating tours.  
Unfortunately, our season for boating gets shorter and shorter and after Labor Day things drop off drastically right through to April, plus the world economy has affected Bermuda's tourism just like anywhere else. This is why Sail On is a nice fill in.  
Quite honestly, everyone is wondering what September and the off-season will bring for Bermuda, so having a second source of income, which at the moment can be twelve months of the year if I want, is very reassuring.  
My husband and I usually try to go away for a month mid-January when it is so quiet in Bermuda and no one really misses us as we really need a complete break! Well, must go and do some accounting for my cruises as that is one thing I am behind on at the moment and when I am off, it is catch up time!  
Take care. Regards, 
Jill O'Connor (August 2009) 

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