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Bermuda Athletic Association

BAA is more than 100 years old, this was the first sports club formed by the Bermudians. While there were cricket and sailing clubs, but this was the first to address the entire gamut of sports in Bermuda and helped develop the different sports. The club focuses on areas like track and field athletics, soccer, swimming, badminton and rugby. BAA has been a major catalyst for all round sport in the island. Woodlands Road, Pembroke Parish. Phone: (441)292-3161. 
In Bermuda soccer is known as football the way it's also known in the UK. So do not confuse this with American Football. BFA (Bermuda Football Association) is the main body that provides overall directions and guidelines and has a number of local soccer clubs registered under it. Check out the link to get information about all the soccer clubs and associations in Bermuda. 
Tennis was a pastime health sports for the admirals and governors in Bermuda. From there it grew into a major sport in the island. Today there are more than 100 private and public tennis courts in Bermuda. Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association is the parent body for organizing all the tournaments and proving overall guidance to the clubs. 
There are several golf courses in Bermuda run by both government and private golf clubs. This link will give you details about Bermuda's golf and the clubs along with information about the golf courses, location and contacts. 
Check out the link to know about the main yacht clubs in Bermuda and the associations. 
There are various Athletic clubs in Bermuda that train and participate in field and track events, road running events, walks and overseas meets. Many of the clubs are affiliated with Bermuda National Athletics Association which in turn is affiliated with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Check out the link to get the details of the clubs and associations in Bermuda in the field of athletics. 
This is a on-profit community center which offers a host of sporting and aquatic activities including 25-meter swimming pool, gym and fitness centers including aerobics, lessons etc. Most of these programs are available for all ages including young, adult and seniors. 

Bermuda Bicycle Association

The association was established in 1974 and has the objective of promoting and honing the local talents to help them represent in both local and international cycling events. They organize road and mountain bike racing throughout the year, promote club cycling events, represent Bermuda in overseas competition, develop junior riding etc. 
Location: Imperial Building, 34 Church Street, Hamilton  HM 11 
Postal Address: PO Box DV 192, Devonshire DV BX, Bermuda 
Phone: 441/799-8614; Email: [email protected] 
The facility includes four squash courts and a fully equipped gym (called the Argus Gym) along with showers and changing rooms. The gym is spread across two floors with the upper floor having cardiovascular equipment like Stairmasters, Treadmills, Cybex Bikes, Cybex Semi Bike, dumbbells, Cybex bench etc. It's located in Devonshire. 
This modern bowling facility is located at Warwick parish in Bermuda and known as Warwick Lanes. Check out the link for details. 

Southside Family Bowl

This is another bowling facility located at St. David's Island in St. George's Parish. Address: 1565 Southside Road, St. David's. Phone: 441/293-5906. 
Update: This Southside Bowling Alley has closed down since October 7, 2011. This is another victim of economic downturn in the island. The owner was unable to pay up the huge electricity bills and Belco (the electricity supplier in the island) finally cut out the power supply to this bowling alley which has been running since the US military setup in St. Davids. 

Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association (BASA)

BASA was established in the 1930s and is a member of the world swimming organization FINA. It is actively engaged in promoting swimming abilities at all age group levels including children. Starting from basics, there are a number of swimming programs offered by the association like Whites Island, Swim Bermuda and Get Wet. In 1981, the association created its own 25 meter swimming pool on a land leased from Saltus Grammar School
BASA sends participants in various international events including  Caribbean Free Trade Association (CARIFTA) Games, the Caribbean Island Swimming Championships (CISC), Central American and Caribbean Confederation (CCCAN) Swimming Championships, Commonwealth, Olympic and the World Swimming Championships. 
Pool Location: Canal Road(Saltus Field), Pembroke 
Registration Secretary: Suite 1426, Par-la-Ville, Hamilton, HM11 
Email: [email protected]; Phone: 441-292-1713  

Bermuda Masters Swimming Association (BMSA)

Promotes swimming for adults of all ability levels. Anyone over 18 years of age can become a member and take up swimming for enjoyment and health reasons, or to participate in local and international competitions. The Association is a member of BASA. 
Email: [email protected]         
Postal Address: BMSA, PO Box DV300, Devonshire DVBX, Bermuda 

Bermuda Badminton Association

The badminton court of the BAA (Bermuda Athletic Association) is used and one can play every Tuesday and Thursday between 7pm to 11pm. However unless one is a member of BAA, a $10 fee is charged per day. Membership of BAA can be acquired at a nominal annual fee. Anyone at any skill level can come and play. Racquets can also be borrowed. There is a nice clubhouse across the gym where one can take beverages as refreshments. 
Postal Address: P.O. Box DV 730, Devonshire  DV BX 
Phone: (441) 236-7210 

Bermuda Sub Aqua Club

This is a national club for the scuba divers. The club promotes both scuba learning and advance diving. There are number of members who are qualified in PADI, NAUI and other standards. 
Location: Admiralty Park, Spanish Point. Phone: 441/291 5640; Email: [email protected] 

Bermuda Rugby Football Union

This is the national organization for rugby football and there are a number of clubs that are members of the union. National teams comprise of men's, women's (sevens), men (sevens), under 19s and Olympic rugby teams. 
Postal Address: PO Box HM 1909, Hamilton, HM HX Bermuda; 
Email: [email protected]; Phone: 441/338-2952 

Bermuda Basketball Association (BBA)

This is the national governing body of Basketball in Bermuda and a member of FIBA Americas and Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC). They organize winter leagues, and all above 18 years can participate. The games are held at the gym of Saltus Grammar School and that of the Bermuda Athletics Association (BAA), both located at the Pembroke parish. If you are interested in basketball in Bermuda, you can contact them as follows. 
Email: [email protected]; Phone: (441) 291-3760 

Somerset Cricket Club

During summer, this club which is  located at the western end of Bermuda, goes head on with St. George's Cricket Club for the Cup Match that is played over two days. This event is a huge local crowd puller and the island comes to a virtual stand still. The venue switches between west and east every year. Location: 6 Cricket Lane, Somerset, Sandys; Phone: (441) 234-6327 

St. George's Cricket Club

This is the other Cricket club that participates in the cup match played in July. It's located in the east end of Bermuda. Location: 56 Wellington Slip Road, St. George’s, Bermuda. 
Phone: 441/297-0374; Email: [email protected] 

St. David's County Cricket Club

Location: 41 Battery Road, St. David's Island, St. George's Parish, Bermuda.  
Phone: (441) 297-0449 

Young Men's Social Club

This club was started way back in the 1920s by a few black men who neither had the social privilege nor could afford to join existing clubs. The club has grown to become a large social and sports organization that actively participates in Football, Cricket, Basketball, Netball, softball etc. Location: 32 Angle Street, Hamilton, Bermuda; Phone: 441/292-1439; Email: [email protected] 

Bermuda Ball Hockey Association (BBHA)

Ball hockey is similar to Ice Hockey in terms of the rules of the game. However it is played on indoor hard court instead of on ice and a hockey ball is used instead of a puck. Ball hockey started in Bermuda in 1980s and the association BBHA was formed in 1990s. It organizes the semi annual tournament Robin Hood Cup. Presently there are eight teams in Bermuda that participate in the tournament. 
This is the premier public sports complex that has athletic tracks plus an additional 600m jogging / walking track (the latter being free). The complex also has swimming pool, fields for soccer, hockey, rugby, cricket etc, a multi-purpose pavilion with bathrooms and showers, and other facilities. 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Bob (October 2011) 
Hello, As I will be staying in Bermuda for over one month, I would very much like to continue playing table tennis. Are there any possibilities in November? Bob - 66 years old. Thanks 
Raj ( October 2011 
Hi Bob, There are some community centers and clubs in Bermuda that offer Table Tennis. You can write to Bermuda Table Tennis Association to explore opportunities and get further information. Here is their contact details: 
Bermuda Table Tennis Association, POBox 1636 Hamilton, Bermuda 
Phone: +1 441 5354864; Fax: +1 441 2364931; Email: [email protected]