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Bermuda's Football is Soccer and not the American Football. Soccer was introduced in the island by the British forces way back during the Victorian times. Those days the game was played and competition held mainly between the British Army and the Royal Navy. 
Today it has evolved as a National sport in Bermuda. There are regular soccer leagues held in the island that are participated by the clubs. Youth leagues have three divisions - under 11, under 13 and under 18.  
Here are the main associations and registered football clubs in Bermuda along with their offerings, location and contacts. They are arranged Alphabetically
Bermuda Football Association 
Located in Hamilton. This is the parent organization for soccer in Bermuda and provides the overall directions and coordination. There are number of clubs that are registered under the Association. Email: [email protected] or call (441)295-2199 to get any information related to soccer, upcoming events and matches etc. 
Boulevard Community Club 
A soccer club in Bermuda and represented in the Premier Division league. Email of Secretary: [email protected] 
Devonshire Colts Football Club 
This is a soccer club based in Devonshire parish. They are in the Premier Division league. Team colors are orange, black and white. Email (Club Secretary): [email protected] 
Devonshire Recreation Club 
This is a community club that organizes many local soccer and cricket games, and other activities. The club has bar facilities. 20 Frog Lane, Devonshire DV 01; Phone: 441/292-5539  
Hamilton Parish Workman's Club 
Also known as Crawl Club. A sports club and bar. Football/Soccer. 
6 Workmen's Lane, Crawl Hill, Bermuda. Phone: 441/293-1455 
Ireland Rangers Football Club 
A community club located at the western end of Bermuda and offering football/soccer. It was founded in 1989. Location: #5 Club Field, Pender Road, Somerset, Bermuda. 
Email: [email protected]; Phone: 441/734-2114 
North Village Community Club 
Established in 1957, it started as a soccer club with a small playing area in Glebe Road in Pembroke. Today the club has a much larger offerings including community programs and camps. The club is in the process of setting up a large sports facility at Bernard Park in Pembroke. Other than soccer, the club is involved in sports like cricket, netball and golf. North Shore Road, Devonshire; Phone: (441)292-3092. 
Pembroke Hamilton Club 
Although the club was established in 1876, it was initially small in operation. It made a major transition as a big force in soccer in the year 1960. It acquired the stadium in Warwick and also merged with Key West Rangers soccer team. The stadium is also used for activities like Saturday night horse racing and as a golf driving range. The club is also involved in other sports like cricket, softball and bingo. Location: Middle Road, Warwick  WK 03; Phone: (441)236-1698 
Robin Hood Football Club 
It's an amateur football club with two teams based in Bermuda. The club is sponsored by the restaurant and Sportsbar Robin Hood Pub and hence the name. 
Robin Hood Pub Bermuda, 25 Richmond Rd, Hamilton, Pembroke Parish; Phone: 441/295-3314 
Somerset Bridge Recreation Club 
A community club with activities like football.  
51 White Hill, Sandys SB 02, Bermuda. Phone: 441/234-1726 
Southampton Rangers Sports Club Bermuda 
Soccer games are played on the weekends at the club's ground during the winter time. It turns into a cricket ground during May to September where competitive matches are held between various zones of the island. 49 Horseshoe Road, Southampton. Phone: (441) 238-0058  
St. David's Warriors 
A soccer club. St. David's Island, St. George's Parish, Bermuda. Email: [email protected] 
St. George's Colts 
Soccer Club. St. George's Bermuda. Phone (President): [email protected] 
St. Georges All-Stars 
Soccer club in St. George's. Email: [email protected]  
X-Roads Warriors Football Club 
This is a community outreach football/soccer club focussing on soccer excellence, academic promise and social development for the youth. Location: Warrior Park, Harrington Hundreds, Bermuda. Phone: (441)799-6463/293-1559; Email: [email protected] 
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