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Bermuda National Athletics Association

Bermuda National Athletics Association (earlier known as Bermuda Track and Field association, BTFA) was established in the year 1971 to promote Track and Field athletics in Bermuda and also to develop the locals talents to participate in the international competitions. 
It is affiliated with the International Association of Athletics Federations (formerly known as the International Amateur Athletic Federation) or IAAF and became the National governing body in Bermuda for Field Athletics, Road Running, Cross Country and Walking. 
Every year the association organizes the International Race Weekend in January. There are a number of Athletic clubs of Bermuda that are affiliated and registered under BTFA all of which are mentioned in the below section. 
Location:  Grays Inn Building, 53 Church Street, Hamilton  HM 12, Bermuda. 
Phone: 441/296-0951; Email: [email protected] 

Bermuda Pacers Track Club

The club was founded in 1981 as a non-profit organization and provides training to develop and promote track and field athletics in Bermuda. There is an additional emphasis on academics. The programs allow ages from 7 years upwards and includes running events from the 100m dash to 3000m run and field events.  
Over the last several years, some 200 athletes from the club have participated in the East Coast Invitational (ECI) Track Meet in the U.S which is the largest age group meet in the eastern U.S. The club is affiliated to Bermuda Track and Field Association. 
Postal Address: P.O. Box Warwick WK 74, Warwick WK BX, Bermuda 
Contact: Wayne M. Raynor; Mobile: 441/337-0088; Email: [email protected] 

Mid Atlantic Athletic Club

The club was founded in 1977. It's a road running athletic club with an emphasis on middle and long distance events. The club organizes various running and social events in the year. The club is affiliated to BTFA (Bermuda Track and Field Association). 
The running events include a number of BFTA sanctioned road races, a club championship series, a Junior series, a track night in winter, and a fun Christmas turkey trot. The club also co-ordinates an annual trip to the New York City Marathon. Postal Address: PO Box HM 1944 Hamilton, HM HX Bermuda. 
Email (President): [email protected]; Phone: 441/239-4803 

Swan's Running Club

Founded in 1982 by a small group of road runners in Bermuda. The club has been named after the first president and Bermuda's best marathon runner Raymond Swan. Club has recently expanded its charters to include fitness walkers.  
The official training of the club is held at the Transport Control Department (TCD) on Tuesdays and at National Stadium on Thursdays for a start at 6:30pm. The club is affiliated to BTFA (Bermuda Track and Field Association). 
Contact Person: Roderick Bassett at 441/735-1139 (Cell), 441/238-8281 (Home) 

Flyer's Track Club Bermuda

The club was founded in 2001 and caters to children of age 9 to 16. The children come from various state and private schools. The club's objective is to promote and develop track and field athletes by training the children and get them qualified for International competitions. This helps the children eventually to get track and field scholarships. 
The athletes take part in various local cross-country and track meets. They also travel to 4 overseas track meets every year. The training takes place at the National Stadium of Bermuda on Mondays and Fridays between 5:30pm to 7:30pm. The club is affiliated to BTFA (Bermuda Track and Field Association). 
Contact Person: Donna Watson 441/236-6833 (home). 

Mid Island Striders Track Club

Established in 2001. Affiliated to BTFA (Bermuda Track and Field Association). 
Contact: 441/333-2455; Email: [email protected]  

Bermuda Triathlon Association

This is the official governing body of the triathlon sport in Bermuda that started in 1979. They organize several events every season in Bermuda. It has a membership of over 250. 
Postal address: Suite 547, 48 Par-la-ville Road, Hamilton, Bermuda, HM 11 
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